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When Dining Out In Mexico

Its probably a good idea to have at least One Person that paid attention in Spanish Class seated at your table.

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  • Yum! The food looks delicious and not scary at all, as you might expect when ordering foods you are not 100% sure of.

  • Meleah

    Yeah, this was surprisingly good.

  • Yummmmeeee!! It all looks great. I’m glad you’re having such a fun time, honey.

  • Meleah

    xo xo

  • All plates are very colorful. I wonder what flavor that flag comes in. ;o) Shame on them for not having pictures!

  • You lucked up with your choices on this one. I like the photo layout. Great format. Always creative, you are.

  • Meleah

    Flavor of the flag.
    ha ha ha

    Thanks. I always try to be as creative as possible.
    I had some good material to work with.

  • Well, at least you were somewhere where there was a lot to eat. When I was down there I was in the boonies, and there wasn’t much “comida” going on.

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  • Meleah

    Im glad I ate something and did NOT have a reaction to any of it.

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