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Wherein I Vent

Do I have a sign?

Am I asking for it?

Is there something I am doing that just brings out the worst in some people?




Do I get “hit on” all the time by married men?





Am I suddenly being assaulted with an excessive amount of inappropriate emails, from people all over the Internet?

Is it possible that I am under attack because I have this blog (which contains my email address) listed on MY MySpace page?

I have mentioned before that I have no business being on MySpace for various reasons…but, I didn’t foresee any harm in adding this blog on MySpace. Just ask Mimzie. That worked out great for her.

But, lately, it seems that I have attracted a bunch of whack jobs to my sight…and the majority of the nut cases appear to be coming HERE from MySpace.

When I don’t respond to their “friends requests” or their crude emails, they TRY to leave comments on this blog. Fortunately Leslie helps keep my blog on high security so it is impossible to get a comment through unless I approve you.

So how do I loose these annoying stalkers?

– I could delete my entire MySpace page. But then I would loose contact with so many of the high school friends I have re-connected with. If it wasn’t for my MySpace page I would have never found them, or vice versa.

– I could remove my blog listing from my MySpace page. But. Um. That would suck. I have found new ‘readers’ and other really great bloggers as a result of networking within MySpace.

– I could remove my email address from my blog…but then I would never have been in contact with so many of YOU.

Hmmm… what to do? What to do?

I am thinking this post is a good start? If nothing else, at least I will feel better for venting.


~ Before I begin to spew the latest installment of ‘What Is Annoying’…I know that this sort of thing comes with the blogging territory. I know that Spam and Trolls are universal. And that we all have to deal with them from time to time.

~ This post is not directed towards any of the people I have come to know and love. This is also not intended to deflect any new NORMAL people that I may meet in the future.

So, if you are reading my blog because you enjoy what I write about, or appreciate the way I write, enough for you to comment, THANK YOU. Please keep reading. Please keep commenting. I love my readers, friends, and comments.

I love my comments so much that when a ‘stranger’ or new ‘reader’ from the Internet leaves me a comment, I get all warm and fuzzy with happiness in a unicorns and rainbows sort-of-way. In turn, I have replied to the comment with an email.

On the one hand, as a result of the email-comment-reply-approach, I have made some very interesting and totally super awesome ‘interweb’ friends. That has been one of the biggest benefits of blogging.

But on the other hand, apparently, I have made the mistake of responding to some emails with too much gratitude. The gratitude I have expressed seems to have been severely misconstrued by certain individual(s).

Lets Clear Up Any Confusion:

1. Playful Banter is NOT an invitation to my bed, or dinner, or even coffee. It is rude and inappropriate to ask for my phone number, my home address, or if I am interested in sleeping with you.

(I can assure you…I am NOT interested.)

And seriously…what do you expect to accomplish by sending an email like that? Is that really ‘working’ for you? I mean…what girls ARE even answering those sort of requests?

2. “WE” (strangers from the Internet and I) do NOT have a ‘relationship’.

I realize, after some thought, that I am pretty open on this blog. I share a lot of intimate details about my family, my life, and myself. So I guess I can see, how people think they ‘know me’ or think that ‘WE’ have some sort of bond, or connection, through reading my words.

I very much enjoy it when NORMAL and FELLOW BLOGGERS can relate, or identify with things I have written. I love it even more when I know I have gotten a good laugh or a tear from some of the other things I have written.

However, the emails and deleted comments (as of late) are NOT coming from a level of shared identification, or sincerity. They are just plain creepy. And annoying.

While I am on a roll here, I would also like to state for the record, I am not blogging to “find a man” or a “date” and LEAST of all NOT FROM MARRIED MEN.

Yes, there are DATING websites, but MOMMA MIA MEA CUPLA, my blog, isn’t one of them!

Even when I do write: to bitch, whine, moan, yell, scream, and complain about being single sometimes, or about how I can feel empty, that does not translate into a secret message …

“Hey married guy, or obsessed MySpace asshole, I am really writing those posts while secretly hoping that you shoot me an uncomfortable email, have the nerve to ask me out on a date, try to make more out of my words then they are, interpret my words as a vulnerable and or opportune time for you to act like you hear a ‘cry for help’, and reply with how you feel it is your duty to try and console me or some shit like that.”

