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Once a week, usually on Tuesdays, I will be posting on my TV blog – aptly named Melevision.

After my posts are live, I will add the link below – therefore updating this very post weekly too.

All you have to do is click on the title.



* ——– Watched & Reviewed ——– *


Crisis In Six Scenes | Season One | Amazon Prime

Black Mirror | Season Three | Netflix

Goliath | Season One | Amazon Prime

Fortitude | Season One | Amazon Prime

The Kettering Incident | Season One| Amazon Prime

Search Party | Season One | TBS




Breaking Bad – All Seasons – AMC/Netflix

Dexter – All Seasons – Showtime/Netflix

The Killing – All Seasons – AMC/Netflix

Scrubs – All Seasons – NBC/ABC/Netflix

Arrested Development – Fox/Netflix



FYI: I do NOT write spoilers when reviewing a new series or covering an entire season. Because that’s just rude. I’m only here to give you an over-view peppered with my personal opinions. The only time I will include  spoilers are when I’m writing a re-cap: for one particular episode of one particular series. And, you will have fair warning when doing so. That is all. Carry on.



So … This Happened. [MMA Edition]

This past summer, my son, JCH aka Whosteen, trained and fought in his VERY FIRST MMA Competition.
And after only 3 months of training – he went up against a man twice his size with 5 years of training.

Here’s what happened!









It’s been a while.


Like, a really long while.


I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with details, excuses, or dramatic re-enactments explaining my disappearance. Aint nobody got time for that. This isn’t an episode of Snapped.



And, luckily for y’all…

My undying love – for all things television – has NOT been compromised.

not. even. a. little.

In fact – during my unexplained absence – my love affair with TV has grown even stronger.



With the newest viewing options; from cable and networks providing ondemand capabilities – to Smart TV’s and RoKu apps, such as: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime?

I’ve inevitably developed a sixth-sense. For real, people. I’ve been given a gift. Finding the most awesome television shows, ever.

Some people read fortunes, see the dead, or communicate with the other side. Other people provide stock options, develop retirement plans, or figure out super fancy shit with money. Some people learn. Some people teach. Some people have degrees. And some people just flip burgers or mop floors.

I am not any of those people.



I’m just a television junkie. Committed to all things TV since 1974.

And I am here to give you the inside info.

1. I’ll let you know when something is worthy of binge-watching. And I’ll give you the reasons why.
2. I’ll let you know when something is NOT worthy of binge-watching. And I’ll give you those reasons why

Because I’m nice like that.



On the other hand?

I am NOT going to research facts, or spend hours perusing IMBD, or spend one second looking up Rotten Tomato or other notable Critic Scores. I am NOT going to read reviews before, during, or after – watching any show, on any venue, ever.

This is just an unbiased and un-researched television junkie’s blog.

That. Is. All.



Brew some coffee, or pour yourself a cocktail, and let’s watch worthy TV, together, again! Hope y’all enjoy my recommendations, as much as I enjoy watching these shows.



Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome, usually on my Facebook account. Except for anything SyFy and/or History. NO. Because, BORING. Denied.

I favor crime/suspense/murder/mystery – on any & all venues. And then I will lean on: Comedy, HGTV, IDTV, BRAVOTV, or even Reality TV, when desperate.


In the future, I will be posting weekly over HERE.

That’s, right  Click HERE.

HERE:   http://melevision.net




News and Politics …. I Can’t Anymore.

I’ve never been much of a “news” person. Hell, in my 20’s & 30’s I got all of my news from the E! Channel & TMZ.

I’ve also never been much of a “political” person, either. I didn’t even know all of the previous presidents until my 20’s & 30’s.

Now that I’m in my 40’s, I’ve finally become a news & political person. And I’ve never been more upset. I cannot turn on the TV, radio, or any social media, without being heartbroken & sick to my stomach – daily.

That being said, as a realistic & responsible adult, I understand it’s my duty to be informed. Informed to make educated decisions and able to construct reasonable opinions.

But lately?

I just want to go back inside my “bubble” of “ignorance” – when the biggest source of conflict & the only thing to protest was the newest fashion trend, or, gossiping over which celebrity was having an illicit affair.

Between the upcoming election, America’s Never-Ending War in the Middle East, gun control, women’s rights, weirdo food issues, ISIS, terrorism, racism, homophobia, the recent tragic events in Florida, and the current unnecessary shootings – I’m ready to barricade myself at home, lock the doors, close the blinds, and refuse to emerge until the world figures out how to resolve itself.

In the meantime?

I’ll be watching Bravo and/or Netflix & Hulu – in my pajamas, under the covers, with the AC blasting, while enjoying a non-stop I.V. pumping cocktails full of alcohol & antidepressants into my veins.


To my darling, Daniel.

Forever yours.


Once Upon a Time, There Was a Girl and a Boy …

Y’all, I seriously don’t even know where to begin a story that’s been 26 years in the making. Twenty-six – painstaking, heartbreaking, death-defying – years.

Which is why I’ve been absent from the Internet, for like, forever.

Also? There are new and delicate privacy issues I’ve had to consider.
Things I’ve never had to consider before starting this humble little blog.

