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When Motivation Isn’t Enough

I woke up this morning feelings really motivated. I was suddenly gung-ho – dare I say inspired. Even before my first cup of coffee. You know that feeling? Like you can take on any challenge? A few moments later, while sipping my liquid caffeine, I welcomed the thoughts about what I needed to get done today. Rather than dread them.

Now that’s a feeling I haven’t had in so long I almost didn’t recognize it.

I was fully prepared to to tackle a few projects that I’ve been putting off. I even made one of my famous To-Do Lists. Yanno. Filled with simple things. Such as:

Take A Walk Around My Block.

Go To The Store. And Complete My Shopping List.

Pick Up Dry Cleaning.

Fill My Tank With Gas.

And maybe even Clean Out The Inside Of My Car.

But after only 15 second outside, having my body pelted repeatedly with giant sideways windy raindrops…

I changed my mind.

It is way too damp and cold to go outside today.

While I do enjoy this kind of day…this is the very kind of day that was made for staying indoors.

Within The Comforts Of My Home.

Wearing My Cozy Pajamas.

Sitting By The Fireplace.

Reading My Favorite Blogs (or even a good book).

With My Scented Candles Lit.

[Today was just not meant for shopping or errands.That kind of stuff is just going to have to wait until the wind calms down and the sunshine swings back over these parts.]

Who knows? I may just use all this pent up motivation to really write again. Or at best, finish one of the stories I’ve been halfassed writing to submit to the Writers Digest competitons.


None of the relaxing, reading, blogging, writing, or fireplace watching occured for me today. Instead I was called into my ‘Food Allergy Specialists’ office since my hypersensitivity to food is apparently ‘Off The Charts’. Rather than staying cozy at home, in bed/pajamas, I had to endure some horrendous testst that involved an excessive amout of blood work. A follow up post about THAT? Coming soon later on in the week.

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  • it would be a perfect day to just let your mind wander and write stories… wish i could join you,, but my creativity is on hold till tomorrow……

  • It does sound like the right setting for a spot of writing. I am so glad to see you making one of your famous lists. That has made me feel better. I have been worrying about you lately. Good on you!

  • Oh how I wish to wake up feeling that kind of motivation!

    Pity the weather changed it for you..

  • The feeling is good – hang onto it and write girlfriend! We are all waiting for the book – so you all ready have an audience for it…

  • Yay! I’m glad you hd such a blast of gumption!

  • Stay in Meleah, have another cup of coffee, and do whatever you feel like doing!

    That weather sounds like what we had Sunday – which was trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Nasty, it was, walking around the neighborhood…kids (and parents) in winter jackets – you couldn’t hardly see any costumes…

  • Smoosh MY boobies? If the photo wasn’t enough to make me laugh, until I took a closer look and then felt like crying, the thought of me “smooshing” my eighty-eight year old boobies, did. But then, if I had not learned years ago to laugh at myself before others did, I might not have gotten any fun at all out of growing old. I like your blogsite.

  • A fireplace? It’s a cozy day and you have a fireplace? I’m coming over!

  • We had a rainy, cold day yesterday and I did exactly what you described. Good music, fireplace, writing, and little housework. It was actually perfect. Love those kind of days!

  • Relax baby………..

  • Meleah

    It sure is “The Perfect Day” for “All Things Creative.”

    I still made a famous To DO List.
    A new list of things I can do INDOORS…. like scheduling certain doctors appointments (I need to get my eyes checked and am desperate for new contacts so I accomplished that)
    I have been looking for a new allergy specialist, and i am close to finding one.
    I learned how to move my child support case from one county to a better county
    and things of that nature.
    I am actually GETTING THINGS DONE!
    And then I will write.
    (writing always seems to com last, when its the most important thing to me. why is that?)

    Its been a LONG time since I was motivated to do ANYTHING.
    I haven’t had any ‘fight’ in me whatsoever.
    This feels nice.
    At least I am still putting that feeling to good use.

