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So … This Happened. [MMA Edition]

This past summer, my son, JCH aka Whosteen, trained and fought in his VERY FIRST MMA Competition.
And after only 3 months of training – he went up against a man twice his size with 5 years of training.

Here’s what happened!




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  • ReformingGeek

    Wow! He did great. I don’t know much about it but it looked like Justin had a ton of energy and on target punches. I noticed his opponent didn’t use his legs and primarily seemed to be in defensive mode.

  • It was the CRAZIEST thing I ever saw! I still don’t know how I didn’t THROW UP before, during, or after the fight! But I was equally impressed with my boy, especially since he didn’t have as much training as the other dude, and the other dude was like a foot taller! LOL! Thanks for swinging by and taking the time to watch & comment! XOXO

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