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Unanswered Prayers

I’ve been praying all morning that last nights thunderstorms had somehow magically knocked out all of the power in our office building and that I would get to have another day off from work to continue doing what I really love.

Yet another ‘prayer’ gone unanswered.

Now I am sitting here praying for a gas leak or some sort of carbon monoxide issue to get me the hell out of here!

How bad is it when one begins to pray for natural disasters inside of my own office building?

Anyone else wishing for tragedy to strike your place of employment?

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  • i really think it might be time for a change.. it is really sad when you hate work that much… i wish i could think of a solution,, something a little less devastating than a natural disaster,, tho… i am home with a lower back that wont let me sit or stand … and i am not wishing that on you but i could see if my doctor will write you a “stay home from work” excuse too…..

  • hey i got the power outage prayer answered. it happens to happen a lot at my job though.

    it’s not bad at all, if you want, you can call me at work and set up a conference call and we can do the darn thing with a lot more helpers. bloggers that pray together, stay home together.

    don’t you just want to be home writing? so do i, so do i. gotta change jobs.

  • This made me laugh. I often do the same thing. I’m like you, I just want to write for a living. At the moment my getting-out-of-work fantasy involves my boss (who is very wealthy) deciding to act as my generous benefactor and giving me some of her fortune. Sadly, it hasn’t happened yet, but I keep on hoping. LOL.

  • Lee

    If by “unanswered” you mean your prayer didn’t result in what you wanted, you’re right, it was unanswered. But for the sake accuracy, however, you got your answer…it was “No”! Sorry, Meleah, but if I have to work so does everyone else. It’s all in the interest of fair play. Make the most of it. Go to your bosses office and put a tack on his/her chair when they’re not in it. I hate Mondays too, but we have to make the most of it.

  • With me INSIDE the building?

    F*CK NO.

    With me outside of the building, I wish for the earth to open up and swallow it. Leaving only scattered pieces of paper that – when pieced together – create a document stating that, in the event of the company being swallowed whole, that I inherit all assets.

    Talk to you later. I’m going to wait out in the parking lot.

  • Meleah

    It really has gotten THAT bad. I am really becoming quite depressed in this job position. But I am TRYING to have a sence of humor about it.


    Keep hoping woman. Ya never know what might happen.

    I dont understand how you are not already a highly paid writer. YOU have an amazing talent for stringing together words. I am constantly in awe of your work.

    Oh but I did have OTHER answered prayers yesterday. I will be posting that story tomorrow!

    Love the tack on the chair idea!

    I would take the power outage while in the buidling. The gas explosion? I’d rather be outside too.

  • I live for those things as well Meleah! Like today I’m hoping the computer network crashes & the phone lines go dead. Too bad it won’t happen! LOL!

    I’m so tired today I could take a nap under my desk like George Castanza!

    I could sing Monday, Monday on your blog again if you want….LOL

  • Meleah

    Tell me about it.

    Wishing I Was Home… Right Now.

    Because I was up way too late every single night this weekend.

    With all the laughter and photo shoot that I did on Friday with you we didn’t get to bed until 4am.

    Then I had a fun filled family day on Saturday with my brother, his wife and my nephew. I didn’t go to bed until well after 3am.

    And the Interview had me so pumped with adrenaline, I didt go to bed last night until 2am.

    I need today to catch up on some sleep.

    And I still have so much to do: I have to write 2 big blog posts:

    1. Family: I have to /want to upload those photos and write a quick blog post about my family visit

    2. The Interview with DJ Bob

    -Plus I need to work on the Book (Off The Pole)

    -Plus I want to continue working on the movie (”So Happy Together, An Unhealthy Obsession With My Apple Computer”)

    This JOB is IN MY WAY of all these OTHER THINGS.. Things that I WANT TO DO.

  • Excellent idea! I will pray for a bomb threat (not a real one). I guess I could even call one in myself…

  • shoot, I probably will get in trouble with the FBI for saying that! I didn’t mean it. Seriously, maybe you should delete my comment above.

  • Oh no. I loves my job, but it’s only because my boss is the Master of our Evil Empire and she lets me galleeeevant around like my inner travel whore thinks I should.

    Plus being here keeps me away from the man and his kid.

  • Um yeah…no sleep friday (both of us)…

    And then who were the 2 crazy girls up until 3 or 4 am emailing each other back and forth… hmmm… I think I know those 2 weirdos very well…

    You and I – need some serious sleep!

  • I work for electrical contractors, there is no way we would be without power in our office. I’m just trying to be creative an come up with an excuse to leave early, like “I’m sick…sick of work.”

  • Meleah

    Im sure you are safe from The FBI

    I know all night Saturday we were online togther.
    Twitter/Email/Blogging/Photo editing…
    It was too much fun to go to bed!

    I want your boss.

    Employee No. 3699:
    Now thats a REAL EXCUSE and its not even a LIE or a Tradgedy!

  • Well, I don’t have to wish it. We have hurricane on track to hit us tomorrow. Up where I am it will be mostly rain, and since I am working from home these days anyway, the only way I can get out of work is if there are power outages.

  • I know … I know.
    I dread my job, and am very good at it. Seems that I even have a new illness called Sunday Night Paranoia canta sleepa.

    Thank goodness each day ends sometime. I find that I am always SO excited to get home. ….for no real particular reason other than to be away from that dreaded dungeon called my job. Bleeacchthhhhphth!!

