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Would You Ever Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s no secret that I’ve undergone plastic surgery. In fact, I wrote about it here. So it should come as no surprise when I say that I am PRO doing whatever may be necessary to make yourself feel better about your own appearance. Because, let’s face it. There’s nothing worse that being uncomfortable in your own skin.  Except for having incurable cancer. Or aids. Or a really bad paper cut.

I know several women who are currently contemplating Mommy Makeovers that include breast lift surgery and/or eye lift surgery, or both.  And I say, “Good for them.” Because I know from personal experience what a life-altering decision this can be. And this kind of decision, isn’t always just about vanity.

However, and I cannot stress this enough; it is extremely important to research the doctor extensively. There are a so many things to be aware of which can be found on websites such as Plastic Surgery Guide when considering cosmetic surgery for your self. Specifically, how to prepare for your surgery, the critical first step in deciding who to trust with your procedure, as well as what to expect after it is completed.

Obviously there’s good plastic surgery, and there’s bad plastic surgery.

After watching the Golden Globes I noticed there are some pretty creepy looking celebrities walking around Hollywood that clearly didn’t do enough research before selecting a good doctor.

Case. In. Point.



*Seriously, Big Ang from the VH1 reality TV show Mob Wives scares the shit out of me. And if you’ve ever heard her speak, you know it sounds like she gargles with gravel.



* I cannot get over how fabulous Jane Fonda looks. She’s such a Class Act. You can read her article in her own words about her procedure here.


That being said, tell me people…

Would you ever consider any type of cosmetic procedure?

Or would you rather go through the aging process naturally and gracefully?

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  • That’s because your gorgeous!

  • Seriously.

    If ANYONE can AFFORD the BEST surgeon, you’d think it would be these celebrities!

  • I’m totally for plastic surgery if it helps someone feel better about themselves but do wonder about people who have those awful facelifts. Can’t they see how unnatural some of those lifts look? It’s like they have become an alien. Wrinkles look much better than that overstretched fish face look. Imagine being kissed by someone with those big lips – they’d suck your face right off. Haha.

  • Right?

    Those big-ass-lips are terrifying!!

    Thanks, Selma!

  • So true!  I have lost friends to bad plastic surgeons.  (And by this I mean that I can’t recognize them anymore because they seem to have turned into surprised trout.)



  • Roshan

    I would only consider cosmetic surgery for deformities, ungainly scars, burns, bad birth marks or for some other medical or corrective surgery. The only other time I consider surgery was when I briefly had dreams of going into the porn industry!

  • YIKES!

  • Oh god!

  • When I was younger it was a nose job. I still hate my nose but I’m kind of afraid of getting it done now and well, I’ve gone this long with that nose, I guess we’re stuck with each other.  Lately I dream of the usual over-40 nip/tuck/vacuum procedures. I think it’s because no matter how much I exercise, gravity always wins.

  • Stupid, gravity.

  • Here’s the list in order of importance:
    1. Eyelid lift (I’m tired of walking around looking like I’m surprised in order to keep the puffy lids from swallowing my eyes.
    2. Fix that bad crinkly business under my eyes. I promise to do a crusade to encourage usage of super strong sunscreen and sunglasses. I will devote my life to it.
    3. Breast reduction. No one needs this much. I look boob greedy and it’s gross.
    4. Breast lift. Oh hello, bellybutton!
    5. Upper arms. Nevermind I just need to life weights. Lots of them.
    6. Liposuction on my tummy. The jiggling lost its charms ages ago.

    I wish I could do all of that. To have dime-sized nipples would be a bonus, as well. Do they do that?

    The reality is that I would likely never get any of it done. I wouldn’t even let the hospital give me epidurals to have my stupid babies. (Which reminds me – some surgery to fix that stupid leak thing when I run would be nice, too.) But I’m such a big wuss about medical procedures that I’m going to have to settle for aging naturally. I don’t think there’s anything graceful about how I’m doing it.


  • Mikewj

    I’d love to get breast-augmentation surgery. I think it’d make my showers a whole lot more fun than they are now.

  • Jodi

    I had laser hair removal.  My mom had her eyes done and hemorrhaged losing site in one eye.  I don’t think I would after that.  www.healnowandforever.net

  • TOTES!!

  • Oh, Lisa!!

    Thank you for your answers.
    You rule.

  • Dstahlnecker

    Hello dear blogging friend, how are you…just thought I’d stop by and say yes to all above at 65 you really look hard at that stranger in the mirror…and then well guess what..peels, facials, and lazers…really work.

    Dorothy S formerly from grammology…

  • I hate Jane Fonda, but she does look fabulous. I want the name of her surgeon… AND her money to do it!

  • Oh hey Dorothy!!

    Nice to see you again!

  • HA!

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  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t answer in a comment, so I posted about it:  Getting Things Fixed

  • Sweeeeeeeet!

  • Yikes some people are scary-looking. And I agree with you about the whole plastic surgery thing, but it sure can be risky. I’m sort of hoping that I’ll be happy with what I have now and never want to go under the knife any time in the near future. Unless, of course, they come up with painless riskless totally natural-looking surgery. Then I would totally get the cottage cheese off my thighs.

  • HA!!

  • Where have I been and how did I miss this?  Oh well, better late than never, I say.  As for plastic surgery, probably not unless I determined that my life would be greatly improved because of it.  Not being a celebrity, that’s not likely and it’s too expensive for the average person to do it just for vanity.  Now excuse me while I color my hair.

  • 🙂

  • I wouldn’t bother myself, but I’m all for whatever makes you feel good, to a point! I’m always amazed at how beautiful Jane Fonda is!

  • She’s still utterly amazing!

  • The third nipple makes me unique. It’s a keeper.

  • Roger that!

  • Anonymous

    i’m scurrred, but i would like some boobs.

  • You can have some of mine.

  • Kristy

    Yes, because I’m not satisfied that I have belly saggy skin. I lost lots of extra pounds and now I’m facing with this problem, so I need to undergo a tummy tuck procedure and I chose Dr. Jerome Edelstein for it. I’ve heard that he’s a great doctor who does really well its job and that his patients are satisfied and I want to be the same.

  • Good for you!

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