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What A Week

[And now for a very long blog post – loaded heavily with photos and videos.]

Between the holidays (Passover and Easter) I was able to spend some ‘Quality Family Time’ with a few of the people I cherish the most. But, first…I have an amazing and absolutely wonderful Family Announcement.

I would like to congratulate my brother Lee and his wife Maya. They have welcomed their third child. A healthy, happy, bouncing baby girl named Sullivan Jane. Sully arrived into this world on, April 8, 2009 at 7:11pm, weighing in at Seven Pounds, Five Ounces and she is 19 ½ inches long.


[Can you believe how much hair baby Sullivan Jane has on her tiny little head? She is so adorable. I cannot wait to meet her on Tuesday?]

Over the past week, my mother and I spent most of our time together preparing for the holiday festivities. Preparing for the holidays can be just as fun as it is utterly exhausting. My mother and I took care of all of the shopping. And by shopping, I mean we had to go to at least five different stores over the course of two days in order to gather all of the things we needed.


When it comes to grocery shopping, I will never understand why other people can’t grasp the concept of personal space. Seriously. I have a hard enough time making physical contact with my loved ones. Therefore, I really cannot stand when a complete stranger leans over me, or gets all up in my grill. I almost ended up going fisticuffs with a man who just couldn’t wait all of fifteen seconds for me to step away from the lettuce. I don’t plan on going back to the grocery store any time in the near future, unless I am armed with pepper spray.

My mother and I also spent three days cooking the brisket, making Matzo ball soup, and cleaning / decorating the house.

Speaking of decorating the house, my mother is practically famous for all of her beautiful accessories. [Martha Stewart has nothing on my mother.] But, since my mother has so many different decorations specific to each holiday, she has to keep them in separate boxes and carefully labeled. She keeps all kinds of boxes, stored in all kinds of places.

However, the day before our Passover celebration, we could not find the specific holiday box we needed. If we didn’t find that box, we couldn’t set the table properly. [OH THE HORROR.]

My mother and I went to the storage unit, because that is where the Passover box is supposed to be. Of course once we were there, we could not find the box – ANYWHERE.

My mother and I spent two hours rummaging our garage in search of the elusive Passover Box. I climbed up and down shaky ladders moving plastic containers and heavy ski equipment, looking desperately for that box.  I knew if my mother didn’t find that particular box? Holy shit, WE WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!! Alas, the Passover box was nowhere to be found.

Then, my mother and I spent at least an hour overheating and sweating until we were completely dehydrated in the hotter-then-hell attic. Sadly, that mission was to no avail, because the Passover box wasn’t there either.

We decided to take one more trip, back to the storage unit, to look for the Passover box again. I drove in silence – secretly praying to the universe to make the Passover Box magically appear. Thankfully, my mother found the box stuffed underneath some blankets.  And a tragedy was averted.

Once we were back home, we set the table in grand fashion as if ‘The President Of The United States’ were on his way to our house. But, I have to admit…I really do love it when we use the ‘Good China.’ It just doesn’t feel like the holidays without fancy dishes. [Even if that means I will be chained to the sink (for hours) washing them after the party is over.]


My family celebrated Passover on Friday because that is when my brother Adam and his wife Traci had off from work. And because that’s when Aunt Bea and Uncle Sol would be able to drive, when it was still light outside. There is something rather unsettling about a 92 year old man driving at all, but driving in the dark? How about, No.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I normally attend my family functions wearing my pajamas. And, anyone who knows me also knows that that I consider wearing sweatpants to any given family function as getting ‘dressed-up.’ But this year, for some reason, I was inspired to actually ‘dress-up’. And by dress up, I mean I really dressed up. I even wore a skirt, complete with fishnet pantyhose and high-heeled boots.


With everything in place and everything ready to go, my son JCH and I waited in the garage for the guest to arrive.


Our guests arrived shortly thereafter and looked spectacular.

