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What? Free time!

This is the first weekend JCH will be going to his fathers’ house in over a month! Leaving me with FREE TIME. There are about 75 things I want to do with that time:

1. Work on my book
2. Take a trip to AC with Jen and try to hook up a meeting with Michael
3. Sleeeeeeeep
4. Make it a Spa-Leah weekend for RESEARCH purposes
5. Go to my friend Pammies house for food and laughs
6. Visit Gramma Ev, to get her opinion (on film) about Britney Shears and Anna Nicole and make a movie
7. Make photo slide shows for my Mac Pages
8. Hang out with Uncle Bob who’s in town
9. Refill all my scripts at the Worst Pharmacy Ever
10. Read a book
11.See the Movie 23
12. Grocery Shop
13. Clean my house
14. Charter a plane to Chicago to clean someone else’s house
(you know who you are)
15. Make some money IRONING other peoples clothes (FV!)
16. Return unread emails with thoughtful replies
17. Visit with Patty and the New Fantastic Man
18. Revamp Momma Mia’s “look?”
19. Swing by City Streets and see the people I have neglected
20. Dye my hair
21. Wax my legs
21. Clothes shopping
22. Take an Apple / MAC class
23. Win the Nobel Prize
24. Watch the OSCARS
25. Write the damn post about JCH working at Bath and Bodyworks at age 5
26. Write the rubber band post
27. Return PHONE CALLS
28. Take more pictures of my dad
29. Take a nap
30. Bring my clothes to the dry cleaner
31. Comment on all the other peoples blogs that I love
32. Use the New York and Co. gift card I have on some new digs
33. Chat with BFD
34. Spend time with the Devil, I mean my mom
35. Clean my car
36. Take out the trash
37. Bleach my whites
38. Finish the laundry
39. Eat something OTHER than CHICKEN
40. Visit the library
41. Get a Starbucks coffee
42. Go to Barnes and Nobel
43. Get my nails done
44. Have a pedicure
45. Get a full body massage
46. Fix the headlight on my car that no longer works
47. MAIL the pictures I drew 3 months ago to my Cascade sisters
48. Get my own mail
49. Pay the bills
50. Balance the check book
51. Mail the rent out for March
52. Rob a bank
53. Cure Cancer
54. Cure Crohn’s
55. Cure AIDS
56. Buy my dream house
57. Suspend reality (oh wait…. I just did that)
58. Take the Audrey Hepburn “look-alike” pictures for Pammie
59. Organize my closets
60. Rearrange my bedroom
61. Organize my journal pile(s)
62. Take a personal inventory
63. Straighten out my movie collection
64. Return all my moms movies that are in my house to her
65. Compile a list number of accounts / number of quotes per month
66. Learn how to cook
67. Fix my broken fireplace
68. Fix my broken ice maker
69. Find the $400.00 plumbing receipt to deduct the money from next months rent
70. Get a haircut (a trim)
71. Buy cigarettes
72. Go to the bank transfer funds
73. Read the paper
74. Familiarize myself vaguely about politics
75. Stop world hunger
76. Have a FACAIL

But, there’s no waaaay, I could do half of those things in the 48 hours of freedom I do have. Instead I am prioritizing. Gramma Ev wins. I love her soooo much, and ya never know how much longer she will be around. I feel it is my duty to capture as much of her on film, as possible, to immortalize her, as best I can. Plus, she’s hysterical. (and Uncle Bob’s presence will be a bonus)

If you haven’t seen any EV movies yet, go HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

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  • Anonymous

    Psycho! get rid of #33… that’s a wasted day!


  • meleah rebeccah


  • meleah rebeccah

    Jen! hahahahaha

    I was hysterical when I wrote it. I’m glad you found it as funny

    Don’t you rememeber when JCH used to work with me ay bath n bodyworks! and NICOLE my manager! The “free-products” drinking liquor in the STOCK room. Bathrobes and Sugar Scrub…

    …. I am working on that post… but I have been working on it for a week and its just not shaping UP as planned. damn it.

    oh well.

    I have already accomplished the TAKE MORE PICTURES of my DAD on the LIST of things to DO for the weekend…and they are GREAT pictures

    Love you dood!

  • harry

    Everything is GREAT except for #71.

    I HOPE you dont have enough time for that one!

    I do hope you have enough time for something else involving murphys oil soap and wood floors!



  • harry

    Ummm lol @ Evelyn!

    I watched all 5 of the vids and I just want to say she is a smart old lady!

    I like her take on everything especially bumping off OJ! LOL!

    Its even funnier when an old person drops the F bomb!



  • meleah rebeccah

    Evelyn IS KEY dood… she RULZ the world. I cant wait to get her new spin on Britney and her shaved head and Anna Nicole….

    Gramma EV makes me so happy (I pee)

    the best part of the EV movies are the OTHER PEOPLE in the movie MOVING out of range so the camera doesn’t include them….as they don’t want to be associated with THAT on YOU TUBE


  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    well Meleah I feel so honored to have been mentioned in your “earning money for ironing other peoples clothing”

    Maybe you should Iron one of my shirts so I can head out to City Streets which is about a 5 minute drive from me 😛 well who knows how I will feel Saturday night after a freaking double shift HAHA!!

    Ok Momma Mia, aka Meleah let’s see your revamped look 🙂

  • meleah rebeccah

    Well its a LONG list….. Who knows what I will accomplish.

    I am obsessed with Ann Nicole Smith right now…..

    I will POST what I did and did NOT do on Sunday night

  • meleah rebeccah

    Yes I have…

  • Anonymous


    You are so freaking funny Meleah!

    I’m so honored and yet my tummy hurts so much from laughing at those 70+ things you have to do this weekend….

    Have you started in any of them yet?

  • Michael

    Very flattered to be #2 on your list! After this weekend it just might be possible!! WOO HOO!!

    I, too, will be watching the Oscars and mebbe getting a Starbucks coffee! I also need to clean my place!

    Just work on the returning phone calls if you ask me!!! lol…

  • Anonymous

    Dear M
    A couple of really good blogs! I especially liked the “ironing by the numbers” lesson. Please extend my condolences to Jen. The one time we met, we actually talked about the one love of her life. Keep up keepin’ it up, K?

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