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I got nothing… to write about

Well, lets see, I got….. nothing……… to write about.

Other than THE GODFATHER of SOUL has left us forever, and now I have no reason to live!

Rock on with your badself Mr. James Brown.

I do feel better than I did on Wednesday, thanks to the emails, IM’s, and comments. I didn’t have to go to any pharmacy today; my car is working fine (no flat tires!!). I found some crazy way to get home that does NOT involve the NJTPK for the whole trip, which has cut down on some of the traffic. I can’t write about work, and I survived the holiday hell….

So, um nothing to complain about and no drama in the past 24 hours, leaves me, well, with nothing to write about. So let me bore you with this.

Tonight, I will clean my house, wax my lip, and dye my grey hair back to the auburn color I was born with.

My other plans, for the looooooooooooooong weekend, that don’t involve rubber gloves, bleach or altering my appearance:

1. Writing (work on) my book (I am still stuck on chapter ten)!
2. I plan on finishing the picture of a tattoo I am drawing for my Cascadian baby sister
3. I may even start the picture I am supposed to draw for my other fellow Cascadian (she did make a request after all!)
4. I will also sift through the all the hours and hours of my fathers 58th birthday party and Christmas video footage I shot of EVELYN and pick n choose what will be YOU-TUBED next. (Yes MONICA you will be the 1st person I notify)
5. More than likely I will blog about nothing as usual
6. I have some reading to do
7. And I have to finish the mountain of laundry

Oh the excitement!

Since I have my son, JCH, this weekend, there will be lots n lots of board games and video games played, and possibly even venture out of the house? To Jennifer’s? For XBOX on a movie sized screen TV and PSP action? All depends on if I can pry my son’s hands off the Christmas gifts that are at my house which he hasn’t had a chance to see / use / or play with since he’s been gone all week! I’m leaving it up to JCH weather or not we leave the house at all over the weekend. He may just want to stay home in his own house since he’s been gone for so long, but I maybe I can entice him into going to Jen’s for New Years Eve at least? We’ll see. We’ll see.

Yeah, like I said, I have…………..nothing…………..to write about….

Oh, Except for this… I LOVE COPS. (well one in particular) Not the ticket writing, power hungry handcuff you kind (well…maybe the handcuffs). Shady cops are hot, but this one, (not shady, just reeeeeeeealy cute and funny) has been my on-off-go-to-guy for years. I have known him since I was 24 years old. We dated a lifetime ago, when that was over, we managed to stay good friends (like in a Jerry and Elaine kind of way) and he has helped me out of a jam or two in my day. I like the security I feel having him in my “back pocket” as emergency or “back up.”

Wouldn’t you know it, just when a girl was feeling like an old hag, ugly duckling…who arrives in blazing glory in my parking lot? Yes, obviously hot Joe-Cop… full of compliments for me. Yes! He came up for a visit with his partner and I forgot just how funny they both are. Joe-Cop accused me of being hot, remarked on the spectacular rack, and said I looked 25! That’s right! 25! and I didn’t even tell him some loser on myspace said I looked 45! Oh no… completely unprovoked he just started complimenting me. VALIDATION! Yeay! (although I was this skinny when I was 25 because I was a crack head…so maybe looking 25 wasn’t such a compliment?)

I don’t know what it is about Joe, but every single time he gets within 5 feet of me, I start sweating, badly. (worse than the sweaty me in the flickr pics on Christmas at my moms in 80 degree whether with the fireplace on) I get so nervous and tongue tied even though we are just friends. Sometimes just a simple phone call from him acts like a catalyst for instant perspiration. What is that about? Do I still have a crush on him? After all these years? Can’t be! Or, is knowing that it is a GUN in his pocket (big.fat.turn.on) or that at any minuet he can save or take a life. That’s fucking hot. I don’t care what anyone says. The uniform, the ability to run red lights… I could go on and on about it, but I’ll shut up now because I am sweating.

Well, that’s enough drivel for one day! I have laundry to do people.

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  • Anonymous

    I know you don;t believe me when I tell you this but you are an attractive, smart, and still hot looking babe with or without the rack.. So I don;t know why you are down but I wanted to give you my 2 cents that even when we hang out together I feel special being around you..we laugh and just talk about anything… So smile because that is just one of your many quailities that I love to see and stop beating yourself up. BOB

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