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I want to say thank you to all the people who left me such wonderful comments and sent me emails after yesterdays post. While I am still alone, I am not lonely anymore.

You see, about 5 years ago I decided to drastically change my life, and as a result, I gave up all of my friends from that old life. (a really very long story (way to long for a blog post) most of which my ‘book’ is based upon) I have maybe 3 friends to speak of today. But after yesterday, I really do feel like I have an internet community of girlfriends. That is something I have really missed having in my life. So, thanks ladies. (and Greg). (and Dazd). (and FV). (and Bob).

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  • You have a world of friends out here in the blogosphere, darling.

    If there wasn’t an ocean between us I’d take you out for lunch and a glass of good shiraz, or two…

    Lucky you’re just a click away.


  • Meleah

    🙂 Thanks! You are one fine MINX. (and make that THREE glasses!)

  • Oh, that sounded a little like I was feeling lucky there was an ocean between us and I couldn’t take you out to lunch. Did it? Oh dear…
    I meant to say “lucky there is only a click to reach you”, or something like that…

    Make that a bottle!!

    Here’s to new friends!!
    Cheers! xx

  • Meleah


    it sounded like you are just as happy as I am that even when, or if, the loneliness creeps in… the FRIENDS we have made in this little blogger community (no matter how far away geographically) are only a click away…!!!!

  • FV

    I do remember saying:

    Meleah you and I are destined to be friends, and here we are! I think when you and I first started talking you were going through a painful episode of Chron’s (which really freaked me out big time) as I recalled you also posted some of your bathroom pictures ” the ones you are sitting on the toilet wearing only your pink P.J’s I think!

    Anyways I would like to thank you for the laughs you have brought onto me and as I once said, I will never turn my back on any of my friends.


  • I’m glad you clarified the male side of your friends. I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t look good in a skirt or make-up. LOL

    Nice to know I have gained another friend as friends are what keeps our sanity.

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