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Why Wednesday Sucked

It’s like Deja Vu.

On my way to work yesterday,


What The FUCK?


Is there an accident?


C’mon…. MOVE….. Pleeeeeeeeease?




Okay, Okay….ALMOST


[45 minuets just from exit 9 to exit 10]

(total travel time 90 minuets)

Finally the OFF ramp

Best TOLL guy EVER (I see him everyday)


Whew! I am finally off that damned highway!

Just a few more minuets until I get to the office.




*Yep. Great Fucking Start.


…and when I finally GET to work…



I can’t wait to do that drive AGAIN, on the way HOME.

I think I will be spending some time over HERE.

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  • Ok, that sucks!!!! There have been many times that my 25 min drive has taken well over an hour, but the fuel thing at the end….well, it would make perfect TV!

    How cool is it that you documented with photos such a hellatious commute? VERY cool!!!

  • May I send you a Riot Grrl application–it is just a formality–you are in:)


  • omigod… is it like that every day? You are obviously being taught a lesson in patience! 😉

  • Oh I feel you girlfriend, New Jersey traffic is making me want to move out of state!

  • Awwwww…! That’s really a bummer! 🙁
    Btw, you’re pretty Meleah 🙂 I like the first picture of you 🙂

  • I really feel your pain with this. Sometimes the traffic is backed up seemingly no reason. Onetime I caught up to the traffic hold up and it was a bunch of DOT guys blowing around sand with blowers at each other!!!! My tax dollars at work!

  • That just bites!! That site you posted is super funny though!! Is Toll-Booth-Guy married!?! *nudge, nudge, wink wink* Maybe you should be giving him your digits WITH your change….jus’sayin’

    Hang in there…it’s almost Friday. WOO HOO! I feel like doing the truffle shuffle….

  • Unfortunately we all have days like that! One thing after another after another…I bet Toll booth guy did a bit to help smooth out the rough edges though! Love the way you documented the whole thing with photos!

  • You must feel like you’ve already worked a full day by the time you arrive at your job in the morning. I cannot imagine how much that commute must suck.

  • Meleah

    MICHAEL C: I never leave my house without my camera. You just never know

    BECKY: Thank you!

    DAWN: Yes, that is THE one and only NJTPK. Every Day.

    SCHMITTY: I know, Me too!

    RMH: Why thank you so much!

    Ricardo: Is it like this in CT?

    SG: I know I have asked him to grab a drink in a bar (since he never makes me pay the toll), I wanted to take him out, but…he has a GIRLFRIEND. Oh Well.

    ANN: Its fun to take pictures of whole days sometimes… just all pictures. My photo library is off the hook.

    HOLLY: Yeh it is pretty much HELL.

  • Toll Booth Guy has a girlfriend, huh? Well…that’s a curable disease isn’t it?!

    I’ll see what I can do about putting an evil hex on her…how does a bald and mute girlfriend sound to you?! He’d drop her in no time!! 😉

  • Meleah

    SG: You make me laugh so much! Yes Please! Hex Her!

  • Sounds like a good reason to work from home…

    You look gorgeous, darling xxx
    And surprisingly unruffled…
    seething perhaps..

  • I like the fact you are taking pictures of yourself while driving 🙂

  • Meleah

    GOLDY: I was moving at less than 5 miles an hour. and BORED to death

    MINX: I wish I could work from home! (aww, and thank you for making me feel pretty.)

  • Yes Meleah, once you hit the southern part of the state where everyone is trying to get into NYC for work and coming back from NYC after work. It’s a nightmare and I have to go through it everyday because my job is Stamford CT which is not far at all from New York.

    My shift is easier these days so my hour and 45 minute commute is down to an hour and 20 minutes. But when I have “normal hours” it’s ugly. Driving is a 2nd job.

  • BTW we have some people from Jersey in my office and they get to work faster than I do!

  • Lis

    That’s one hell of a commute. Did Toll Booth Guy ask why you’re taking his picture? Heh.

  • I think you hit the aftermath of those storms the other morning. That HAD to suck! My commute is now long, but I don’t see too much traffic thankfully.

  • That was a pretty cool documented post. Well, that about sums up what I used to go through every morning to work but now that my office has relocated to about 5 minutes away from my house, it’s a breeze getting to work 🙂 I thank whatever gods up there for that one!

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