  • ps …. hope you are done too!! 😉

  • I got the day off today…then I got the $1,500 car repair estimate. OUCH!

  • Oh yeah, I know that feeling. I actually pray to try to start up my car in the morning and it not start up-so I can call in and say I’m having car issues and won’t be in. Or-wake up with a bad cold and call out sick…or…well, I’ll come up with new excuses.

  • Meleah

    I wish I worked from home!!

    I cant take much more of this. Its been 6 years already. I think I might be ‘done’ here!

    Oh no! Ouch is right.

    I once bought a medical journal to look up weird aliments to use as excuses!

  • LOL … I’m on a long weekend and I’m still hoping tragedy will strike. 😉

  • good lord no! this week work is a break from the train wreck that is my home life!

    oh bob. i just said that out loud. crap.

  • meleah, you already know what I’m going to say. But I remember not wishing for, but thinking about things like, “What if I broke my leg, or got sick…” And guess what? You already know that, too. It’s awful to feel that way every single day. There has to be something else for you out there.

  • Meleah

    Drowsey Monkey:
    Ill pray for your own little miracle to keep you home from work longer!!

    I wont tell anyone you said that out loud!!

    Something HAS to GIVE. I am trying to wait until “Betty” comes back to the office whicjh may not even happen. And then Id be STUCK in the CSR dept FOREVER. After I return from my Family Vacation over Thanksgiving Break, I am going to persue The Apple Store idea. For Real.


    *Did you see the photo below this post?

  • im tired too but im scheming a way to get us 3 all out tonite again! HA, well I guess i should just go to bed.

  • Yeah, just enough to get me out of the office and no one hurt. thought crosses my mind everyday.

  • i’m tired too but im scheming a way to get us 3 all out tonite again! HA, well I guess i should just go to bed.’

    Awwww Fanny… I didn’t know you wanted us to chill. I hope you just went to bed and relaxed! Meleaha needs some rest too…we all do!

  • Me! Me! I’m hoping the internet connection will stop working so I can actually get away from my blog and do some real work … LOL!

  • Meleah

    You Are Nuts!

    Exactly. I dont want anyone to be injured, I just want OUT of here.

    Jen R:
    Yeah, I think the 3 of us coulds stand to sleep for an entire week!!

    I NEVER wish for failed internet connections. Id die without it!!

  • I just don’t go in. I’m lucky that I can work from home if my schedule allows. never quite wished natural disasters. Maybe we need to get you another job.

    Just smile and remember you could be schlepping big macs. You’ll get that book done! And when it becomes a best seller, you ca take us all on a vacation. (LOL)

  • Sneak out and cut the lines to the computers…no computers= no work, right?!

  • Meleah

    I need one of those work from home deals. Or a rich husband. Or the lottery.

    Chef Mom:
    Good Call!

  • Well, not so much a tragedy / disaster as a convenient disruption of workflow. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside, and I want to go back to what I was doing all day Sunday & yesterday (thanks to a sick day): SWIMMING & TANNING! This work thing is for the birds…

    But, I can at least be thankful that when the workday ends, there will still be sunlight available for outside fun. 🙂

  • Jay

    Nobody should have to work somewhere they loathe so much they’d rather be poisoned by CO! Can you find another job that’s better for you?

  • Meleah

    The Rev:
    Its like about to thunder and storm CRAZINESS over here.
    But still…I’d rather be abywhere else than here.

    I know.
    But, for now, I have to stick it out until November,
    and then I will review other options.

  • lol I thought I was the only one who prayed for that.

  • Every second of every minute of every hour of every day… *sigh*

  • Meleah

    Now you know you are NOT alone!


  • Just checking in at the end of the day – hope things turned out well for you!

  • Meleah

    Aw. Thanks REV.

    At least I had a REALLY “great date” over the weekend.
    (see photo in the below)

    And Ive been busting my ass making a movie about it! Now that MAKES ME HAPPY.

  • LOL.
    I’ll personally deliver your request to the man upstairs.

    No disaster here too. But hey I’m cool with it. I’m surrounded by so many freaking volcanoes, I don’t want to get my head blown up, thank you very much.

    Go go go, go make your movie before another tsunami strikes, or hurricane, or whatever! lol

  • Meleah

    Please Deliver my request ASAP!

  • Reminds me of a Garth Brooks song…

    So…maybe there’s a reason behind it. I’m just saying…hang in there. Maybe some good will come.

  • Meleah

    Yeah…like a New Job

  • Mmmm… now that probably would *explain* the downpour experienced in Southern Arizona… that and the lightning and the eventual power outage 😀

    Now, about my workplace. It’d have to be a pretty big tragedy. Even with what nature has thrown in (unanswered prayers notwithstanding), we have backups of a backup of a backup of a backup and a gerbil in a spinning wheel just in case everything else fails. And the little rodent is guarded 24×7 by gun toting nunchucks and katana trained security guards…

  • Meleah

    My Bad!

  • We used to beg and bribe friends to call in bomb scares at work…but knowing our boss, she’d just have made us work until they found them and were about ready to go off. Biznatch.

    Wish away…sometimes our dreams/prayers are all we have!

  • Meleah

    Ive thought about that!

    My wishes, hopes and dreams are what keep me alive!

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