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30 Days Of Photography | Day 10: Close-up

Okay, so, remember how I told you on Day One that I was going to break the rules?

Well …

Today is that day.

I did NOT take the picture below.

However, it is my very favorite picture of The Colonna Kids [my nephew and my nieces] taken this summer and I just HAD TO share it with you fine people.

I’m sure there will be some kind of penalty from MWJ or Ziva for “cheating” today – but I’m hoping the sheer cuteness of this photo will lessen my punishment?


Day10 - Close-up






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  • Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Lolz.


  • Totes!

  • Thanks, Mike!!

  • RIGHT?!!!!!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Oh, okay, fine, it’s insufferably cute.

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for NOT berating me, MWJ!

  • shadowrun300

    I LOVE this! In fact, I keep scrolling back up to look at it, and I smile every time! The fat cheeks, the matching suits, the big eyes…. so adorable! WAY better than the food pic.

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

  • Oh man, you should have LIED! ha ha ha!!!!! It is ADORABLE! So professional and wonderful…. should be a poster!

  • Definitely is a cool shot. I’d love to be able to get into underwater photography!

  • Pretty awesome pic — cheating or not!

  • This is totally getting framed. That’s for sure.

    And it was taken by a professional photographer. I could never capture a picture this perfect!

  • Me too!

  • 🙂

  • ladyV

    love this!

  • Right? I’m obsessed with this one!

  • I hope they give you a pass on this one. This is a precious picture!

  • They did! The cuteness won them over!

  • Roshan Menon

    This is probably one of my most favourite kids pic ever! One of the best!

  • Roshan Menon


  • Right? I can’t even handle the cuteness.

  • 🙂

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