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We Interrupt This Blog

I am interrupting my regular blog posting to bring to you: not one, but TWO, very excellent contests!

1. Enter The ‘BURN NOTICE’ Contest For Your Chance To WIN An All-New Hyundai Genesis Coupe’!




2. Enter The ‘WHITE COLLAR’ Contest For Your Chance To WIN An All-New ‘Ford Taurus’!

So, if you’re a FAN of those television shows, and/or, if you’re in the market for a new and free car, click the links above!

[Or, head on over to my other blogMelevision‘ today!]


And Good Luck Ya’ll!

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  • And don't forget to enter the HGTV Dreamhome Contest. http://www.hgtv.com It's my personal addiction !

  • Sadly, we curenntly do not have HGTV or the FOOD NETWORK because Scrippts is demanding an insane amount of ransom from Cablevision

  • Yes, but you can enter and watch on the computer !

  • Great Idea

  • Send ALL new cars to…
    Awake In Rochester
    123 Make Me Rich St.
    Rochester, NY

  • AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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