    I love you baby.
    BTW I think your post yesterday may have something to do with the reason I changed my mind set.
    xxoo xxoo

    Any sort of motivation to get out of bed is a miracle!
    Your will come back too. I know it.

    Oh No. That’s terrible weather for Trick Or Treating.
    Sorry to hear that.
    It may be snowing now, but we are supposed to have 60 & sunny on Friday/Saturday
    (our Halloween days)

    Aw. All boobies are invited to join in the fun.
    Even 88 year old ones.
    Thats the kind of stuff that keeps you young.

    Yeah. We have TWO fireplaces.
    C’mon over!

    These are the kind of days that RENEW my spirit / soul.

    And now that it is SNOWING?
    I am sooo relaxing.

  • Finish writing this:

    When I stood up, I pulled my shoulders back for the first time in months. Head up, tits out. I pushed my chin forward, and slowly turned my head to see what lay before me. It was nothing. And everything. I smiled, knowing my place in the midst of it all. Then I started to walk, the breeze was cool, lifting the sweaty tendrals off of the back of my neck. The ocean slowly lapped at the sand, and I heard my steady foot steps on the grey wooden strips of the boardwalk. I had an appointment that wouldn’t wait. And I was more ready for it than I have ever been ready for anything.

    There ya go. Have fun. You amazing creative diva you.

  • LMAO! I am SO with you on that! We are getting pounded pretty bad down here in the city, too, and have been since last night. This is definitely a pj’s and hot cuppa Joe day. I won’t be going anywhere!

  • Oh girl. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I got up today thinking that I’d work out, clean the house, and then write. But what am I doing? Farting around on the computer. Too many distractions…maybe tomorrow. Right? LOL!!!

    Hang in there. Maybe we can motivate each other to write again…

  • I say just enjoy the day. I actually wrote a post for the first time in a long, long time today. it was very tough to do, but I just have to start doing more stuff, yanno? Hope you are well Mel (nope, the rhyme was completely unplanned) 😉

  • I did just that Meleah. I took off today, hit the covers and slept my cold wet rainy day away. Sitting up with the kids now, eating fattening McDonalds – it doesn’t get much better than this….however tomorrow is another day.

    I’m so glad you woke up feeling motivated – motivated means progress. You go girl,

  • Meleah

    I just want to work on my book again.
    I am ALMOST ready.
    I swear.

    Woman, it is NASTY outside. I wanted to stay home SO BADLY.

    But, I had to go to the Allergist today.
    I need a whole new slew of tests done that include having massive amounts blood drawn.


    (I am waiting for my father to get home to take me to the lab. I literally *faint* when I have blood taken. I cannot handle it. I need someone to drive me and Hold My Hand.)

    I d not want to go but, I have no choice.

    Apparently my hyper-sensitivity to food had gotten much worse.


    Random Chick:
    Mark my words. As soon as October is OVER and as soon as these darned ELECTIONS are finished, I will be an unstoppable writing force.

    You better be ready to edit the hell out of my rough drafts.

    I’m almost finshed with my “downtime”. I am getting used to the meds and my new schedule.

    November? I am putting my GAME FACE back on. So be prepared!

    MY TWIN?
    I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    (yes I am shouting thus the abuse of caps locks)
    I’m headed over to YOUR blog like right now.
    YAY. YAY. YAY.

    The Girl I Will Bring Home to Momma:
    I wish I did that. Too bad my damn motivation made me go to the doctors office.
    And now I need dreaded blood work.
    Sitting home terrified waiting for my father to take me….

  • My coworker came in and uttered those very words on your poster! HA. sometimes it just seems easier to give up and go back to bed. Wish I had an opportunity to pull that around these parts. Instead of being too cold outside where I’m at it’s always too hot. 97+ in October! AYKM!!!?

