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Now That ‘The Blog Move’ Is Over…

Blogger Who? Blogger Where? What!?


I am back!

And (so far) My Blog Is WORKING.



I know.



I tried warning everyone. I knew there was the possibility of a blog vanishing act for 2-4 days…however I never expected to see this sort of message when I tried logging into my site:



I know.

So. Unexpected.


Very. Unsettling.

(And I thought moving into The Parents was going to be hard. Who knew switching webhosts would be so much tougher?)

I am so sorry that when ya’ll tried to visit my humble corner of the Internet it seemed as though my blog no longer existed.

At. All.

Not Cool.

There were moments in time, when I was just as concerned and nervous.

Especially when I didn’t even have access to any of my emails. Wha? No Emails? Yikes. (What ever did we do before email?)

Aside from being 100 % cut-off and disconnected, do you guys have any idea how many blog posts I do not have saved in ‘Word’.

Or anywhere else!!


[I could have easily copy-pasted-dated-and-saved-every-entry. But no. I did not. Why? Because I am lazy.]

Anyway, I have spent the last year(s) of my blogging life, foolishly depending and counting on the Internet and/or a Web-Host to preserve my precious memories and of course the mundane details of my daily life.

I used to keep a hand written journal. Hell. I’ve kept a journal since I was 9 years old, because yanno, things were really important back then, they needed to be documented and recorded. Right? But. Since I have become a blogger, I haven’t hand written much of anything.


*Thinks about buying a new journal first thing in the morning.*

Anyway. It feels great to be back.

(Except that I am exhausted. But for reasons that are non-blog related.)

Also, I think? I might need a new system. I am too scared to depend soley on the power of the Internet anymore.

One last thing, I’ve learned that I lean entirely too hard on my entire blog roll. That/this is the only place where I keep track of all of you guys. Not having access to blog / or my blogroll prevented me from being able to visit all of you.

THAT (not being able to get to your pages) was torture (for me).

I have a lot of catching up to do.

I need to give a very Big Thank You to my girl Leslie, for to dealing WITH ALL OF THIS in order to get my blog back up again and running smoothly.

I *love* you forever.

Now, that this is all over with, I may resume my ‘normal activities’.







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  • I’m so glad you’re back! You’re always so good to stop by my blogs, and I’m glad you have an address again for me to frequent!

  • the inter-o-net sure has a lot to answer for.

    and jeeeez. i never want to go four days without a laptop ever ever ever ever ever again. how much hell is that?

  • Lee

    Hey, don’t mean to bring up bad news, but did you notice that Gravatar is not working correctly?

  • Meleah

    WornOutWoman (who will now be referred to as ‘WOW” for short/nickname on in this blog)
    Glad to be back!!

    It was touch n go and rough as hell!

    Yeah, but after Leslie spent 12 hours a DAY for DAYS on end just getting my blog UP again, I don’t exactly want to be ‘picky’ about things like that. I know when she has the chance / time she will ‘fix’ that ‘issue’ as well.


  • Danny AKA CGB

    Hey your back !! Now we all can get our ‘Meleah’ Fix !!

  • What a warm reception you received! Of course, it’s good to have you back!!

  • Meleah

    Certain Bald Guy:
    Here here. 🙂 Thanks dood.

    Aw. Thanks. Its GREAT to BE back. xxoo

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