How About No.

While I may appear to have no boundaries when it comes to my writing, I have very specific! clear! strong! non-bendable! non-breakable! non-negotiable! boundaries in my life.

One of those boundaries that I will not consider bending, not even consider for as long as a fart lingers in the air, is having an Internet relationship with some dood on MySpace. I simply can’t deal with the scary, evil, nasty ass, married guy(s) complaining about how their wives don’t sleep with them anymore.

1st: Eeew.

So. Um, weridos…please, just go away.

I have enough SPAM to delete on any given day.


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  • Loz

    I count myself as a blogging friend and you know that I too have had a share of unwelcome comments from some people. Don’t let them get to you. This is your place and you can do what you like with it.

  • Well! I don’t know what to say other than I wouldn’t change a thing. I like to think that eventually they just go away if you don’t give them anything to work with.

    But yeah, they shouldn’t have any power to make you change anything. Maybe this is one of those cases where the good (leaving things how they are) outweighs the bad (altering your program).

  • Lis

    Good lawd, the nerve of some creeps. Are your friends on Facebook? Maybe move there? I think the number of creepy losers there is slightly lower than MS.

  • I hate to laugh at this post, and I’m not laughing at your venting. I am specifically at your secret coded message…“Hey married guy, or obsessed MySpace asshole, I am really writing those posts while secretly hoping that you shoot me an uncomfortable email, have the nerve to ask me out on a date, try to make more out of my words then they are, interpret my words as a vulnerable and or opportune time for you to act like you hear a ‘cry for help’, and reply with how you feel it is your duty to try and console me or some shit like that.”
    That was SO well put!!! I’d be pretty annoyed too. My Husband gets tons of them on his my space from Whores, and it drives him nuts. Don’t get rid of your Myspace page. You are right about it being a great way to find lost friends. Isn’t there some way to block people? or report them to Myspace for that matter. It’s a tough call. Especially because then you have to worry about them getting nastier on here. UGH….I have no answer.

  • Lee

    All of my hopes, dreams and fantasies crushed in a single post. Oh, woe is me. Whatever am I going to do? Thank goodness there are all of the thousands of other single, female bloggers out there who would appreciate a married specimen of my caliber. Excuse me while I go pout for a while.

  • Meleah

    They dont ‘get to me‘ its just a lot of WORK to delete. delete delete delete….I dont understand why people cant just act normal?

    I have ignored the TROLLS for as long as I have been a blogger (2 years now?) and they do give up and go away….eventually. But this one fucker stalked and assaulted my blog for OVER A YEAR. This post isn’t even about That Guy. Oh and I am not changing or deleting any pages of mine….NO ONE will run my blog or the way I live my life except for ME.

    Some men are just flat out NASTY. Ugh. Yeah I am on FaceBook too, but I cant figure out how to use it….*duh*….but I am sure no matter where I go there will be assholes. They are everywhere!!

    Chef Mom:
    Im not changing a DAMN thing. I just needed to blow off some steam. Oh and feel FREE to laugh at my Secret Message! (That was supposed to be funny!) xxoo

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you for making me laugh!

  • I’ve not had to deal with this (knock on wood)…I guess being an uppity BRA does have it’s perks! Face it, Meleah…it’s the price you pay for being so fricken adorable! Guys can’t help themselves!!! 🙂 Seriously, hopefully if you just ignore them they will go away.

  • PS: 7:14AM??!?! What the hell am I doing up already?!?!?!? 😉

  • Very well done!! That should definitely get the point across.

    And I promise I got the hint and won’t come by anymore.


  • The best friend

    G’s. I dont know what to say here. Its great that you blew off steam but honestly, HOW MANY TIMES MUST YOU GO THROUGH THIS? All I have to say then is Thank God for FILTERs!!!

  • Meleah

    I was getting ready for work at 715 am…and I was NOT happy about it. (But Um….what the hell are YOU doing up at this hour?) and YES I am ignoring them, but its annoying.

    Michael C:
    NO! Not You!!! You are my darling twin! You better be joking or I might have to start stalking YOU. Hehehe

    This just comes with the territory. There are days when I have had to delete 50+ comments. But, I only complain about it once a year. So I guess it’s that time again! Fucking. Annoying.

