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We’re Sorry Your Call Cannot Be Completed At This Time, Please Check The Number And Dial Agian

The storm that hit my area last night sure did a number on all of my phone lines. [heh. that was a really bad pun] Anyway… here is the way things currently stand. On my home phone I can’t make any OUTGOING phone calls. (I just get a rapid busy signal). But, I can receive INCOMING phone calls. However, on my office phone, can only make OUTGOING phone calls; we can not receive any INCOMING calls.

If I needed to call someone, I could drive to my office to make an OUTGOING call. But, then I would have to drive all the way back home for the return INCOMING call. Yeah, 45 minutes each way on the NJTPK, I don’t think so.

My cell phone is finally getting it’s money worth.

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  • I always flirt with the idea of just getting rid of my regular phone but I always feel that I should keep it around incase the cell phone service goes down or something. It’s a dumb logic but hey, it’s how I feel.

  • Meleah

    I will never cut off my land line… I feel safer with it too. (as a MOM I always need access to 911) and I never remember to charge my cell!

    besides, I REALLY want an iPhone so bad, maybe I can use this drama as an excuse to spend $500.00 on a PHONE

  • jen

    I am still laughing at this.


    its 11:22pm – almost 2 days since we had this conversation about this post and yes….still aughing.

  • We are having the wildest storm here as I write!!
    If I suddenly drop out you’ll know somethi


    tsssss. hahhahh. I like her.

  • Meleah

    JEN: Minx is the best. I have a girly crush on her.

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