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You Know Its Going To Be A Bad Day

When you see this first thing in the morning:


(source of image:Unknown)

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  • lol!! That’s what I felt GOD was doing to me on Sunday afternoon when my computer crashed (and everything else)…..what are you doing up this late!? Just wanted to tell you that I HAVE A COMPUTER NOW!! WOO HOO!!! I’ve missed everybody….I’m sick of real people.

  • well it could be worse.. you could have ben there in all his unmasked morning glory!!!!!!!!!!… yes.. i gave in… hes back….

  • Ha!!! Yeah, I’d call in sick 😉

  • LOL!!!! oh that so made me laugh!!!!

  • Yep, time to climb back into bed, pull the covers over your head, and forget today ever made an appearance…

  • LOL!
    Great, another blue sky white clouds day.
    Even the clouds greeted me! Goodness, I’d better go buy Powerball now 🙂

  • I love it…

    I can just picture this… waking up in the morning… rubbing my eyes, looking out the window and seeing this cloud.

    “Hmm… I guess I can see where this day is going!”

    Back to bed!!


  • I have felt those days and if I could put a pic to it, this would be it.

  • I’ll be thinking of that pic tomorrow… at a wedding… dealing with family that i could care less to see. Good one.

  • FV

    Yup that’s my life, one huge middle finger from the heavens!


  • Jodi

    perfect timing…thanks for the giggle!

  • Yeah – that pretty much sums up my week 🙂

  • Obviously, on a day like this, looking to the heavens for a sign might not be so good for the soul…

  • That was so funny…imagine if that was the day an atheist turn to God…

  • Lis

    And God has spoken.

  • Hmmmm…I took a lot of pictures of clouds on my vacation, but missed this one. Go Figure.

  • Dan

    God’s been telling me that for several decades already! 🙂

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