  • Well, my dear, you know you are “making” it when the trolls come out. I don’t get it either – are there really women out there that think that is a turn – on? It blows my mind. I like the vent – I have to have those every now and then too…

  • I thought you liked it when I flirted with you! Just kidding.

    I’ve been thinking about getting rid of my MySpace account too but I have so many readers over there and they are WAY too lazy to follow me over to Blogspot. Sucks either way, doesn’t it?

  • I took myself off myspace last week, it just seemed a bit juvenile after a while although the concept was great, try fcebook. On behalf of my gender i sincerely apologize.

  • Meleah

    I suppose thats true in a way. And that is what I dont understand. When a guy sends a message like “hey your cute want to suck my dick” WHAT GIRL takes him up on THAT offer? Yikes!!!!

    I love it when YOU flirt with me…(you fall in the NORMAL category of people I have met on MySpace) and yeah…you like OWN MySpace, your blog kicks ass over there!!!!

    Well thanks for the apology on behalf of your gender! Im not going to delete my account because I have benefited from it, but I HATE the obnoxious side of it all.

  • Well let’s hope this post scares at least some of them away 😉
    I LOVE this….

    Playful Banter is NOT an invitation to my bed, or dinner, or even coffee. It is rude and inappropriate to ask for my phone number, my home address, or if I am interested in sleeping with you.


  • I see you comment a lot on Terri’s blog. Though I would say hello. I didn’t read the post. I just wanted to say hello.


  • My experience with Myspace was mainly that a bunch of married men were looking for anyone and everyone willing to meet them. I loved the line, “Just as friends!” Yeah. Because my husband would REALLY be on board with me making “friends” with men I met online. No thanks. I deleted mine.

  • Well said, girl! Well said!

  • Meleah

    You totally GOT this post! Thank you! xxoo

    Um hi.

    Same thing happened to you too? What IS it with the Married Guys? GAH!!!!!

    Thank you *takes bow* Thank you.

  • Lee

    Ladies, please take it easy on us married guys. Not all of us are horny, oversexed, dim witted morons. But speaking for those of us who are…

  • Ugh!!

    Dear Sicko’s:
    Here’s a little virtual souvenir {{slap to the face}}….{{kick to the groin}}..
    {{Chuck Norris kick to the jugular}}…Take THAT out for coffee you bastards.

  • You really have to wonder what kind of losers are sending stuff like that to you. Just because a lady is pretty and funny doesn’t mean she is fair game to creeps. Whenever I hear about stuff like that it makes me want to slap the living shit out of some asshole who thinks he’s God’s gift to lonely women. I guess I’m just old-fashioned, but I still believe a man shouldn’t act that way towards women.

  • Tell them you have AIDS, but with “enough protection,” and as long as there’s no accidental exchange of saliva, you have found that sex can still be somewhat ok. So, what time did you want to meet?

  • Meleah

    hahahahah Once again you cracked me up today

    Amen sister! (Chuck Norris style! ya know, Chuck Norris will always remind me of YOUR brother!) xxoo 🙂

    I know right? What The Hell. Thank you for being a GENTLEMAN.

    I am soooo doing that. I am soooo soooo soooo doing that. I will tell them that I have a scorching case of herpes and AIDS do they STILL wanna hook up! HA! Yes! and THANK YOU for the great idea!

  • I too have been getting a VAST amount of inappropriate emails from spam mongers. I’m hoping they go away!


  • It’s just not right that you should worry about being yourself for fear of encouraging these losers. It really annoys me when just because a woman is smart, witty and attractive some men see it as an invitation to act inappropriately. Loved the vent. Don’t let those weirdos get you down.

  • can the myspace.. I tried that and it got so bad I had to put comment moderation in for awhile..and I’m just an old crusty redneck…so I can imagine the weirdos you get…..after awhile with no response they faded away..hopefully this will happen for you as well…

  • Meleah

    Funny Farm:
    I hope they leave you alone too! How annoying is this!!!

    Thank you woman. That is exactly how I feel. I almost didn’t even WRITE this post, I dont want to seem like they have ‘ the power’ over me…because they don’t, but I needed to get THAT off my chest! xxoo 🙂

    The problem is when I IGNORE them on MySpace, they FOLLOW me over here. Thats what is pissing me off! I mean..I wish I could just say to these creeps:

    Hello Jack Ass, there is a REASON I didnt reply to your email, or comment. There is a REASON I deleted you over on MySpace, why in the world would I let you comment OVER HERE?

