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Well…Well…Well… I have gotten through a round of …


I have gotten through a round of re-writing chapters 7, 8 and 9. I sent them off to friend/ editor today. Sometime late last night, I chose to work on the book. I have insomnia anyway… and how much sleep do you really need? I discovered a person (myself) can go quite a long ass time without solid foods, I guess now I’ll find out how far my body can go without sleeping. Besides, I was sitting up coughing and blowing my nose all night, still sick (but no more fever) and that when it dawned on me…. when I really want something as bad I as I want and need to write this book, I can’t let a little thing like sleep get in the way! Chapter 9 was the HARDEST to write…thus far. Writing chpt 9 beat the hell out of me emotionally. Seriously. Beat me up. When I write about things from my past, in order to convey the emotions and describe the surroundings, I have to GO BACK TO THAT PLACE in my head, so it’s almost like experiencing it all over again. Maybe why I am slightly “funky” at this moment. While I am proud of myself for having written it at all, it takes a lot out of me to go to that place, remember each and every detail, and spill it onto the pages. While I want to talk to someone, or have someone call to make me laugh after writing something so painful and so dark, at the same time I couldn’t hold up my end of a conversation right now anyway. I just hope when its all done it will be as powerful to read as it was to write.

Tonight, in effort to clear my head, relax, and to reward myself for getting through three chapters (21 pages / 5,918 words) my phones will be off, hot tea will be brewed and a new episode of HOUSE will be watched without blinking!

PS… Evelyn is a BIG HIT on YOU TUBE. I will be posting more “Everyone needs a little Evelyn” on this blog by Friday! (see below -SUNDAYS POST- for the current videos…part one and two)

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  • meleah rebeccah

    well by the time I am done im gunna have over a THOUSAND pages…

    chpt nine is complete, as in re written edited, grammar ect completed

    there soo much to do…. I have up to chpt 16 is in rough draft form, so chpts10-16 have to be rewritten edited, spell checked, grammar, ect…

    and THEN I have REAL WORK…. I have only written about my 1st 2 years… I have 8 years to write about that I haven’t even STARTED… gunna take foreva!

    anyway… I am glad you liked the EV movies…she kills me! she’s so funny to me!!
    and I will always keep up the blog… I love it!

  • meleah rebeccah

    hmm… that’s a thought…. I do have SEVERAL “books” in me (not just the BAR) that’s just the FIRST book….

    and YES, I am VERY proud of my SON. He is a GREAT kid. I am blessed in many many ways with him.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the video blogs….thanx for sharing.

    I’m glad to see you are still keeping up w/ your personal blog……you have a unique way of sharing who you are with others.

    I see u just finished chapt 9 of your book……how much further do you have to go before you are finished??? I read somewhere that if a book exceeds 200 or maybe 250 pages then you can charge more $$ when it hits print….. Not sure how valid this info is, but I do recall reading it somewhere….


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