I used to write like no one was reading. And somehow, that’s exactly how I obtained so many friendships/readers. I had NO shame. And I had NOTHING to hide. I was NOT embarrassed to post the deepest, darkest, secrets about MYSELF. Nor was I afraid to back those very secrets/stories with cold, hard, photographic evidence. I wrote to deal with whatever shit was thrown my way and to get to the other side. I wrote to ‘Find The Funny.’ And that worked. For years.

But that’s the key word.


As in myself.

Even though I am known as The Queen Of TMI I have never divulged the secrets of others. And I never would. Those aren’t MY secrets to tell. That would kind of be like “outing” someone for spite – and that’s just uncool.

The end.

These days, I am in a very different place from where my blog began: as a single mother [of one son] Struggling Commercial Insurance Professional, while battling numerous autoimmune diseases and never ending flare-ups, which led to the inevitable loss of my career and finally moving in with my parents.

Today? I am the mother of THREE. Yes, three kids. Three mother f*cking teenagers!
JCH [age 19] whom y’all know and adore and my two soon-to-be-step-daughters: temporarily known as: BigTitsMcGee [age 15] and HellOnWheels [age 14] – Feel free to thank, Justin, for those aptly appointed nicknames.

Today? Yes, I still have never ending autoimmune flare-ups. I just don’t write about them anymore – for personal and private reasons – which, one-day I truly hope to share with you.

Today? I am a very happy homemaker/owner – no longer isolated within the confines the purple prison/paradise of my parents house. [But I did move around the corner. Literally. It’s like “Everyone Loves Raymond” up in here.]

And, today? I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

I have EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED – including: dedicated, devoted, unmerciful, and undying gratitude – from my partner, the man I’ve been in love with since I was fourteen years old. And I want to shout it from the mothafuckin’ rooftops. I want to skywrite it across the entire atmosphere.

How did I finally get here?
That’s what I’m dying to tell you.
The sacrifices. The change. The growth. The rewards. #FuckingFlorida.
The good. The bad. The scary. The wonderful. #DirtyJersey4Evah


But this is the best I can do, for right now.


Right now, I have all these other people to consider. All this other privacy to respect. And all of these other children to protect. Children who’ve been disgraced and embarrassed enough.


I hope to be able to share my whole story. OUR STORY. With you.
One day.


Stay Tuned.

And then, this happened…


Once Upon A Time, there was a girl named Meleah.

And when she was 21 years old – she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

And then she blinked her eyes, and he graduated from high school.

And then, she cried, and cried, and cried.

The end.

Soooooooo … This Happened

My Dancing Daddy

We interrupt this blog – and your day – with the greatest video EVER made.

This is my father taking a little “dance break” while working alone, in the office, on Sunday.



Have You Ever – Volume Nine – The Quitter Edition


Have you ever tried really, really, really hard – and repeatedly – to make yourself feel better, but nothing seems to work? And no matter what you do, or how you do it, you just keep on getting sick, and you just keep on getting sicker, and you keep having flare ups, and you keep having even more flare ups. And some of those flare ups are really, really, scary. And some of those flare ups are really, really painful.

And because there’s nothing you can do to prevent those flare ups, thanks to extensive autoimmune issues, and because there’s nothing you can do to prevent from getting sick, you start to feel really, really, frustrated. And that frustration turns into anger. And that anger turns into rage. And that rage leads to a very dark depression. And that kind of depression makes you withdraw from the world. And then you feel really, really lonely.

And even though your family and friends are totally super supportive, and they want to be there for you – except that you don’t really want to socialize, because all you have to talk about are your medical problems, and side effects from medications, and the cost of prescriptions, or how many doctor appointments you have in one week. And that makes for some pretty lousy conversation, especially when you’re not 85 years old.

But what REALLY makes you THE MOST MAD is when you cook a special meal for your family, and you don’t eat any of it, not even ONE BITE, specifically to AVOID any kind of allergic reaction or flare up – only to wake up the next morning with a fat, swollen, puffy lip ANYWAY.  So when people ask questions like, “What did you eat?” basically insinuating you caused your own flare up, that just makes you want to stab them, in the throat, with unsharpened rusty scissors.

And you’re terrified – every single day – riddled with anxiety, because you never know what’s going to set off the next attack, or how bad the next attack will be, or how long the next attack will last, or who will be available to drive you to the Emergency Room when the next attack becomes life threatening.  So you walk around in a perpetual state of panic. And distress. And worry. And misery.

And you’re exhausted, simply from being trying to ‘positive’ for everyone else, all of the time. And you’re sick of of these rules and restrictions affecting the quality of your life – like avoiding certain foods, or not going to the movie theater because of your compromised immune system – because even when you follow all of those rules and restrictions, you still wind up in the hospital. Which just makes you want to give up, altogether. And you’re so fucking tired you can’t even muster up the strength to brush the mold off your teeth.

So you stop writing. And blogging. And reading. And commenting. And tweeting. And participating. And you just hideout, under the covers, watching television, while ‘suffering in silence’ because someone once told you there’s a type of dignity in keeping these kinds of problems to yourself.

Except that suffering in silence, only makes you feel even worse, because you really need to scream on the top of your lungs – and cry uncontrollably – to anyone willing to listen.

Because, seriously?

This shit just isn’t fucking fair.


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