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Have You Seen Me, Lately?

Remember when I could write about anything, whether it was something as light and trivial as Traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike, or what happens when you accidentally run out of toilet paper?

And remember how I used to be able to tackle serious subjects regarding: Women’s Issues, coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and how I managed to Find The Funny While Living Auto Immune Diseases?

Remember when I used to write hilarious stories about My Father and how I used to work so hard all night, every night, while writing my novel?


Me too.

And, I really miss those days.

A lot.


It seems as though my muse has up and left without so much as a goodbye letter.


Missing Muse - Milk Carton- MOMMA MIA MEA CULPA


But you know what I miss even more?

I really miss the blogging community and interacting with all of you.

So while I am busy trying to get back into my writing groove, I will also be reading, commenting, tweeting, and catching up with all of your blogs.

In fact, I’m probably leaving you a comment right now.

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  • My muse and your muse MUST be out drinking together. And quite frankly, I’m a little jealous!

  • xoxoxoxo

  • Robert

    I know just what you mean, some mornings I sit at the computer and as soon as I sit down I just know my brain and fingers have fallen out with each other. They say all great writers have this problem, now it appears I do as well!!!

    You will get back into things and when you do I look forward to having the privilidge of reading your posts again, the normally give me a chuckle that lasts most of the day.

  • You won’t be leaving me a comment, because my muse has also done a runner! I can come up with a few reasons (excuses) but the truth is I don’t really know where it’s gone and why. Maybe when you find yours, mine will be with it 🙂

  • What’s a muse?

  • Well, if I’d written anything in the past month, maybe you could comment but my muse appears to be taking up space on the other side of that milk carton….

  • Aww. Paula. Well, at least I am not alone!

  • LOLZ!


  • Thanks Bob G!

  • Robert

    Bob G? You have lost me…..

    Mind you many would say that’s not a hard thing to do…

  • Girl, the Muse, she’s a fickle one. With life blocking all creative outlets, it’s harder to sneak by to get to her. But she’s there, waiting for you, and when you arrive, she’ll be glad to get you back in the groove. I know this to be true.

  • Thank you, my love!

  • Hey Mia! I too have been suffering from lack-of-muse aka burnout after the 28 days of February. But I am back. I hope you will be soon, too x

  • Welcome back, Indigo!! I am really trying over here! xoxo

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    You did!! 🙂

    Your muse will return, my dear. It’s probably just on holiday with your folks. After all, who could resist Italy?

  • Meagan http://mimibur.wordpres

    Jebus do I understand that. I feel like I go through cycles of creativity. Right now I’m trying to force myself to post at least every other day.

  • Wow. That’s impressive!

    The last time I was really really really focused on writing was way back in November. I participated in TWO writing challenges NaBloPoMo & NaNoWriMo and I completely both challenges successfully!

  • True, Jay! True! I bet my muse jumped on the airplane to Italy with my parents!

  • ladyV

    hey, sister girl. i was wondering the same thing about myself a few weeks ago. maybe we’re together. you’ll get your groove back soon enough. enjoy the break.

  • The thing I remember most was the time you managed to use 893798237 different words to refer to female genitalia. That was some brilliant work! Hope your muse shows back up soon (the ornery bitch.)


    I’m still here. The muse shows up during composition. So keep writing. Even if it’s free writing for ten minutes a day.

  • Okay, that’s a great idea. Thank you!

  • Thank you, Nora! That was a fun post to write. Hopefully I will be able to write like that again. And hopefully sooner than later!

  • At least you’re posting every day, Val! xoxox

  • Hey girly girl. That is like me. And Nicky hasn’t posted a lot… I think a lot of us are in the winter BLAHS. We don’t feel good, we get no sun, and I totally think we aren’t drinking enough alcohol!

  • I think you’re absolutely right!!!

  • It has been crazy weird in the blogging world. For the past two years, there has seemed to be a big shift with lots of people blogging less. I miss my community of friends.

  • Me too, June. Like A LOT. And the longer I stay away the harder it becomes for me to come back. And, fuck this isolation nation bullshit. I have to start blogging again, like immediately.

  • true!

  • Agent 54

    Why are so many of us from New Jersey so funny? I live in Arizona now and I’m still funny. I’m brand new to blogging so check it out http://agent54nsa.blogspot.com/ I know from funny. At least I think I know from funny. My friends say I’m funny but, if they didn’t would they still be friends or just employees?

  • HA! Nice to meet you!

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