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Happy 91st Birthday, Poppa Sye!

You all have come to know and love my my grandfather Poppa Sye.

As we celebrate his 91st birthday, I’d like to share my favorite posts written about him, and my favorite family video’s staring him.

Please enjoy!

* These are my ‘Favorite Stories’ about Poppa Sye!

Random Acts Of Kindness

My Grandmother Manga, And A True Love Story

Why I’m Definitely Going To “Burn In Hell” – For All Of Eternity

Hurricane Irene and Poppa Sye

* These are my ‘Favorite Movies’ featuring Poppa Sye!

My Daddy And The Garbage Disposal  [Featuring Poppa Sye]

Poppa Sye, Drying The Dishes

Happy Birthday, Poppa Sye.

I love you.


* Photos from the day can be found HERE!



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  • Great stories, great videos.  A very happy 91st birthday to Poppa Sye.  Have a great weekend.

  • Thanks, love!

  • Jules

    Happy Birthday Poppa Sye!!

  • That is the greatest picture EVER…!!!!!!  Love your stories, love your family… wish I lived closer!  My kids called my father Papa… so I love the name too!

  • Happy Birthday, Poppa Sye! 

  • Thanks, Jules!

  • If we lived closer to each other, I know WE would hang out ALL the time!
    Thank you, Katherine!

  • 🙂

  • I love the love here — very cool.  You have a special man in your life and shall take time this afternoon to read more about him!

  • Why, thank you!

  • Hope you had a wonderful day, Poppa Sye. You are a joy and an inspiration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXXXXX

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to your grandfather! You are so blessed. I truly miss mine every day.

  • Happy birthday, Poppa Sye!  He looks like a natural up there on that bike!

  • Aw. Thank you, Selma!

  • Thank you, LemonStand.

  • Thanks, Mike.

    It’s an older photo. And it’s NOT his bike.
    But it’s one of my favorite pictures of Poppa Sye.

  • I can’t believe I missed Poppa Sye’s birthday!  I hope he had an amazing day and has a wonderful year.

  • Aw. You’re sweet. We had a great time celebrating.

  • Aw. You’re sweet. We had a great time celebrating.

  • Roshan

    Belated Birthday wishes to you Poppa Sye! I’ve never met you but I know you are one cool dude.

  • Thanks, Roshan!

  • Anonymous

    he is too cute!

  • 🙂

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