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Wait! Isn’t that…?

What can I say about my father? I could write a book about the man and how he helped save my life, gave me a career, or why he is the reason I even have a family. But instead, I want to share with you another side to my father.

My father happens to look like a very famous, icon-level, singer. Sometimes his more-than-slight psychical attribute can cause quite a roar. Let me tell you the story about a little incident (which occurred as a direct result of the considerable resemblance). This incident took place while on vacation with the guys, all the way in Vail Colorado.

After making a zillion ski runs down the luxurious bump filled slopes of Vail, my father and the guys enjoyed their dinners at the same restaurant every evening. Needless to say, after a few nights, the group had become rather friendly with the owner and the staff members.

One evening, the owner of the restaurant decided to have a little fun. He wanted to play a prank that included my unknowing father and the other unsuspecting patrons in the building.

There just happened to be a three-piece live band playing that night. The owner of the restaurant asked the lead singer of the band to lend a hand in executing this prank. The lead singer, took one look at my dad, and agreed…all to eagerly.

Smack in the middle of dinner service, the lead singer of the band, having just finished a Billy Joel set, turned on a bright spotlight.


First, the spotlight was aimed onto my fathers’ table. But then, the spotlight narrowed in and pointed directly onto my fathers face.

Immediately the chatter amongst the tables ceased. People in the bar put their drinks down. Silence fell heavy in the room. Everyone curiously distracted by the giant ray of light gleaming onto what appeared to be a somewhat familiar face.

With microphone in hand, the singer announced the following, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to tell you, we have a celebrity in the house! Look right here!” (spotlight square on my dad’s mug) “Everyone please give a warm welcome to Tony Bennett. Right there! It’s Tony Bennett. Tony! Don’t be shy! Stand up! C’mon, take a bow!!”

What was my father to do?

I’ll tell you what he did.

He stood up.

My father stood right up.

The entire room started applauding. Thunderous clapping rang in the air. My father stood there, and then, he jumped right into character.

He started to wave, in slow motion, while he turned a full 360 for all to see, before gracefully taking a bow.

After my father was seated again, a couple of drunken blitzed girls ran over to his table. “OMG! Like? Are you really Tony Bennett? OMG! OMG! OMG! You like ARE…You ARE like totally Tony Bennett!…Um. Can we like have your autograph?”

[insert pregnant pause]

“Yes, yes you can.” Said my father. He picked up a pen andautographed the napkins.


That’s my Daddy.



When he’s in Colorado, he’s not Ron Colonna. He is Tony Bennett.

In my fathers defense…

Can you tell who is who?



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