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NOT Even with the help of ALL of that.

I took the CHANTIX and I had a very bad reaction to it. I was literally lying on my bathroom floor, praying to g-d to make it stop. I felt like I was on HEROIN. Complete with vomiting and nodding out. As it turns out, Chantix doesn’t bode too well with the 9000000000000000000000 other medications I have to take for my 9000000000000000000000 other problems .

After speaking with my girlfriend JENNIFER, my mother and my doctor, and my BIG SISTER LESLIE…we have all decided on a plan that will suit my body, and my needs.

I will ware the patch, and smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day for the next six months before trying to take the next step. I am still “quitting” only, slower, and at a pace my body / brain / emotions can handle.

My mother was the one to break it to my son, as I did not have the heart or stomach to tell him.

Thankfully, he seems to understand and is even proud of me for continuing the fight.

The last part of the deal is that I will not smoke IN THE HOUSE anymore, and I will not smoke in front of him anymore.

But all of THIS is out of the question:

You can pooo-pooo me, or tell me how “You did it cold turkey” or say shit to me like “You must not be ready…. You must not really want it.” and to that I say…. “FUCK YOU!”

I’m doing the best I can, and that’s pretty damn good

Now… I have to break this to the QNET… wonder if I’ll be ousted? kicked off? yelled at? here goes…….

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  • meleah rebeccah

    Theres NOTHING better than a HAPPY DANCE!!

  • meleah rebeccah

    I want to thank everyone for all your support, advice, ideas, suggestions, ass kickings ect…

    I also think it’s funny that my real life (not intenet) GIRLFRIEND jennifer is posting comments as anonymous?

    see YA DUM FUX… thats all HER!

    WHY are you posting anonymous??

  • Anonymous

    Hi Got your qmail about your reaction to the Chantix. Sorry that happened to you. No, it would not mean you would be ousted from Quitnet. I’ve seen people who have been members for years and are just starting a new quit.

    You owe nobody any explanation or apology. You have to do what is right for you when it is right for you.

    I have never used oral medications myself. I have only had success with the nicotine gum and found the patch did not work for me because I got too nervous and edgy with it.

    I would strongly suggest before your next quit, you read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking. It really helps.

    Take care of yourself. Come to the Q and read posts and profiles and use the six months to prepare for your next quit and it should help you.

    I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you this time, but you will be successful in the future. Look forward to seeing you back. Take care of yourself, stay happy and God bless.

    In friendship

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