    Um. DUH.

    Thanks for ALWAYS being a gentleman even if you are a crusty redneck. You are in the ‘NORMAL’ people category in my book!!

  • so wait. i was kind of hoping *i* could meet a man here. are you telling me that’s a no-go now? oh god the disappointment. how am i to cope?

    i suppose i will now just read you without the expectation of something more now. i will find a way. to go on.

    in time.


  • Ingrid

    I am catching up on my reading. I had no idea you were being chased by clueless idiots. I hope they get a clue and leave you alone.

    MySpace is weird. I have a page I never go to, but for some reason I don’t delete it.

  • I haven’t had any of these icky folks lurking about…yet. I hope they get the point and leave you alone!

  • Don’t feed the trolls. The end.

    We’ve talked about this before. Ignore. Don’t write posts like this that encourage them through giving them attention. Don’t reply to troll commenters. Don’t open/read emails from people you don’t know. At all. Don’t reply to emails from people you don’t know. Etc. Etc. Trolls won’t go away – they are part of the internet. Deleting your myspace and all this REACTING you are doing? Feeds them. Stop it.

  • cmk

    Even though I know how frustrating the situation is, I had to chuckle my way through this post. You have such a great way of expressing yourself! Sometimes we just need to vent–and you do it so well! 🙂

  • I’m with Leslie. Any reaction feeds those wanting attention.

    And you’re better than that! Sorry deleting is a pain in the ass, which I do understand, but you just keep being you and ignore unwanted attention. It’s impossible to win a one-sided fight.

  • Meleah


    Yep. clueless idiots are driving me mad.

    That makes two of us

    I KNOW I KNOW…But I had to say something. FOR MYSELF. not for them, but so that I could feel better. and now that I wrote this…I do!

    Im glad you laughed. It is kind of funny. (Im glad you like the way I express myself. Most people just think Im nuts)

    I know Leslie is the blogging GURU of the century and she is ALWAYS right.

  • OMG!
    I tried MySpace once – didn’t know how to do it – only managed to input the name MOTHER and nothing else!

    And guess what, even with the freaking scary name MOTHER, there are people still want to be my “friends”

    Have they lost their minds or what?

  • Meleah


    Now THAT is fucking funny! I can just imagine you on MySpace all confused. I am laughing my ass off. Thank you.


  • Meleah


    Thanks! Had to be said. Had to be done. 🙂

  • Goodness, I hope I am classed as a friend and not foe…lol!

    I am truly impressed with your words. Sometimes these types of people need telling loudly and clearly. They are too thick skinned to understand in any other tone. Also, I love it when you get angry 🙂 As a last resort, if these people keep mailing you, then simply post their email on your blog along with their mail address, and let us mail them back with our comments and thoughts. I’m sure that they’ll stop mailing you then 😉

    I haven’t been around for a few days, I have a lot of meleah’s writings to catch up on! Yay! The perfect way to enjoy a Sunday evening!

    Big hugs and even bigger smiles ~ Graham x

  • Meleah

    You are very much considered to be a CLOSE friend. Glad you enjoyed the rant. I have a knack for that kind of thing!

    Okay, I do hope you catch up on the other posts! Glad to see you as always! xxoo

  • So that’s where all my comments have been going.

  • Meleah


    In NO WAY – SHAPE OR FORM – does this post apply to YOU.

    You are not only NORMAL…but one of my FAVORITE people On The Planet.


  • Feel free to forward any of these people over to my blog…I can use ANY attention I can get….even from married men.

    Frankly, I have not been commenting as much because I was afraid I couldn’t keep it appropriate. (I hope you realize I am playing)

    More seriously, I am glad you vented. I hope it hits its intended target.

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  • what the heck. you really have all this going on. people are crazy. can you block out IP addresses?

    let us know if this scares them away.

    1 year ago. why do the comments say that. it's not 2010 yet, is it and maybe i just slept through it?

  • what the heck. you really have all this going on. people are crazy. can you block out IP addresses?

    let us know if this scares them away.

    1 year ago. why do the comments say that. it's not 2010 yet, is it and maybe i just slept through it?

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