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Valentine’s Day Cards You Don’t Want To Get



Happy Valentines Day.

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  • LOVE those cards. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Happy Valentines (and the first one might actually be comforting to someone complaining about being single! 😉 )

  • LOL! Valentines Day cards for the sexually deviant and the criminally insane. Why not? They are people too!

  • Meleah


    Happy Valentines Day to you too! These cards cracked me up!


    Thats why I put that one up. At least there is no chance of THAT happening!

    From one single girl to another on this most annoying ‘day of love’ Happy Valentines Day….I hope you have more fun than Ill be having.


    ha ha ha… They are people too.

  • Lee

    Getting those cards would make a good argument for adopting the monastic celibate life!!

  • Ha! Those are great!! Hope the Vacation is going well! Happy Velentine’s day 🙂 It’s just a stupid Hallmark Holiday anyway……

  • Meleah


    He he he he…those cards make me feel better that I am single and alone on this kinda day.

    Chef Mom:

    yeah..but it still kinda sucks being alone today. Maybe I shouldn’t be listening to At Last by Etta James…or any love songs today!

  • Happy Valentines Day!!!

  • Oh cool. So you did get my cards after all. Awesome. Happy VD Day!

  • Stay away from the love songs!!!! My Husband is the Anti-Valentine type. I’ll get nothing and like it. I’ll be your Vaentine 🙂

  • ….just wanted to say I LOVE YA’!!!

  • LMAO… “Valentines Day cards for the sexually deviant and the criminally insane. Why not? They are people too!”

    The cards are hilarious 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day Meleah!

  • Meleah


    Thank you



    Chef Mom:

    No more music for me today…Just movies and blogs!


    I love you back


    I know Terri’s comment is pretty damn funny. Thanks for my CARD! You are too sweet.

  • Ok now I’m going to be nervous opening the mail today….:))))

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to you Meleah.

  • These are great!! That would be a fun biz to be in.

    Happy V-Day, twin!!

  • LOL…

    Happy Heart Day!!!

  • Happy Valentines day.

    Yeah that bottom one is even worse than the top.

  • Sadly there are some people in which these cards would fit perfectly with.

    Happy Valentines day!!!!

  • I have a few people I’d like to send that last card to!

    Wishing you a happy heart today!

  • Wishing you a warm and wonderful Valentine’s Day ~ Big hugs and kisses from me!!!

    ~ Graham 😀

  • Meleah


    he he he he


    same to you!

    Michael C:

    I wish those were real cards




    I think the first one is the funniest….and scariest


    ha ha ha xxoo


    As long as its not the first card !! 🙂


    Right back at you

  • haha… dont want to get those cards.. n_n

  • I don’t even get a card!

    All women want flowers, roses, dinner, diamonds, but really, they should consider lucky to get a card. Sigh.

  • Fine. Put this post up AFTER I’ve already bought her the card.

    Nice timing.

    You’re paying my hospital bill.

  • OH I see, You’re on Vacation and can’t post….You better have spent the day in your PJ’s or shopping….there’s no other excuse. Well maybe there is; drinking foofy drinks at the Country Club all day is acceptable too. :))

  • Should have read the blog not after the 14th… oh well 🙂

  • lol…definitely don’t want those in the mail! Or hand delivered!

    (did ya see the cards I made of speedy & robert?)

  • Thanks for making me laugh!!!

  • Meleah


    Cards are the best


    hahhahaha…these have you written all over them

    Chef mom:

    he he…thats just what I did


    What? No I didnt see the cards you made…damn it. I was ‘vacationing’….I bet I missed a lot.


    Your welcome!

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