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Wherein I Pout

For the most part I have come to terms with the fact that I have extremely limited food choices. Thanks to Crohns, Celiacs, and Food Allergies. 99.9% of the time I walk around starving, angry, and tired. But, there is not much I can do about that situation, other than accept it. Fortunately my father is an excellent cook. He is forever finding, and making, fabulous meals for me to indulge. *Thank You Daddy*

The other ‘fun fact’ I have to live with as a result of my many health issues is that I have a very weak immune system. It is half past impossible for me to fight off any bacteria, infections, or illnesses. I learned that lesson last year when I kept getting sick. All. The. Time. (I mean who in the world contracts The German Measles? I did.) Basically, if there is ‘something’ in the air…9 times out of 10…I am going to ‘catch it’. Unless I plan on spending the rest of my life in a hermetically sealed bubble, I am going to get sick. And I am going to be sick often.

Long story short? I was contaminated with Strep Throat from my son. *thanks a lot pal * Even though I tried my best to avoid him, I even washed my hands a thousand times, no such luck. By Friday morning, I was unable to swallow and a firey hell was burning the walls of my mouth. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I called the doctor and made an appointment for 1245 pm. Low and behold proof positive test came back for STREP. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Had I been diagnosed on a Tuesday, I probably wouldn’t have minded as much. I honestly don’t really care when I have to miss a day or two from work. I am fully capable of doing my job from home. In fact, I think I am able to do a better job from home. I can access all of my emails and all of the rating programs I use in the office without the distractions that come with being in the office. I usually get 8 hours of work completed in 3. Go figure.

Anyway. Why am I pouting?

I hardly EVER “Go. Out”.

(Most of my weekends are spent at home with my child, or reading, or sleeping, or watching the E channel, and writing. And that works for me.)

I never never never have “PLANS to Go. Out.”

(The biggest ‘plans’ I’ve made over the last few years, have been to meet one of my friends at their house for a riveting game of scrabble.)

But I have I never never ever ever ever ever “Been Given An Exclusive Invitation To Go Out With One Of My Girlfriends And: A Multi-Millionaire (that drives a Bentley and a Lamborghini, with his other Multi-Millionaire Bentley and a Lamborghini driving buddy) To The Roof Top Club in N.Y.C. With A Guest List That Is Laced With Celebrities (including Alec Baldwin).

No. That. Never Happens. (For Me).

Except that it did.

On Saturday.

And I couldn’t go.


I am pouting.

I am sick of being hungry. I am sick of watching everyone else eat all of the foods I can’t enjoy. I am sick of being sick. I am sick of missing out. I am sick of being tired. I am sick of being angry. I am sick of not having any control over any of these issues. And, I am sick of whining and complaining. So I will just go back to bed, get under the covers, and shut up now.


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  • Okay, I’m not trying to go all Susie Sunshine on you, but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Having a kid who is sick all the time, who was born with heart and stomach defects, who gets yanked from my arms to get taken to surgery over and over, who struggles in every, single area of development…hell, in every single area of existence really…has made me that way. So, maybe, just maybe, you weren’t supposed to meet Mr. Buddy Bentley for some reason. Maybe going out that night would’ve brought something awful into your life…something worse than strep, worse that Crohn’s.

    I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, because it really does, and I HATE it for you, and I LOVE that you vented about it. Trust me, I vent a lot.

  • Meleah

    I too agree with the everything happens for a reason thing. I am sure I wasn’t supposed to go for whatever reason. And I am glad I made the right decision to stay home and sleep and get better rather than go out like a moron.

    I had NO IDEA about your son. You never talk about that on your blog.



    I am soooo sorry to hear about what you have to deal with.

    Now I feel like a GIANT asshole for complaining about something so trivial like not being able to go out dancing, when you have real issues on your hands.

    *But I did have to vent*

    I know things COULD be worse, which I why I NEVER really write posts like this. The only post I ever wrote complaining about my health was THIS ONE.

  • Argh!!! That sucks!!! I’m sorry you missed it. Is there any way to meet up with these guys again and go another time? I’m sorry to read this and hope you get well soon.

  • It reminds me of the time I grilled THE PERFECT steak. Then dropped it on the ground and the dog got to it before I could reach for the tongs to pick it up. Ok, you’re right. Your story sucks more!

    Wait, that didn’t come out right. You know what I mean, I hope. OK, I am going to stop typing now…

  • Oh, and happy birthday, Leslie!!

