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Why I don’t have any other children, and why I don’t even deserve this one.

(another title of this post could be “It costs $45.00 to remove an eyelash”)

I am the worst mother alive. Saturday JCH’s eye was bothering him. I discovered a giant eyelash embedded within his socket. So, I did what anyone would do. I removed the eyelash. But his eye continued to bother him for the remainder of Saturday night and all damn day on Sunday. Sunday we had to leave the store mid-food-shopping because he was in so much pain. My poor kid’s eye was so sensitive to light, that all he could do was sleep.

I didn’t know if I should take him to the ER and wait 17 hours in the middle of a torrential downpour? Or leave him be? I have been known for over reacting (on more than one occasion) especially when it comes to my son. So, I talked myself off a ledge and let him sleep all day and all night on Sunday.

This morning, his eye was completely fucked up. 6am…He said it didn’t hurt as bad as yesterday, but his eyes had been closed for twenty hours. It was red, inflamed, and half swollen shut. There was no way he could go to school. What if it’s pink eye? What if there is an infection going on in there that will eventually blind my son for life?

I called Patty (my girlfriend who works in an eye doctors office) and was able to wrangle and immediate emergency appointment

Here’s Patty dodging my camera

After a full medical work up, JCH’s right eye is FUCKED! There is a giant scratch on his cornea. It is a perfect slice down the middle of his eyeball. The doctor called me over to show me the inside of his eye, after adding ‘the make your eye glow inside drops’ and a black light shinned perfectly on the damage. (its blurry here, but trust me when I say ITS BAD DOOD!)

Why? Does my son looks like Hannible Lector in this shot…

I think? I must have ripped his eye when taking out the lash, or the lash stabbed his eye and I made it worse? Either way, I broke my son! I broke his freeking eyeball! I injured my own child to the point of needing medical attention, plus two prescriptions. Antibiotic drops, and a thick gooey bactrician like glue-gel for the night time.

the bottles / medication are so small…

YUP! Not only did I damage my own son, it cost me a $15.00 co pay for the doctor. A $10.00 co pay for script one, a $20.00 co pay for script number two…. For a total of $45.00, To remove an eyelash.

Not to mention missing a day of work / school.

And I have to bring him back to the eye doctors tomorrow to make sure he is healing properly.

This is what an injured child looks like after being prodded by the eye doctor.

This is what a really bad mother looks like while waiting to fill the prescriptions, if you see this woman, do not approach her, and for the love of all things holy, do not procreate with her!!!

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  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    Holy Crapola Batman,

    If I were your brother I would be saying why you little ^#%$#(#@$#$(^%*$#$*##$@# %^(#$%#@()#$@$#($%^%*$@$!@!*##@$ but since I’m not I can say this;
    I hope JCH is doing well and he will recover fully. And no you are not the worst mother ever. Mine is HAHAHAHA

    In any case stay safe and be well.


  • Michael

    Don’t be hard on yourself like this! I’m sure it’s not anything you did! He will be fine. You really have to stop beating yourself up like this!

  • meleah rebeccah

    I’m not beating myself up… its just that after 11 years, I still have NO IDEA what I am doing as a parent half the time. The doctor said I probably didn’t have anything to so with it either, but I feel bad. it sucks watching my son in so much pain!

  • Drama Div@

    What is wrong with you?!
    ha ha… no hun.. you are not a bad mom!!

  • Anonymous






  • Leslie

    Jen just told someone not to CAPS LOCK??? I may faint.

    And Meleah you are a good mom. You know that! 🙂

  • meleah rebeccah

    Oh I know Jen is in a battle with Oliver about being the ONLY one who is allowed to abuse CAPS LOCK in the comments!

    and yes, I am a great mother

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