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  • Good luck today Meleah, I’ll be thinking of you. Be you.

  • You won’t need luck — you’ll just need to trust your instincts and be open and honest. You’ll be fine and we’ll be thinking about you today.

  • It’ll be fine, Mereb. I agree w/both of the comments above. xoxo

  • I’m thinking of you today, it’ll be ok…just be completely honest or it won’t work. Even the hard stuff! But remember that it doesn’t all have to come out today, sometimes this isn’t a short process.


  • Luck for what? You’ll be fine. Just be yourself and answer or discuss topics honestly.

  • Well if they are anything like me (trainee counsellor) then they just want to help, sorry if that sounds crappy.

    Try not to be nervous and don’t put then on a pedestal, they are just there to help you help yourself 🙂

    Think of them like a friend that is just there to listen to you and only you with absolutely no judgement.

  • I’ve been having therapy for years. It does help. Talk about what’s on your mind. Your doubts. Your fears. Your therapist won’t pass judgement or criticise you. He or she is there to help. To make things better for you. I’ll be thinking of you. Try not to worry.

  • Meleah

    Thank You!

    I need all the support I can get.

    I love you

    Oh I will be very honest about what’s been happening with me. I have a feeling this ‘process’ is going to take a while.

    Thanks sweety

    I think I am READY to let go…

  • You will be fine – just be honest – they only want to help…

  • Please do let us know.
    Good luck, sweetheart

  • Meleah

    Yeah.Um… I had to go with my father this morning TO MY OFFICE to pick up my car, which has been at my office parking lot since I freaked out last Thursday. And, I completely lost my shit the second we hit the NJTPK. My father had to get my car and sneak it around the block to me because the sheer IDEA of seeing anyone from work, sent me over.the.edge. Then I had to drive home on the NJTPK. As soon as I exited the toll booth, I had to pull over to vomit. That should got over REALLY well, in therapy today.
    *That concludes my TMI portion of this post*

    Will Do. Will Do.

    So far, my day has NOT been off to a good start.

  • Lee

    What’s the worst that can happen? The evaluation says you’re nuts? Then you can point to that diagnosis every time someone takes issue with something you do or say: “It’s not my fault. I’m certifiably nuts!”

    Seriously, as others have said, there’s nothing to be nervous about, or need “luck” for. The “Professional” is only interested in helping you figure out how to deal with life on life’s terms in way that is healthy. It’s all good.

    Having said all that, I’ll be praying that everything goes well.

  • I kinda want to go with you. Am I jealous? I always think my therapist would need a therapist after talking with me.

    Anywho, best wishes to you and the first meeting. Let me know if the first question they ask is: Why are you here?

    I don’t know if I should punch them or answer the question.



    Here,s to your HEALING ROAD , You have many friends to come along on that journey . A JOURNEY that will have it,s pitfalls but a journey you must take . So whatever you need remember you are not alone CRY OUT!! CRY OUT!! someone will be there PEACE AND A SAFE ARRIVAL TO YOUR NEW DESTINY E

  • Oh baby – I’m sorry you had to go get your car and then do the vomitosis thang by the side of the road. Be gentle with yourself and take little steps. I’ll be thinking of you and I am visualizing your “professional” as someone who gives you a safe haven for your thoughts, wishes and fears. And then helps you paint a new portrait of your life. Your very own.

  • Jay

    Meleah, don’t worry. Just breathe and take your time.

    I found that therapy was quite hard work, emotionally, but actually quite soothing at the same time.

    Sorry about the panic attack. That is just SO not fun. 🙁

  • Meleah

    LOL @ the word “certifiable”
    Thank you for the support. and good thoughts

    “Why are you here? I don’t know if I should punch them or answer the question.”
    HA HA HA.
    They did NOT ask me that. (yes, I am back and I lived, and will post about it next.)
    I would feel the same way too!

    Thanks for being here!

    “And then helps you paint a new portrait of your life. Your very own.”
    I love you…
    Thank you.

    Yeah. Um. Panic attacks really SUCK.

    ****Good News Ya’ll****

    As it turns out,
    I’m Not ‘Crazy’.
    I just need ‘A Life Break’.
    But..more on THAT tomorrow.
    I need to get some sleep.

    Thanks AGAIN everyone for standing with my, and by my side through this. I hope to get back to normal blogging shortly. This is just about enough already!

  • Just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re insane…

  • there’s no shame to be had over this. I have done it and I think more people should do it. It took a tremendous load of my shoulders. Relax and be honest and the doors will open.

  • i love my nutty friend! LOL

  • two peas in a pod….nutty & nutty- er

  • Good luck! I’m SURE you’ll feel a huge sense of relief afterwards.

  • Meleah

    Bob G:
    Good To Know!

    Roger That.

    I love you girl. Thanks for keeping me sane over this last weekend.
    And…I have good news.
    We’ll talk later!

  • Eva

    You’re back from the appointment, but I wanted to say “Good Luck” for next week’s visit way in advance then! I hope today went well. I think I spent most of my first appointment crying. Did you do that too?

  • I got your email 🙂

    Good luck!!!

  • Ha I love tiffany’s comment. I guess when it’s the 3 of us it’s nutty, nuttier and nuttiest? I’m just not sure who is who. LOL.

    Hope it went well…catch me up and let me know how it went. K?
    Can we all get dinner one night soon to just relax and chat?

  • Good luck ! I don’t know what happens there but I hope it’s all good news !

  • This too, shall pass, always remember that.

  • Meleah

    I cried until my face fell off.
    And then I cried some more.


    My Friend Jen:
    Um yeah, I know out of the 3 of us I have no idea who’s the nuttiest.
    And a relaxing dinner together is in order

    Thank you!

    Here! Here!

  • All the best Meleah.

  • Meleah, you’ve had so much therapy, you’ll be telling them what to do with you. This will be work, yes, but work you can and will do!

  • Meleah

    Thank you. Things are MUCH better now.

    its been a LONG time since Ive been in therapy, and THIS is the FIRST time I WANT to be in therapy. The rest was just ‘practice?’

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