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Where Do You Write?

My good friend, Lisa, author of the blog ‘That’s Why’ recently wrote this blog post. Lisa shared intimate details with us regarding her family, her writing process, how she’s evolved as a writer. And she gave us an inside look, through out time, where she does her writing, complete with photos. At the end of the post she asked her readers to show her where we write.

And I am more than happy to oblige.

I believe I started writing when I was around nine years old. That’s when I received my very first diary, and thus began my love for the written word. I don’t have any photos of that time in my life, and I have since lost all of those journals.

I really took to writing, while I attended a private boarding high school. From the ages 13-16, I was 3,000 miles away from home and I missed my brother, Abercrombie, terribly. I hand wrote at least three letters per week – and I also kept a journal which I updated every night before going to bed. Again, I don’t have many photos of that time in my life either, but I do still have all of those journals.

Then there was that time in my life I spent hitchhiking across the country, following the Grateful Dead for one year. Very sadly, I don’t have many photos of that time in my life either, but I do have all of those wonderfully detailed journals. I kept track of every show, every set list, every place I stayed, and all of people I encountered. Maybe one of these days I should go through them?

From the ages 18-27, my life was a complete whirlwind of craziness that I’d rather not discuss, here, today. But, I never stopped writing. In fact, I probably wrote more than ever. I am currently in the process of going through those very journals in the hopes of transforming them into something substantial.

When I turned 27, I finally got my life together. I made incredible changes and beat all kinds of odds, when I should have been nothing more than a statistic. And that’s when I moved into my very favorite condo. The first thing I had to do was set up was a working space where I could really write. I spent countless hours at this desk, organizing old journals, and writing until my fingertips bled.

And then, in 2006, one of my closest friends, Leslie, who’s known me since I was all of thirteen years old, and knew all about my love for writing, told me about the world of blogging.  I immediately signed up and I’ve never looked back.

I became addicted to blogging, instantly. I started meeting incredibly funny people, and totally-super-talented writers.

Here I am in my favorite condo, sitting on my favorite sofa, blogging, with my very first Apple Computer.

Since then…

I’ve written while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

And while on vacation in Mexico.


I’ve written in hotel rooms.

I’ve written while sitting on the floors of Hospital Waiting Rooms.


I’ve even written while trapped in the bathroom for hours, suffering from a Crohn’s Attack.

My love for writing, and my computer, has become so strong over the years.

Once, I even took my ‘Apple’ out on ‘The Best Date I’ve Ever Had’.

But sometimes in life – there are things you can’t control.

And at the age of 33, I moved back home with my parents, for the first time, since I was 13.

These days, this is where I spend most of my time, writing and blogging.

And, when I am not at home, you can usually find me at my local Country Club, often referred to as ‘KHCC’ – writing in my other ‘office’.

And there you have it.

So tell me boys and girls:

  1. How long have you been writing?
  2. How long have you been blogging?
  3. And, will you show me where YOU write?

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  • “It’s a constant. I never stop. I do it everywhere.”
    Me too, MWJ. Me too.

    I cannot leave the house without my computer. And, I always have a journal & a pen in my purse. Because there is always something to write.

    And, yes, I have been working VERY hard on my re-writes. And, I think you will be proud. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the direction, and advice. You. Rock.

  • Jay of the Depp Effect

    I remember that hot date you had with your Apple! ROFL!!

    I loved the idea of writing ever since I began reading and enjoying books, but had no reliable access to paper until I was MUCH older. I didn’t have a journal. The best I had was a tiny diary given to me for Christmas when I was about eight years old. Far too small to do anything but write ‘School starts’ or ‘M’s birthday’ in. *Sigh*

    Anyway. I began blogging about three years ago, but I don’t have a photo of where I write, which is in an armchair in the lounge, mostly!

  • The problem I have is which book to write. I have my book that is only a short way in, or I have a book of Mo’s life story (far more juicy) that is complete, but needs a major re-write. I have to decide 🙂

  • You should post a photo!

  • Okay, well lemme know what you decide!

  • Lyndadesordi

    Awesome writing, as usual!!!! You never cease to amaze me, Meleah! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Lyndadesordi

    I remember that condo..it was really nice!!! I was only there once, but I still remember it!!!! <3

  • I love you Aunt Lynda!

  • *sigh*

  • One of the Guys

    Priceless photos. I really enjoyed this blog post! You have a way of telling stories that is so funny and touching. Not an easy combination.
    I generally write in my office that overlooks the front yard and driveway where I can see my kids shoot hoops and play soccer.
    I’m finally getting a laptop so I’ll be able to write when I’m out and about. That will be nice. Sometimes I need to get the heck out of my house!

  • Porkstar

    … and there you are looking cute as a button.
    I’ve been blogging since 2008, I believe. I had started one blog over at live journal but I forgot the password. I eventually forgot the username as well, but whatever, I got into it more in 2008.
    I’ve been writing since I was 5, or so. Basically since I was able to grab something in my had that was not in my pants (or pampers back then). My dad moved to the US when I was 5 and since then, with the help of mom, I always wrote letters to him. It kept the distance shorter.
    I will definitely show you where I write, since you showed me yours, I will show you mine. : )

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aw. Thank you for such a lovely compliment on my writing.
    That made my day.

  • Oh Hell Yes!

    I can’t wait for you to show me yours!

  • hahaha. love the pic in the bathroom. as a fellow crohnie my husband often calls the bathroom “my office”.
    I write anywhere i can can. i keep a pad with me and take notes, when it seems fitting, and write about it later. Mostly i write at my desk located in my family room.
    I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. Like you, journals written in long hand most of my life. I wish I kept them.
    I’ve only been blogging (www.livelaughloveliquor.com) since January. A New Year’s resolution i intend to keep. Now if only I could get started on that novel!

