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Random Acts Of Kindness

I am always brought to the brink of tears whenever I hear, read, or see, any stories about ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’. And that’s not just because I am overly sensitive to things like that. Of course other people may not have quite the same reaction as I do. And by other people, I really mean my father.

Case. In. Point.

My Grandfather, Poppa Sye, took his car to be fixed at the local gas station and since he was going to have to wait a while for the repairs to be made, he decided to walk across the highway in order to get to the local restaurant he often frequents.

Sadly, while attempting to ‘Frogger’ his way around the traffic my grandfather fell.


And he hurt himself.


Fortunately, he was not injured too badly.

But, an ambulance arrived on the scene and bandaged up his wounds.

When my Grandfather finally made it home safely, this is what he looked like:



You have no idea how upset my mother and I were.

In an effort to calm us down, my father made a joke about my grandfather, by sending out the following email to all of our family members. And the two of them staged the picture to accompany the message


Just to let you know that I lost my temper with Sye and we had a scuffle. He called me names and pissed me off saying that his food was cold and that I gave him the wrong size fork.  Then he complained that his napkin was not folded the correct way. F -him! I had enough with this old guy.  He had it coming!



* Clearly, I get my wonderful sense of humor from having such a fun family.

Now, here comes the  real story….

Oh, and please keep in mind that Poppa Sye was still walking around IN PUBLIC all bandaged up.



Almost every morning my Grandfather goes to ‘The Same Bagel Shop’. It’s conveniently located right down the street from our house and he likes to get his breakfast there. However one rainy day, the store was really crowded. So, rather than wait in a long line, Poppa Sye grabbed a cup of Hot Chocolate and sat down at a table.

After the Morning Rush slowed down, the woman working the cash register came out from behind the counter to speak with Poppa Sye. The cashier informed Poppa Sye that another Gentleman, who happened to be a ‘Perfect Stranger’ had given her the sum of $40.00 – specifically – to buy my Grandfather whatever he wanted for breakfast. And… And also, to keep the rest of the money as a ‘Running Tab’ to pay for my Grandfather’s meals until the balance was gone.

Awesome, Right?

Well, here’s how the people who live in my household reacted to hearing that news.

When my SON heard that story?

He responded by saying, “That’s Cool. Can I go back to my room now?”

When I heard that story?

I was speechless. And I immediately became teary-eyed and felt a renewed sense of faith in all of humanity.

When my MOTHER heard that story?

She thought it was terrific and wonderful. However, she was convinced ‘The Nice Man’ probably only gave the $40.00 because she thinks her father looks like a ‘Homeless Person’. Especially with all if his ‘Band-Aids’ and such.

But, when my FATHER heard that story?

He asked Poppa Sye if he could borrow his red hat, walking cane, and some ‘Band-Aids’ – because he was going to the Bagel Shop to try and score a Free Meal.



That’s My Daddy.

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  • Oh my gosh! And I'm so glad Grandpa Sye is ok.

  • Oy vey. I got so caught up in the humor of it all…

  • Cathy – Wheresmydamnanswer

    What a great story – Your family has such a great sense of humor and incredibly has such a big heart!!

  • YAY.

    BTW did you know there is a battle going on over at JD's blog about who gets
    to have YOU as their GAY BFF? Im trying to WIN you!

  • Thank you for reading it!

  • I was horrified when I found out he crossed the highway, My mom yelled at
    him for trying that move!

    Im happy you enjoyed this story!

  • OMG! YOU? Are amazing!

  • Aw. Yeah, we gotta love Poppa Sye & Tony Bennett stories!

  • Yes you can borrow my father – but only for a day or two!

  • FINALLY! I get to know your name!
    And of course I will NEVER be able to forget it!

  • Meleah LOVES her Funny Family.

  • Glad to hear it.

  • You and I are TOTALLY related.

  • Me too!

  • ahahahahah

  • 🙂


    LOVE that story. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your family. Will you guys adopt me? 😉

  • Yes. You are totally adopted!

  • puglette

    your family is priceless! i am in love with your poppa sye. and your dad is so funny! i too would like to join the family. i am a bit older, but i am really polite and i only have four dogs and a husband to bring with me. :o)

  • Your family + your writing skills = Excellente`

  • territerri

    I would have reacted to your grandfather's accident exactly the way you did! But I LOVE your dad's sense of humor and how he made the most of the situation to provide some humor! And as far as a stranger paying for your grandfather's breakfast? Again, I'm on the same page as you. There are still good people in the world, even though it's sometimes hard to see them.

  • Jay

    Aw … what a wonderful thing to happen! Some people are just so kind, aren't they? Bless him, whoever he was, this perfect stranger. Your poor Grandfather! Look at his poor face – and he sounds like a sweetheart.

    This is my favourite part of the story though –

    “When my SON heard that story?

    He responded by saying, “Wow. That’s Cool. Can I go back to my room now?”

    Hahahahaah! Isn't that just typical? LOL!

  • Hi! Tough guy, your grand father. They don't build'em like that these days! Now, my father-in-law ,who lived with us for quite sometime, was another tough customer. Even in his late 80's he would be found hitch hiking to church in his three piece suit in 100 degrees plus. Luckily he had plenty of girlfriends to give him a lift. Take Care, Peter

  • You can join my family at any time!

  • xoxoxox

  • I am so happy to know there REALLY ARE still GOOD people in the world too!

  • Yep~ My son is So 13! Ahahahahahahaha

  • Aw! “hitch hiking to church in his three piece suit in 100 degrees plus” that's adorable!

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  • The year before last on the night before Christmas I was standing in line at the liquor store (of course I was) I was talking to a guy who had a really pretty cane, I let him jump in front of me in line,  I didn’t ask him what he had been stricken with only admired the beautiful carving and was asking questions about it. When we got up to the counter, he let me go first, and then he bought my half gallon of whisky. I pretty much pleaded with him not to spend his money on me, but he insisted, he said that people usually look down on him because he’s handicapped, and I just treated him like a normal person, that doesn’t happen often and he wanted to repay my kindness. I promised him I would pay it forward, he told me I didn’t have too, because I had already paid it back. I walked around for a month with a $20 in my pocket just waiting for the right opportunity, none presented themselves, so I gave it to the girl who did my nails, she owned the shop, had 3 kids and was struggling. Ok so I just totally wrote my next post here, might just copy and paste it over to my place someday if I get desperate.

  • Aw. I love that story, Madge! You should TOTALLY blog it!

  • Aw. I love that story, Madge! You should TOTALLY blog it!

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  • LMAO!!!  No wonder we get along so well.  My family is just as crazy especially when it comes to injuries.  Still laughing.  🙂 

  • Chele

    I’m new to your blog and wanted to let you know I loved this post.  Thanks for sharing!

  • YES!!!

  • Thank you!

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