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Where Did I Get My Sense Of Humor From?

Just take a look at the present my mom and dad brought back from their vacation for my son:



 Yeah. Need I say more?

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    is that a childrens book?
    I thought JCH was like, 40.

  • Meleah this is GOOD 🙂
    Are you absolutely sure that they didn’t get this for YOU?

  • ROFL

  • i love it i wanna read it…. kids books are the best….there is a lot more variety now then there was when i was a kid… i like the idea that people are beginning to realize that kids are people… and everything in life is not a fairy tale… i think it is a good thing…

  • Good thing it wasn’t…

    Curious George takes a Dump on da Beach!

  • Meleah

    Jen: Its a DIRTY children’s book. Its CRAZY.

    RMH: I have the best parents. (and maybe with my crohns disease they are trying to tell me something?)

    Leslie: MEE TOO. Since last night!

    Paisley: I’m sure I can get a copy to you somehow!

    Dazd: This is the greatest book in the world.

  • yo mommna

    just promise me you’ll let JCH read it first!

    gift giver

  • That’s a page turner all right!






  • LOL!!! the book every child needs to have in their library.

  • Oh my gawd I love Walter the Farting Dog. We only have the first one. Absolutely hilarious. I love it that your parents bought it. Our family’s big on farting, too. Er…you know what I mean. Dinner table conversation for years. Three boys — how could we not be?

  • Gee. Thanks Mom! Kid’s gonna talk about nothing but farts for a month! LOL!

  • omigod….I’d love to read it!

  • Meleah

    Mom: I will
    Ricardo: hells yeah!
    Jen: Yes, It is, I get it.
    Marsha: They should!! (it actually has a great message, about being different)
    KellyPea: 3 boys, wow. yeah you know all about gas!
    Micki: I think my mom is getting even with me for all the torture I gave her as a child!


  • My son would love that book. He has the entire Captain Underpants collection & loves those books. I’ll have to check our local bookstore for this one.

  • Oh that’s just beautiful!!!

    As if boys need any encouragement in the world of farting…

    My boys would have loved it!!!


  • Oh my gosh. My son would absolutely love that. Thanks for the heads up!

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