  • I love your blog! I’m so glad you started it.
    And good luck trying to write that novel.

    I’ve been working on mine again, and HOLY HELL, it’s the most difficult
    thing I’ve ever tried to do!

    PS; Only a fellow Crohnie can know how much time we spend in the bathroom!

  • Anonymous

    Most times i am blogging from my laptop, hiding in your closet. Nice shoes, btw.

    Actually, showing you where i write would be quite boring, as i write mostly from my office.

  • I wish you would, as a former Deadhead I’d love to read them!

  • Helloooo my wonderful friend on the East Coast! I know, I know, I’m very inconsistent these days. I do hope you haven’t forgotten about me.

    This post brings back the longing for me to write. For fun. All I seem to be doing these days is reading case briefs and writing legal memo’s, which I love, but man I miss all of this Mel.

    Four weeks left in this semester and I have three weeks off and then summer classes on line. This will open up my time a bit more. During this much needed break I’m still planning on a trip up the East Coast and hopefully we can get together.

    I noticed you cleaned up at 27. Guess what? Me too. I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you but it’s yet another parallel in our lives. I have a huge framed poster on my wall of the famous picture called “Forever 27,” ya know, the one with Janice, Kurt, Jim, and Jimi?

    Anyway, I write everywhere. Anywhere I can. I have an office and I’m rarely in it. I like to be amongst the people in my house, not closed off in a room. But my office is really nice. 😉

    Miss you.

  • HA.

  • GINA!!!! My long lost sister! I miss you sofa king much it hurts!

    Um. Yeah. You better get to together with me when you head to the East Coast. Or, I’ll have to hurt you!

    And OMFG – of COURSE we BOTH got our lives together @ 27. And of course we BOTH have that same picture.


  • Okay. I just MIGHT do it, for YOU!

  • I usually write in my bedroom (hanging on my bed with the pets). On another note, I can’t believe you followed the Grateful Dead for a year. Now there is a story I would love to hear.

  • Learned two new things about the author, she was a dead head and for some reason this photo addicted gurl has none from the earlier part of her life. I did have to look twice at the Apple date, really, one of the best? But what this curious reader would like to know is what happened during the “lost years”. I bet that would make into one hell of a book.

  • One day, I hope to write all about that.

    And, I love writing in my bed.
    That’s how I spend most of my days, reading everyone’s blogs!

  • The “lost years” – do you mean between 18-27?

  • Yes the notorious crazy years of youth. 😡

  • Okay good! I miss you like crazy! I am looking sofa king forward to seeing you. When I know the exact dates, you’ll be the third to know.

    And of course we have the same picture. I didn’t follow the Dead though. That is one regret I definitely have. I went to one show in ’87 or ’88. Can’t remember, but I never made it out of the parking lot. I was totally lost, dazed and confused and never wanted to leave. I LOVED that parking lot. Ummm, I think it was a parking lot. Who knows?

  • Ah yes, well, I am actually writing a book about that time!

  • Ahahahahhahhaha!

  • I love all the pictures of you writing! Up until a month ago I used to sit on the couch with the laptop in my lap, but now I usually write in the livingroom, sitting on the floor so I can play with Darth Vader while writing. You know, you should post a few excerpts from your Greateful Dead journals.

  • Thanks Ziva!

    I was thinking about doing that. Eventually!

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  • Jules

    I’ve been blogging for probably less than 3 years. I normally write my blogs in the living room on the sofa or in bed.

  • Awesome! Thanks for playing, Jules.

  • Alisha

    I’m pretty sure my favorite photo is you writing on the toliet. That’s some what comforting to know there are others out there that do that….

    How long have you been writing? (16 years and counting)
    How long have you been blogging? (Roughly around 5 years)
    And, will you show me where YOU write? (I could, but I think WordPress would kick me out. I tend to do most best writing naked, boobs flapping in the wind/air conditioner)

  • AHAHHAHAHhhaHHHahhh!!

  • Why, I would be happy to oblige.

    1. I’ve been writing since I was a child. From the time I first learned to write, I was always “self-publishing” books for my mom to read. I’d fold a stack of blank paper in half, staple it, and start writing. I’m pretty sure my mom still has a lot of them stashed away in a box somewhere. When I was a kid, I always had a journal in which I wrote as well. Every night before I went to bed, I’d write down the events of the day, what I was thinking about, who had pissed me off, etc. I probably would’ve had a heart attack if anyone had read it, although in retrospect, I’m sure people in my house probably did, and just didn’t say anything. In my older years, I’ve always wanted to write a book, although I could never find the time to finish what I started. Maybe one of these days, I’ll buckle down and actually finish one of them. I’ve always found writing wonderfully therapeutic, and

    a way to kind of escape the real world for a while and create one of your own.

    2. I started blogging probably five or six years ago. It started out as a MySpace page (back when MySpace was cool). It had a blog function, so I tried it out one day, writing about various random things. It was really cool to get feedback from my friends on what I’d written, and I’ve been doing it ever since, although my blog has taken various forms over the years.

    3. Where do I write? Here’s a picture: http://www.mikesturf.net/dropbox/whereiwrite.jpg

    Jules refers to it as my “NASA command center,” due to all of the monitors. My chair is facing my main desktop computer, which I love. The laptop with the extra monitor attached is primarily used for work, since I have to be on-call every few weeks, and frequently have to take my work with me. When I’m at home, I hook it up to a spare monitor, since I generally have to have a lot of stuff open at one time, and it makes it a lot easier.

    There you have it!

  • Oh YAYYY!!

    Thank you for playing along with me, Mike!

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  • Lacy

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