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Meme: Year End Reflections

First, The 2008 New Years Eve Photos Have Finally Been Posted! Click Here. Please feel free to comment in Flickr.

Second, I have been tagged by Two People:

  1. Beth “Skipper” @ Moon Rising
  2. Dawn @ Twisted Sister

I am supposed to embrace the new, and release the old…I have been asked to reflect upon what I did, how I felt, what I liked, what I didn’t, and what I learned.

Okay. Here Goes Nothing.

1. What did I learn?

How to exercise self-control in The Apple Store.

Friendships Die Hard.

I will NEVER beat the NJTPK.

How To Make Living With Crohns A Little More Bearable.

I still don’t buy into bullshit.

How to talk to my Mother.

And NEVER leave the house without My Camera.

2. What did I accomplish?

A Few Blog Awards And Left Handed Typing.

3. What would I have done differently?

Nothing. I am what /who I am as a result of my actions and I LIKE who / what I am. (At least for today).

4. What did I complete or release?

Completed = My very first Employee Self Evaluation.

Released = Most of my possessions.

5. What still feels incomplete to me?

Being SINGLE. Why Sometimes Being Really Lonely Is SomeTimes Super Awesome (except that its NOT and a REVISED post coming soon on this very topic) And the fact that I am OUT OF IDEAS as “How To” resolve this issue.

6. What were the most significant events of the year past? (List the top three.)

1. Moving.

2. The births of Mason & Zaibryn.

3. The Passing of A Friend.

7. What did I do right?

I have No Idea.

8. What do I feel especially good about?

My undying love for Alec Baldwin & Feeling like less of an Outsider.

9. What was my greatest contribution?

Taking on the JOB of family historian / archivist very seriously.

10. What were the fun things I did?

Having Olga for the Holidays & taking her to Work.

The Book Signing.

JCH 11th Birthday.

The Last Week of Summer.

Making All Of These Videos.

11. What were the not-so-fun?




Being Sick.

Sick And Sicker

The Initial Shock Of This Book.

12. What were my biggest challenges/roadblocks/difficulties?

Making the decision to move BACK in with The Parents.

Eating = Food Is My Enemy Part 1 / Part 2.

Finding Hope.

13. How am I different this year than last?

I finally have some change in my pockets.

14. For what am I particularly grateful?

My Family, My Friends, My Life.


The End.


Have a great weekend 🙂 I am leaving for my ‘reunion’ !!


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  • Dearest Meleah a very very happy new year. My new year resolution was not to procrastinate or be lazy.
    This said by someone wishing you a three days later….typical 🙂

  • Meleah


    Happy New Years sweetheart. Aw. Well, I know why you are ‘lazy’ these days. Don’t be too hard on yourself. xxoo Miss you. Love You.

  • Great meme. You are such a character with your undying love for Alec Baldwin! Hope your reunion goes really well.

  • Meleah


    I REALLY REALLY REALLY Love Alec Baldwin.

  • Wonderful job! I know you will have a great 2008-because you want to. And, you know, the moment you stop looking for someone, they show up…

  • Have a great time! And a Happy New Year!

    (And I’m right there with you on the moving thing. It sucks!)

  • Have fun at your reunion dahlink 🙂

  • A fun trip down your blogmemory lane, meleah. I don’t think I’d ever read the NJTP post. And if I did, how could I have forgotten? OMG. Hilarious. And the apple store is totally a trap, isn’t it? I love going in there — the people with those little computers that “ring” up your order and send the receipt to your mac acct. No lines (well unless you’re a dork and try to just walk in to use the genius bar instead of getting an appt. on line…) AND Photoshop Elements is a very good way to start. It familiarizes you with the software and then if you choose, you can go to the big dog. Have fun at your reunion. Too bad Olga couldn’t have gone!

  • Meleah


    This meme took me awhile! Lets HOPE “he” shows up this year.




    I will. (I hope!) xxoo


    I cant believe you never read the NJTPK one! HA HA…. Im glad you liked that post. I hate “HER”.

    The Apple Store is my favorite place ON THE PLANET…but I want EVERYTHING IN IT. 🙂

    I am sure I will have a great time tonight….speaking of Olga….hmm… I haven’t mailed her back just yet…maybe? Well, lets just see how my night goes, she MIGHT make an appearance!

  • Great answers except…
    What did I do right?

    Need some help??
    single Mom with a great son!
    awesome blogger friend
    and giving me the best laugh of the year when you wrote the NJTP post!!!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Have a great time at your “reunion”!! I hope it’s like you never lost touch….

  • Lee

    Good job! It’s interesting to see how different people approached this meme. With me it was almost like true confessions. :0) Thanks for sharing.

  • excellent job ..I have been tagged with this one as well..and it is interesting how different people approach it..none of them wrong ..It gives you a different perspective each time…and damn it all why does Mr. Baldwin have all the fun….:):):)…

  • I forgot to comment on your post of “JCH’s 11th Birthday” I guess I wasn’t reading your post then. First of all…9 lb 14 oz..???? WOW! I thought my first was big at 9lb 1 oz! They kept telling me my second was going to be much bigger and even though he was born 11 days early he was 8lb. 8 oz. (THANK GOD!!!) Anyway, what a BEAUTIFUL (not yelling, just emphasizing) post and letter. Being a Mommy is an amazing thing. Something I feared for the last month of pregnancy, became this normal, natural thing. I loved this post, I loved going back and reading all your past posts….family reunion (Too funny) Grandma Ev…I love Cafe Press, and I’m going to order a shirt…and other things I missed. Now that I know we the same age and where you went to school, I KNOW we have to know some of the same peeps. So weird!! We have a connection for sure. Okay…shutting up…and Yes, I just drank a Very dirty martini, so I’m very chatty…sorry 😡
    p.s. I can’t wait to hear how your reunion went!

  • OLLY


  • FV

    Let’s see….

    My new years resolution is to never ever get into another relationship. And, since I have only about a year left before I obtain my M.B.A degree I figured to start looking for a high paying job, hopefully a job that pays me a 6 digit number, you never know right?
    Other than that I hope not procrastinate as much as I did last year (2007)

    Happy new Year Meleah

  • Meleah


    Thank you. I guess I needed to be reminded of that

    Chef Mom:

    WE ARE HAVING A GREAT TIME. xxoo (post will be up in a FEW days. xxoo)


    Oooh…true confessions? I MUST come read yours. xxoo


    I cant wait to see / read YOURS. Alec is my Imaginary Husband.

    Chef Mom:

    I just LOVE YOU.

    Thank you for traveling back with me and reading my older posts. You are THE BEST.

    And YES we do have a connection….and I think we MIGHT know the same peeps.

    Being a MOTHER is AMAZING isnt it?


    He he


    Thats a GREAT resolution. xxoo

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