The first people to show up at our house were my cousin Seth and his wife Ava. They are such a fantastic couple. They really compliment each other. I have recently noticed that my cousin Seth and his wife Ava, both sort of look like celebrities. Tell me if you agree…

The next family members to arrive were Aunt Bea and Uncle Sol. They are also lovingly known as, ‘The Howells’ from the television show Gilligan’s Island. Aunt Bea has always been an impeccable dresser. No one has ever seen her wear the same outfit twice. At 80+ years old, she still looks absolutely fabulous. However, I was quite disappointed in this year’s ensemble. I’m not exactly sure what look she was going for, but I don’t think ‘Flight Attendant’ for St. Johns clothing line crossed her mind the same way it crossed mine.



Lastly, my brother Adam and his wife Traci along with their son MDW arrived just as we were getting ready to start the Passover service. I seriously cannot get over how adorable my nephew is. My nephew also reminded me just how innocent children really are. I was CRACKING up because MDW loves ‘Oscar The Grouch’ so much he has to check the garbage cans looking for him. I laughed even harder when my sister-in-law Traci told me her and my brother Adam can no longer take MDW for walks when it is Garbage Day in their complex. It took them three and a half hours to get around the block, because they have to look for “Osca in the Ca-Ca-Can” in Every.Single.Trash.Can.


Speaking of MDW, I think one of the funniest things that happened, was when Poppa Sye decided to Baby-Proof the coffee table. While it really was a great idea, and while we all appreciated his total concern, THIS, was just too funny.

My mother (looking super hot) and my father (looking dapper) were as usual – the best hosts ever. Aside from working their butts off in the kitchen, they did a wonderful job providing an educational and comical Passover Sedar.

Seriously, out of all the video clips I’ve taken over the last few days, THIS ONE has got to be MY FAVORITE ONE.

(You must to pay extra attention to my father’s expressions. I crack up every time my mother looks over at him, and he tries to act like he isn’t doing anything wrong. Meanwhile, my son JCH and I are laughing at my father – at the Passover table. You can see my mother trying to maintain a modicum of dignity as she begins mouthing “Stop It” to me – as if I were the one acting inappropriately.)

Obviously, we had a GREAT time.

By the end of the evening I was so tired from cooking, and cleaning, and serving, and LAUGHING, my hair decided to take on a new look.


Oh, and yeah, one last thing. This photo was captioned by my 12 year-old son.


*The Complete Set Of Passover Photos – can be found *HERE *

As for Easter, we traveled out to my Grandmother Evelyn’s house.

It was a pretty LOW KEY day. Nothing too much to report.


The Complete Set Of Easter Photos – can be found *HERE*

Oh, and OF COURSE – I made a MOVIE.

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  • I loved this entire post. What an awesome family you have.

    Aunt Bea is very stylish. Poppa Sye babyproofing the table was hilarious. And your Dad made me crack up too. Love little MDW – what a character. Congratulations on the arrival of Sullivan. She is adorable.

    So much fun. Thanks for sharing it with us. And bring back the side ponytail. I used to wear it too. LOL.

  • Meleah

    You know how crazy I am about my family! I live to blog about them and take as many photos as possible.

    I really LOVE it when some one else appreciates that too.
    So THANK YOU for being my friend and for being so awesome.

  • Nice get up you had there! And does Aunt Bea read your blog? :p
    As for the ponytail…gosh, that brought back horrible memories of me as part of a wedding entourage in the early 90s. They did my hair like that – or tried to – and my hair ended up literally looking like a PONY’S TAIL. At least yours looks great!

  • Jen

    loved it all!!!

  • Meleah

    Aunt Bea doesn’t have a computer.
    Thank you for that wonderful compliment!


    I still cant get over the Family Celebrity Look A Likes

  • I felt like I was there (and not in a bad way like I do when I am with my family…) Glad you had fun my dear!!! Waiting for the next chapter….

  • Ahhh, so nice to read this, your happy celebration blog 🙂 You have an absolutely fabulous family Meleah, and everyone, especially you, looks so gorgeous as usual.