  • i read something great once. don’t try to do it all. just do 15 minutes of it.

    it said some other stuff too, but i stopped reading after 15 minutes. i probably was supposed to start that habit *after* reading the article…

  • I was going to comment on how I love to have an indoor “cozy” day … until I read about your allergies. If there is one thing about life, it’s that just when you think you have a plan … it changes.

    hug 🙂

  • Meleah

    Heather One Shot:
    I love that poster!

    You always make me laugh.

    I know. Its annoying. I hope to get a RELAXING day to do nothing soon.

  • I feel as though I haven’t been warm and dry in about a week! I hope the blood tests went okay.

  • I hope all went well today. Blood work sucks, especially when you have a young girl stick you 20 times before she says, ummmmmm, let me get some help 🙁 Hope your feeling good !

  • Meleah

    I will have the results in a week or so.
    The waiting is the hard part.

    The Girl I Will Bring Home to Momma:
    Yeah, my left arm is messed up from today.
    Ugh. damn ‘rolling veins’

  • Oh no! Sorry it didn’t work out.

    That is such a perfect picture.

    Do they still test allergies by sticking needles in your back?

    I can’t relate to being gung-ho in the morning. I’m not a morning person. I don’t like to talk except for an occasional grunt. I guess I’m more like a bear. Not in a bad mood, but just don’t want to be bothered. Sometimes my first words when I wake up are… Oh, Shit! LOL!

    By the way, what happened to your photo that’s usually near your comments on other blogs? It disappeared.

  • Meleah ~ I hope you get to relax as well as accomplish a lot tomorrow!

  • YAY to waking up feeling GOOD! Sorry it didn’t end so good…BUT there’s always tomorrow, right? 🙂

  • Yeah, I agree, some days you need more than motivation alone!

  • Jay

    Everyone needs to do nothing sometimes. How often you need to do that depends on you and your health and energy levels. Most of my days are pretty laid back right now, but hopefully I’ll pull myself together at some point and actually DO something! LOL!

    Sorry you got called in for testing and that it was so unpleasant. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the results! Good luck with that.

  • Meleah

    I never EVER wake up motivated or GUNG HO
    Then again, it was also 11am when I woke up.
    No they draw blood for more precise results.
    I have no idea where my ‘photo’ ID went.
    Will check into that!

    Today is tomorrow I have IOP and have to see my PCP.
    Busy Day.
    Ill find time to relax soon enough

    Here is to a new day.

    I was motivated.
    And then I lost it.
    And then I HAD TO DO STUFF.
    Not cool.

    I finally realized that I am ‘in recovery’ so to speak, therefore taking it easy on myself is something I should welcome rather than beat myself up over.


    Ill let everyone know what happened with my test results as soon as I know!

  • I’ve had my share of days like this. A few too many of late.

  • rainy days r stay @ home days! 🙂

  • I love that type of day too but yes like you said better enjoyed inside, cozy by the fire. I am so sorry you had to go through all those tests. Poor thing. 🙁

  • Meleah

    Tell Me About It!

    getting 10 viles of blood taken from my feeble arms.
    FAKE *yay*
    followed by REAL *fainting*
    damn medical issues

    Maybe the next shitty weather day I can STAY HOME.

    well, Im sure Ill have plenty of more opportunities to chill on crappy days!
    maybe even WRITE something REAL again!

  • i will probably feel that way either on my way to work or when i’m there. i think i’m going to be sick today. i feel it.

  • LOL I Just love the photo with this post.

  • You can’t say you didn’t TRY! Isn’t that Murphy’s Law or something? You wake up ready to take on the world and the world tells you to go home. And blood work. Ugh!

  • Meleah

    Hell yeah. Stay Home!

    Me too.
    Glad I made you laugh!

    I think it is a law!
    I hate blood work!

  • Oh my gosh, that poster sums it up for me these days. …and we’ve even had unseasonably good weather in Chicago lately.

    I’m sorry you had to endure all of that poking and prodding, but maybe it will result in a diagnosis/treatment program/prognosis that will improve things for you considerably in the long run… xoxo

  • Meleah

    You are the forever “optimist”. I love that about you.

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