  • You have a standing invitation to “go out” with me and any fun friends I can round up if every we are in traveling distance of each other. I can’t promise you celebrities or lamborghinis, but I would make sure a fun time is had.

    I’m really sorry you missed out on this night out. No doubt this was probably a once in a lifetime thing and you have every right to feel bad about it. Even though Momo Fali is probably very right, I know it still hurts to have missed out on such an event. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Harry

    Well sick or not I would still take you out for a great night on the town at Red Lobster or the Olive Garden! We could drive there in my Taurus.


    Well I guess if u lived in Chicago I could take you to the 95th restaurant on top of the John Hancock Building.

    Dood I luv u man.


  • Meleah

    Shit happens. I am getting used to missing events. I have no idea if an opportunity like that will ever present itself again. Oh well.

    Awww! Thank you. I just might have to take you up on THAT offer. That’s better than an evening with Bentley Boy anyway. I am just dissappointed I missed out on the possibly of meeting the love of my life Alec Baldwin!

    Michael C:
    I love you dood! I really do.

    HA HA HA….Id take that offer! I love you back.

    *Disclaimer: I sincerely hope this post doesn’t make me sound like a complete money hungry gold digging ho-bag?*

  • It sucks you missed out, but if a good vent is in order… a good vent is in order. I am also inclined to agree with Momo Fali… everything happens for a reason. And even though we might believe this is true, it’s never quite satisfying because you still didn’t get to go.

    I hear ya. I vent all the time… it feels good, and I believe everyone should get stuff off their chest. Think of how much better people would feel if they had a way to let loose and stop carrying whatever it is around.

    Anyways, stay strong!

  • Naw, you don’t sound like a money digger at all. We know it’s all about the ‘Alec’ for ya…

  • Meleah

    Thanks sweety. and….Momo is dead on right.

    Michael C:
    It really IS all about missing The Alec. 🙁 That sucks.

  • One more thing…..

    I’m back baby!!!!!

  • Oh crap! I hope I didn’t come off all holier than thou! I hope you “know” me well enough, because trust me, I’d be downright pissed about missing that evening out. I’d have bitched about it for days. It sucks BAD. I know what it’s like not to get out very often either, so that just makes it suck WORSE.

    I also didn’t mean to come off like things are so bad for me, and to minimize what you were saying. Not at all. I was just trying to tell you what brought me to a place where I can say, “Okay. What’s happening here is total and complete bullshit, and no one should have to deal with this (especially a five year old kid), BUT there is a reason for it.”

    Don’t you love my boy even more, now that you know he’s so flipping funny despite all the crap he’s been dealt?

  • Ok that totally sucks 🙁
    Go ahead and pout, rant and rave… I would 😉
    Happy Birthday to Leslie!!!

    PS… meme completed!

  • Meleah

    Im on my way over!


    Oh I am sooo relived. I really felt like an ass for complaining about something ‘trivial’ (even though missing the possible chance of seeing ALEC BALDWIN is so NOT trivial – to me).

    No you did not come off holier than thou! Not At All.

    I just had NO IDEA what you have gone through with your precious baby. I was blindsided and deeply saddened to hear about your boy…because I LOVE every single post you have ever written about him. He is sofa king funny.

    I already did LOVE him….Now he will be added to my nightly prayers.

    “Please g-d, please watch over my friends and family…and take good care of them. Please send Alec Baldwin to me and make him fall madly in love with me. Please stop making bad things happen to Momo’s son…and just cure him completely. Oh, and while you are at it, a few million dollars wouldn’t hurt. Thanks.”


    Sweet! I cant wait to read it. What you did to Lee’s head was hysterical. xxoo

  • cmk

    See, that’s why it is so good to live in The Great White North like I do–we don’t HAVE any high-class places to go to, so I never miss not going! (Well, you get my drift.:))

    Now that I finished being uncaring…so sorry you’re feeling down! And don’t feel guilty about having a pity party–no matter how tiny it is! We all need to have one every once in awhile and we, your readers, understand that. Besides, you have more right and reason than most to walk around in a funk all of the time–which you don’t–so the times you have a funk are understandable! Feel better soon, my friend. I’m here if you would ever feel the need…

  • I am SO SORRY to hear this! It totally sucks to be sick and to MISS OUT on such a fun time….I hope you get another invite soon.

  • You crack me up!

  • Meleah

    I am usually in good spirits so I guess I am ‘allowed’ to be upset every so often! Thank you for your awesome support and friendship. xxoo

    Thanks. Im pissed. I really hope I do get another ‘invite’ ….one day.

