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30 Days Of Photography | Day 19: Never

Day 19 - Never


It’s no secret that I’m afraid of bridges.

Driving over a bridge is just as terrifying as: rock climbing, or skydiving, or bungee jumping down the Empire State building. And while those things might be fabulous, if you’re a ‘Thrill Seeking’ kind of person, but I am just not built that way.

I am not only afraid the bridge will suddenly collapse, without warning, but I also imagine the ‘Worst Case Scenario’. Like what if my tire suddenly explodes, and I loose control of the car, and go careening off the side of the bridge, and drown a fiery death, and the only thing they find to identify my body are the serial numbers on my breast implants.

So, yeah.

Meleah + Bridges = NEVER




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  • Did you see that big BOLD note I put up there with your name on it? The thrill-seeker in you just couldn’t resist, could she?

  • I absolutely could NOT resist!



  • Thankfully, I was the passenger inside of the car – otherwise – there is NO WAY I would have been able to take this picture!

  • Bahahahahahaha! It’s an alternative that doesn’t involve a bridge. Noisy but effective.

  • See? You ARE a thrill seeker. It’s just deeply buried in your subconscious. Now we’ve got something to work with.

  • NOT!

  • 🙂

  • ladyV

    hahahahah. you’re funny with your bridges. they connect the world or maybe that’s airplanes.

  • Love this shot! And I understand your fear of bridges. I’ve got bridge anxiety myself. I do okay if there are multiple lanes and I can get in the middle and just focus on the other side. But if I can see too clearly over the side, I get a little panicky!

  • BTW – YOU were driving when I took this photo!

  • Oh yes – even as a passenger I beg the driver to – PLEASE GET IN THE MIDDLE LANE!

  • ladyV

    I remember. 🙂


  • I remember now a post you wrote a while back about a day from hell trying to meet a friend, and I’m thinking that there was a bridge involved. Maybe? So sorry that they bother you so!

  • yes! that’s exactly, right!

  • agg79

    Bridges and Meleah. Two things that don’t mix well. Gephyrophobia isn’t something to sneeze at..

  • Exactly.

  • 🙂

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