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NaBloPoMo | Day 28: Seasons Greetings


You know you spend a LOT of time at the hospital when they start sending you CHRISTMAS CARDS instead of just the usual bills.

I’m not even kidding, y’all. I received a Happy Holidays/Seasons Greetings card from the technician Bob who was in charge of my full body bone scan. And it was signed by all of the people who treated me that day.





My father said, “Maybe after your next stay at the hospital, you’ll get to have your own wing.”

Maybe, daddy.


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  • agg79

    If not a wing, how about a room? Or a lounge?
    The least they could do is name some dish in the cafeteria after you. I guess it is a bad sign when they all know/greet you every time you come in kind of like Norm on Cheers.

  • Rock Chef

    Hmn, I am now wondering if they are hoping you will go back again!

  • Pat Kumicich

    In a way, it is nice that the staff took the time to send you the card. It shows they care. Hopefully, the next time they send you a card it will be because they miss you and are glad you are better!

  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911

    Hmmm, Maybe Bob liked what he saw in that scan… LOL. How about the “Meleah Rebeccah/Tiggr pediatric and big babies treatment suite.

  • Lucy

    I think it is sweet and you crack me up, “IV Dream Team” and not remembering Robb V or Marc, heck I don’t remember the receptionist’s name at my doctor’s office (she is the sweetest thing ever) and she has been there for 6 years, oh, and I am lucid,well, I claim to be lol. But I would know her voice and face anywhere!!!
    Hey, I like agg79’s idea, maybe a lounge for you, so you can bring your laptop and stuff, just until you get all better 🙂

  • If they give you your own parking spot, then you KNOW you’re a VIP 😉 However, I hope you stay away from there for awhile. A few years ago we got a holiday card from the place where we had our little dog cremated. That was a little…creepy.

  • I am totally becoming the Norm of the hospital.

  • I’m hoping NOT!


  • Amen!

  • Bob is totally-super-gay. My mom & I thought about hooking him up with Uncle Rick!

  • I love THAT idea!

  • Um… Yeah.

    That IS a little creepy.

  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911

    LOL, Medical Center Matchmaking.

  • 🙂

  • Allyson

    I have just spent most of my day sitting in my pajamas clicking link after link on your site. I have laughed, cried, laughed some more. You tell wonderful stories, beautifully. I have to get something done today, so I’m logging off for now, but I wanted to tell you that you and yours are amazing people, and I’m totally going to stalk you when I go up to New Jersey to visit my family – which only happens every few years, and since I just watched my li’l bro graduate high school this summer, won’t be for a while.

  • Abby Normal

    Wow, look at you! I’m really curious as to what IV Dream Team Ming’s message says. And maybe if not a wing, they can name an IV solution after you?
    “100 cc’s of Meleah, stat!”

  • Yay!! I’d LOVE to meet you in Real Life!

  • Oh, I like that idea. And I also wish I knew what Ming’s message says!

  • Am I the only one that think you deserved more than a card? Hell, for all the cash you have infused into their facility let’s see some payback. Where’s the gift? As for a wing being named after you…I think it should be a smoking lounge. I understand that hospitals don’t normally endorse that sort of thing but it’s in your honor so they need to make an exception. If it makes them feel better they could stick some nicotine gum and anti-smoking brochures in there.

  • OMG. I freaking LOVE you!


  • Wow! I’ve never heard of this. Was it just the card or did they enclose the $29,482.99 bill with it?

  • If only!

  • HA HA HA “maybe!” HMMMM I wonder what people got who WERE diagnosed with cancer. How tacky would THAT be?? Happy Holidays… so glad to have done your bone scan!!!

  • shadowrun300

    Well, if you MUST deal with all you have to deal with, at least you have some really great people to care for you! I like Cheryl’s idea of a smoking lounge. Too funny!

  • That’s hysterical. Although, slightly stalkish. 😉 If they start “liking” you on FB I’d start to worry.

  • I never want to know the answer to that question.

  • 🙂

  • Ahahahhahah!

  • The Meleah Rebecca Hawthorne Wing. Has a nice ring to it!

  • lolz

  • That is so touching. Awwww. They all really care about you!!!

  • I hope so. I am certainly there enough!

  • That would be great!

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