    I shit you not. That is my new prayer! xxoo

  • My birthday wish is for your health. Let me know if it comes true. 🙂

    Love you forever
    Like you for always
    As long as I’m living
    My best friend you’ll be

  • oh.. that makes me feel bad… i know how you must have wanted to do that… it sounds soooo right up your alley!!!! well… did you talk to her yet today??? maybe both he and his buddy were assholes and you are lucky you didn’t go……

  • CRAP!
    It makes me wanna drag you out partying, eating and drinking!!!
    When one is sick, might as well sick in style right?

    Well, take care my friend.

  • Oh Man Does that SUCK!! But I’m with Momo….it happened for a reason. I hope you feel better! Strep is miserable enough in itself, but add all your other stuff and you feel awefull. I’ll have to find a soup recipe with the things you can have. And I had no idea about Momo’s son! It does make me love him even more! That Hysterical personality, overcomes his health issues.
    Feel Better!!

  • So sorry you missed out on a good night out. I believe as well that things happen for a reason but sometimes you just can’t see the reason no matter how hard you try and frustration sets in. Then a vent is in order. You have a lot to put up with and I admire you for dealing with it with such grace. And you deserve a fun, happy night out very soon!

  • Meleah

    Awww…I Love You too. xxoo 🙂 Happy Birthday My Best Friend. xxoo xxoo

    I haven’t heard yet….I am sure she just doesn’t want to make me feel worse or rub it in what a great time she had. Im sure I will hear all of the glorious details by tomorrow.

    Okay! Thats a DEAL. You better take me out!

    Chef Mom:
    What sucks is that I couldn’t go out last night, but I CAN go to work tomorrow. Now THAT freeking BLOWS. And Momo & Her Son….please, I will start weeping all over again. He is the most amazing child In The World.

    Here’s hoping that I will get a well deserved “Night Out” soon enough. xxoo

  • I am probably going to be reamed for saying this but there is NO WAY I would have missed that! I would have taken about 10 tylenol and put on my best face and no matter how crappy I felt, I would have gone to that and taken a billion pictures and had the memories of a lifetime. Then I would have come home and collapsed. I have cleaned my house in the midst of a terrible cold/flu just because out of town company was coming, I went to work every day for 3 months with a sinus infection that couldn’t be cured and also in my last trimester of pregnancy, I have done many things I didn’t want to while sick, I sure would have attended that evening out while sick! And you can bet many others have done the same.

  • Crohn’s, celiac and food allergies? One of those would drive me batty! And getting sick on Friday totally sucks.

    You have a right to be angry. I had a cow this morning when I discovered we didn’t have milk.

  • I would pout too!

    Happy Birthday Leslie 😀

  • Meleah

    You have no idea how long I contemplated that very thought. I seriously considered just saying FUCK IT and going anyway. But for the fact that I live under the watchful eye of The Parents I might have gone out anyway….and ended up sicker. And on the one hand….I think it would have BEEN WORTH IT. 🙁

    Oh please…. dont EVEN remind me of the photo opportunities I missed.

    Dorkey Dad:
    I am still seething with anger!

    Its been 48 hours and I am still pouting 🙁

  • Damn girl!!! That really blows you missed it all. I hope you get better soon!!!

  • Meleah

    I miss ALL the FUN…all the time.

    I have even missed many a fun-filled family function because I am always sick / contagious with something or other.

    Its annoying already.


  • 🙁 I don’t know what I would have done…The wise part of me would have had Momo’s reaction “Things happen for a reason…” BUT the wise-ass part of me would have had Beth’s reaction; said ‘catch me later!’ to the consequences and gone anyway. Ummm, tricky.

    But I feel your pain…and what’s a little rant amongst friends? Hope you feel better.

  • Meleah

    Hey baby! Man I have missed YOU.

    I know. This was a very “TUFF” call. But…in the long run, I think I did the right thing.

    Still it really sucks “missing out” all the time.

  • Lee

    Yeah, stuff happens for a reason. In this case, the reason is that you’ve been dealt a crappy hand, having to deal with the Crohn’s and other issues. And the other reason is that stuff happens and it stinks. From the sounds of things, there is no shortage of bugs floating around trying to make us all sick this winter. It’s no wonder that people with immune system deficiencies are scared to death.

    Keep smiling, kiddo. I wish I could say things are going to be better, but for that there are no guarentees. Just know that we all love you and are rooting for better days for you.

  • Meleah

    You are so good to me. Thank you sweety.

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