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Where Does All The Time Go?



This is a photo of my son JCH when he was 5 years old, on the day he Graduated Kindergarten.

And this……

This is a photo of my son JCH at 14 years old, on the day he Graduated Middle School [8th Grade].


How did THAT happen?

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  • *sigh*

  • Oscar

    Thats what happens when you keep feeding them!

    Congrats JCH!!!!

  • Thanks Oscar!

  • ladyV

    AWH, what cute photos. yeah they grow up fast.

  • Oh, sweetie hang on! High School is a flash and I mean that as I type this with tears in my eyes. My oldest is now heading off to law school and I remember when he started high school, Oh, how I remember that and then those four years were over like a blink of my eye and then my baby girl graduated in June and I knew to savor her High School years because I KNEW I ONLY HAD A BLINK and I savored that blink. Those four years fly. They are so busy and in turn you are so busy and then you are sitting there watching them cross the stage and hear their name and it is surreal. Oh, sorry to go on! Enjoy his four years, do it all, snap all the pictures, love it all, it ends so fast and then they are gone!

  • Christina Marable

    Your son's a hottie. Hope you don't mind me saying that. He got those good genes from you!

  • Too fast!

  • Great. Now I am CRYING!

  • Thank you?

  • BK

    Time flies really! It is so important that we must treasure the time we have with children because before we know it, they will be as tall as us already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Its amazing how fast it all goes. You both look great.

    I will have a high school grad on Tuesday – will post photos Wed.

  • Oh CONGRATS to you Barbara!

  • It really does. And my son is way taller than me! [insert sad face!]

  • Sneaks up on you right? He's becoming a young man.

  • I cant even!!

  • It must be done!

  • Jules

    Aww..cute pictures!

  • Thanks!

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