    Your dad is very funny 🙂

  • you’re crazy and i love you for it. i had to laugh out loud at the flight attendant outfit. you’re right. lololol.

    congrats on the new niece, the rocking chair is loud, but it’s a bold loud and i like the colors.

    you wear PJ’s to family functions. i mean er um, i know you love your pj’s but meleah. you look nice dressed up.

    your dad is funny. playing behind your mom’s head.

    looks like you had a blast.

  • The baby is soooooooooooooo cute and love the name Sullivan Jane! Yes your cousin Seth does look like the SVU actor! The table looked absolutely beautiful. Glad you had an awesome holiday. Oh and LOVE your son’s caption. You gotta love fart humor from little boys!

  • i happen to like airline-looking clothes, so leave aunt bea alone! 😉

    i would love to have some of your website skillz. the post with its pics and blurbs look very impressive!

  • Meleah

    I guess I am lucky to have such a FUN family!
    I am halfway through Chapter Seven!

    Aw. THANK YOU!!
    You are so sweet.

    My dad is comic relief
    Yes I normally wear PJs all the time, it’s rare that I get dressed up. I love that rocking chair too, I think the colors and the loudness suit me best. Oh and yes, I am crazy! But I am glad you LIKE that about me.

    My son is clearly all boy and in the early stages of the teen-years!
    I cannot get over baby MDW and the brand new baby Sully!

    Im not being mean to Aunt Bea! But she really looks like a Pilot.
    As far as my SKILLZ, figuring this stuff out has taken me YEARS!
    Practice Makes Perfect!

  • Interesting and lovely post 🙂

  • I love it all – What a wonderful family and that yummy little new addition!!!

  • cmk

    I NEVER can see the resemblance that people have to someone else–unless they are identical twins, that is. 😉 Great post!

  • Great post, it looks like a great time! That video of your dad is hysterical. Did you show it to your mom afterwards? Also, I love the way you painted the rocking chair.

  • Meleah


    The brand new baby is so tiny and adorable.
    I cant wait to *meet* her in real life soon!


    Im glad you enjoyed it.

    Employee No 3699:

    My dad cracks me up. All The Time.
    THANK YOU for LIKING my rocking chair!

  • Great post! Lovely photos and video :O) Family time is so important!

  • THIS is why I want your family to adopt me.

  • Meleah

    I live for family functions. There is always MATERIAL at the table!


    And would will GLADLY adopt you.

  • This post was ALMOST like being there … which would have been cool with the FOOD !!!!!!!!
    You have such an animated and fun family Meleah. This was a blast to read 🙂

  • Congratulations Lee and Maya 😀

    And I loved the way you did the pictures 😀

  • That was the greatest post EVER ! You are beautiful. Seemed like a great time was had by all. And yes, your mother is adorable 🙂

  • Meleah

    yep. My family is a pretty cool bunch.

    Thank you!

    The Girl:
    Hey you! I was just asking around FB for you last night!
    My mom rocks. At least most of the time.

  • Olly

    As the family grows!!
    Nice butt fly!:)
    Love Ya

  • YOU.ARE.SUPER.HILARIOUS! And lookin quite sexay in those fishnets! LOL
    I loved the captions, I had tears in my eyes! Maleah, you are truly one funny and creative gal! (((hugs)))

  • Meleah

    We sure are!
    I heart that necklace too.

    THANK YOU for sharing MY sense of humor. Finally! Someone who appreciated these captions! YAY. Im glad I made you laugh! xoxoxo

  • OMG – can you adopt me? If you do will I have to do jazz hands too? LOL And yeah … Chris Meloni … hubba hubba.

    Love your captions … that last one … arrrhhhhggg….LOL!

  • I’m just going to say how big my smile is from this post of yours. I love coming here!!!

  • Meleah: I found you on FB last night and requested you be my friend. Too much at stake for “The Asshole” to see. Had to delete my page.

  • This was great, Meleah. I so love Poppa Sye. Although we were Episcopalian, I spent every Passover – grade school through junior high – with my friend Robin and her family. I’ll always be so grateful for those experiences.

