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30 Days Of Photography | Day 26: Heart


* I am participating in a 30-Day-Photo-Challenge along with these fine people.

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  • A lot of red hair in that family. Great pic. Those 4 leaf clovers are heart to find.

  • Ron

    OMG…I LOVE this, Meleah!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a stellar image. Full of HEART!!!

    Great one, girl!


  • Coco

    Family heart is amazing! Really nice photo! 😀

  • Absolutely beautiful photo, Meleah. 🙂

  • Great photo! I <3 this!

  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911


  • agg79

    Sharp! Gotta admire the stamina to do a handstand like that for long.

  • Danielle

    Absolutely loving this photo!!!!

  • Puffy heart…puffy heart…puffy heart…do you hear it pitter patter???

  • Lucy

    Smiling 🙂

  • Family love! The best kind!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Great. Go for the tear-jerker, Meleah. Do you really think that’s going to work on me, of all people?

    Yeah, it totally did. *wipes the tears from his eyes*

  • Pat Kumicich

    wonderful family photo – I like the way you present it here.

  • What a happy looking bunch! That’s a great photo.

  • ladyV

    impressive hand stand. i know you heart your family.

  • Aw, this is adorable and a perfect representation of heart. Is that your nephew trying to do a headstand? I’m guessing that’s your brother doing the handstand. I could keep making up shit about the other people but I’d rather wait to find out if these people are even members of your family. 😉

  • Actually…

    No one is a red head – in that family.
    It just looks that way from the lighting / effects!


  • Thank you!

  • I love mah family.

  • Thanks, yo!

  • xoxo

  • And the stamina it takes to make and raise 4 kids!

  • Thank you!

  • Yes!!


  • 🙂

  • shadowrun300

    Meleah- if I bake you some cupcakes, would you adopt me into your family? You ALL seem to have so much heart! It’s so wonderful to see! Thanks for sharing everyone with us!

  • That is the most amazing heart picture ever! It made me so happy to look at it… and are there redheads in there?!

  • Consider yourself adopted even without the cupcakes!


  • Nah. It’s just the lighting.
    They all have dark hair, actually.


  • Cheryl –

    This is my brother Lee, his wife Maya, and their four kids: Jackson, Zaibryn, Sullivan & Scarlet.


  • We love you!

  • 🙂

  • Thank you, Pat!

  • AHahHAhaHHAha! XOXO

  • Totes!

  • That is definitely a picture full of living, breathing heart! 🙂

  • Thank you, Linda!

  • agg79

    No contest.

  • 🙂

  • kellypea

    This is really a wonderful shot, Meleah. It is packed with so much life and emotion — pure joy. I love it!

  • Thanks, KellyPea!


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  • Great photo! This one belongs in a magazine!

  • Awww… Thank you.

  • I Love this photo so much. I’d hang it on my wall. It’d cheer me up every day!

  • They are so great together. I can’t wait to see them all over Christmas.

  • The Tribe Called Colonna!

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