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Happy Father’s Day – 2012

What can I possibly say about my father, that I haven’t already said?

He’s an evil genius that executed the greatest revenge after being ripped off at a gas station. He’s often been confused as Tony Bennett. Once, he nearly bled to death. And he’s been woken up in the middle of the night to kill a spider.




He’s extremely handy around the house. He’s repaired a broken garbage disposal, and a desk drawer, and all of my flat tires. He’s moved an enormous amount of property. And once he sawed a sofa in half. He’s installed a chandelier, and a waterfall, and he puts out dangerous grill fires.

* And he’s been known to dance while he cleans.



He’s an extremely loving father that’s taken me to countless doctors appointments to make me laugh while having my blood work. And when I was utterly devastated, he made moving back home seriously entertaining. He even taught my son how to shovel snow.

* And he managed to get ME into trouble while HE was playing with finger puppets.



My father is famous for channeling his “Inner Larry David” when arguing with bank tellers, the people in line at the grocery store, and by writing notes to rude pig parkers. And in some circles, he’s been dubbed the King of Confrontation.

He’s responsible for scaring the crap out of people in the luggage department and, for driving me insane after hiding a very noisy clock inside my bedroom closet. He’s photo bombed 90% of my pictures. He’s said some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. He always gets the short end of the stick. And he’s pretended to be a 90-year-old man while trying to score a free bagel.

Oh, and he really loves Hanukkah.



But ya’ll already knew that.

So, I thought about writing him a letter expressing my undying gratitude.
But, I’ve already done that.

And then I thought about telling him how he’s given me more love, and more laughs, than anyone else, on the face of the planet.
But he already knows that.

So… I’m just going to say it simply.

Dear Daddy,

I love you more than the whole sky. I am so lucky to be your daughter. Thank you for every laugh, every tear, every hug, every smile, every word of encouragement, every nod of approval, and every ounce of love you have ever given me. My life would never be this wonderful without you in it.

** Photos of the day can be found by clicking HERE! **

Happy Father’s Day!

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