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Why I Love TMZ

and why I have to learn how to use Photoshop

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  • LOL!!!! those were great…That was so fun to see.

  • You are so funny, Mereb… 🙂

  • Jodi

    THAT. WAS. IS. Awesome!

  • Beautiful! I love the John Travolta one!

    Photoshop rocks 🙂

  • OMG those were hilarious!

  • FV

    Meleahhhhhhh!!! Misses you!

    So yes you do need to learn Photoshop 😉 I have a copy but its for a PC not a Mac 🙁


  • You love TMZ. We love YOU. Where are youuuu?

  • Oh that was very clever!
    I loved it!

  • Yes.

    Hope everything is alright, darling.
    Missing you.. xox

  • Everything ok??

  • Right. That’s it!
    I am galvanizing a search party.
    We will find you, doll face, we will find you!

    Map. Check.
    Compass. Check.
    Guns. Check.

    Lock n Load.

    I’m comin’ in!
    Yippee kiyay motherfckers!

  • OMG those are amazing. I still haven’t learned how to do the whole cut out and fill in thing. I could spend a whole day on Photoshop. Maybe if I stood on a corner with a sign — will Photoshop for pay? No?

    So nothing like completely missing you were missing, because I’ve been kind of missing….

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