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On a totally different topic; I went to work today, I took care of a lot of things on my desk, when I should have stayed home and taken care of myself. I am exhausted. Too exhausted to craft up a funny, witty, photo filled array of goodness for ya’ll, besides, I’d like to read OTHER PEOPLE tonight and catch up on their blogs!

Plus, it’s day ONE of the chicken broth only diet which would make for a post that says… I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I’m hungry, fuck its cold, and I’m hungry, over and over and over again. Or, complaining about how my non-existent ass is shrinking even more

Speaking of ASS….I wonder if I can convince my office to install a bidet in the powder room? Or? Ask them if I can have the same “office set-up” that I have in my own bathroom featured in the other post below?

Running to the bathroom in-between quoting accounts is very stressful. Wondering, hoping and praying that I make it on time to the bathroom is WORK I tell you. So is the embarrassing aroma I leave behind for the next individual. I am bringing my own Fabreze in tomorrow

Seriously, I need to figure out a way? to explain? to my boss and the office manager the benefits of me working from HOME! the benefits for everyone!

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  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    Well Meleah, what I would do is to tell him straight forward and be very blunt about it, tell him since you have to spend countless hours in the bathroom might as well spend it by working,. Make sure you leave a trail of your bodily “essence” behind so he can think you mean business!
    Other than that, I don’t know what else to tell you. Oh wait!!! kick your bosses ass or nail him or her to the wall until he or she realizes how important it is for you to be home near the toilet “just in case”.

  • meleah rebeccah

    just in case …. thats the story of my life

    the WORST part of the whole problem, is the DRIVE into work and suddenly HAVING TO GO…lookin for REST STOPS on the NJTPK…. that is TERRIBLE to go through

    then I get soo worried becasue I end up being LATE and the whole thing is a nightmare

    oh well…. I will figure something out…soon I hope

  • Anonymous

    hey babe…well sorry that your ass is shrinking but still looks good. one thing you can tell your boss is if you work from home you would probably put in 10 hours a day since you save the 45 min commute each way and would most likely work from 7-5 straight. So think of how much work you can get out of me. Hang in there sweetie… xoxoxo bfnc

  • meleah rebeccah


    that’s very true

    wasted time traveling

    wasted money on gas to get there when I have full capabilities AT HOME

    2 computers, scanners, printers, ect.

    hmm.. I have to work a REAL proposal for the boss to consider in light of all my medical conditions ect….

    my girlfriend leslie might have a way for me to present and prove how I work at home

    just TWO days a week?

  • Anonymous

    Yo, M!
    I hope you’re feeling better but, based on the most recent blog, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Check online about telecommuting (Google). My son works 3 days a week from home (he works in NYC) and, obviously, loves it. A case can be made for people being more productive without a stressful commute. Anyway, I hope your situation eases – you need more fun and laughter in your life; come to think of it, so do I.

  • meleah rebeccah

    I am feeling better MUCH better just annoyed when I have to eat BROTH for 7 days in a row…. Blah!

    Oh well, it will pass, I will feel better soon.

    I’m considering / thinking about a FEW OPTIONS but I know I will never leave my JOB.

    I have been there FOREVER, given MANY MANY chances, I love the people I work with, I even like what I do most days, but if it’s going to make me sick all the time by adding to the stress that triggers these ATTACK, I have to find resolution somewhere / somehow

    Ill be fine… There will be something funny / smug, dripping with M by tomorrow Im sure!

    Thanks for checking in! (and the good ideas)

  • Anonymous

    half my staff works from home 2 days a week. They are on the computer longer, never take lunch or eat lunch while working, etc. So if you need some more ideas let me know…

    Uncle Bob

  • meleah rebeccah

    sweet… im sending you an email right now

  • Meg

    Hey there Meleah… You poor thing, doesn’t sound like you’re doing too hot. Miss ya! Feel better!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly You would be more productive at least 2 days a week if you worked from home. You do not have to plot or scheme Just HONESTLY STATE YOUR CASE IN A REASONABLE AND PROFFESSIONAL MANNER AND DON”T FORGET TO PRAY EACH AND EVERY DAY

  • Cindy

    It should be easy to convince them to install bidets in your office. It’s cheap. I even got one and I didn’t even have to call the plumber for installing it. I got mine here : http://products.mercola.com/toilet-bidet/ and it comes with the easy instructions on how to install it. 🙂 I really didn’t plan on buying this, but when I saw the numbers how many gallons of water, how many trees are cut down, and how many watts are wasted on making toilet paper, I was convinced that bidets should be standardized.

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