    Your dad is so dang handsome!! …and, oh, how I miss my ciggies.

    Ah, well, I’m glad you had such a wonderful family holiday. xoxo

  • Meleah

    Sure! Im adopting Momo, so Id love to adopt YOU too!
    (And I know, but, my 12 year old is responsible for the last one!)

    OSB Heather:
    Aw. Thank You.

    The Girl:
    Okay. Thanks Sweetness.
    I will add you now.

    Poppa Sye is The Cutest. And thanks, Ill be sure to tell my dad you complimented him! (he loves compliments)
    I hope your holiday was just as fun?
    I love you so much. I hope and pray all good things are happening for you.

  • Lots of family fun. These are the great moments that you will always cherish and fondly remember. Your family seems to enjoy each other’s company and your nephew is cute. Congrats to your bro for his new baby girl.

  • I love you, too, Sweetie. …and you can call me Steph. 😉 xoxo

  • Looks like you had a great holiday! Its great you carry on tradition!
    I love the comparison shots – They DO look alike – So the little guy loves Oscar. LOL Doesn’t everyone!?!?

    PPFFFFFFTTT – LOL That’s what I would do if I knew how to add those things! LOL

    BTW – you look VERy beautiful in those shots. Ms 1980!

  • Meleah

    And THAT is exactly WHY I preserve as many family memories and stories as possible right here on my blog!
    Thank you!


    My family is HUGE on Tradition.
    my nephew would LOVE you!
    (and thank you for the compliments!)

  • Jen


    This whole thing was so entertaining to read. I wish my family holidays where this fun filled with characters! Too funny. Love the photos and the videos.

    You’re mom and my mom would so get a long. lol.

    I had passover dinner with Lee’s family on Thursday after I did their family portraits. I had the brisket and I loved it. Yummy.

  • Meleah

    YAY! I am so glad you enjoy reading my silly posts. That means a lot to me. You had Passover w/ Lee? That is awesome.
    Brisket Rules!

  • I’m so glad you felt good enough to really dress up this year – that has to be a good sign! Plus you looked fabulous and it must be nice being related to all those people who look like celebrities! LOL. You have a great looking family and it looked like a wonderful time. Congrats on your new niece! The rocking chair is awesome – you painted that yourself? You are too talented. Hell, I always feel like such a talentless schmuck when I see what all my blog buddies can do. Oh well. Someday I’ll find my purpose. LOL. And I totally hear you about the personal space at the grocery store – I can’t tell you how many times people have so rudely reached directly in front of my face for something because they couldn’t wait two seconds for me to finish looking at whatever I was looking at. The worst thing is that they can’t be bothered to say “excuse me,” for which I would gladly move immediately. Jerks! I am tempted to write an entire post on the subject almost every time I have to go to the grocery store. Grrr!

  • Meleah

    Hey sweety.
    I am glad you enjoyed this post.
    I am VERY lucky to have the family I have.

    Also, I think it is a good sign that I actually DRESSED up for the day. I haven’t done that since… ???

    Yeah, I painted that chair. I used to paint A LOT, but now? Not so much.
    Thank you for liking my chair! (and for your excellent compliments)

    I cannot DEAL with the personal space violations in stores. It literally sends me into a panic attack and I have to LEAVE the store ASAP. UGH.

  • I’m stressing out just thinking of going through the garage to get holiday stuff. Not my favorite past time. But that table is gorgeous. LOVE those rectangle shaped colorful plates? They’re plates, right? And where are my manners. CONGRATS to your brother’s family on their new baby girl. What a beautiful name. Now, back to the kitchen content…I believe the three days. Sounds like it paid off though. What a lovely holiday and clearly, you had fun writing it up! ; )

  • Meleah

    My mother will love that you liked the table!
    Yes, they are plates!

    I will also send my brother your congrats!

    And….it was worth the Three Days in the kitchen plus it provided much blog fodder!

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