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30 Days Of Photography | Day 3: Soft

Day 3 - Soft




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  • Totes.

  • Lolz. Nope. It’s my friend Jennifer’s cat!

  • What an adorable kitten! Love those blue eyes!

  • Thank you! I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes this blue before!

  • Ziva’s cat’s kitten!!! You took a STUNNING picture… holy cow! The soft fur… the blue eyes… the angle… you ROCKED this one!

  • I know! Is this 30 days of photos or 30 days of cats! 🙂

  • shadowrun300

    Oh my gosh. Is that not the cutest cat ever? Great choice!

  • MalisaHargrove

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I love that precious kitty! Is he/she a Himalayan? I used to raise them. Or is he/she just a long hair Siamese? Whichever, he/she is adorable. I need a name. I need to hold that kitty. Absolutely adorable and a WONDERFUL photo!

  • ladyV

    oh my freaking word, that cat is just gorgeous. and those eyes! just wow.

  • Thank you sooooo much, Katherine!!

  • LOLZ!!!!!!

  • Thank you!!!

  • I have NO IDEA ­ it’s not my cat!

  • Thanks, Val!!

    What are you doing up so late?

  • ladyV

    I know, right. I’m usually in bed. Got home late.


  • agg79

    What pretty blue eyes you have, my dearie.
    At least it is not another picture of GrumpyCat…

  • Where did you get that cat? Fantastic photo!

  • I’m surprised!

  • lolz

  • It’s my friends cat!

  • kellypea

    Oh noes! Is that your kitteh? No allergies? O_o Way cute and definitely soft!

  • Sadly, no. It’s my friends cat!

  • Oooh…. kitty! Go #teamlame!

  • I love #teamlame!

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