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Top Ten ‘Highlights’ of 2010 [so far]

1.  Saying the year “Twenty-Ten” makes me feel like I am living inside of a Science Fiction Novel. Which is kind of awesome – even if most things ‘Sci-Fi’ scare the crap out of me.

2.  Having the house to myself for several consecutive days. Which was also awesome – except for at night, because I am still terrified of the dark, especially when I am alone.

3.  Spending Quality Time with my son JCH and listening to him play his new Electric Guitar. Because other than hearing high-pitched-squealing-riffs that sound like he’s murdering the instrument? He’s getting quite good.

4.  Becoming deathly ill with the flu, while having the house to myself, and being solely responsible for taking care of my 13-year-old son JCH, and my 89-year-old Grandfather Poppa Sye. Which was not awesome at all.


5.  Having one of my girlfriends surprise me – and show up at my house wielding ‘All Things Necessary’ to aid in the recovery from said deathly illness?
= Totally. Super. Awesome.

6.  And! Not only did she bring cold medicine, and hot soup for me? But, she also brought dinner for both my son and my grandfather. Which touched me so deeply, I could have broke down and cried – except that I didn’t – because I was already so stuffy, I couldn’t imagine producing even more mucus.

7.  And! As if that wasn’t enough? She came back The Very Next Day with more food for me, AND homemade meatballs, pasta, gravy, grated cheese, and garlic bread for both my son and my grandfather, who proceeded to clean their plates like savages. And despite the fact that my throat was so sore, I felt like I had swallowed a porcupine, I ate every single bite of her super-delicious-possibly-magical-Lentil Soup-with-tremendous-healing-powers.

8.  I confessed a ‘secret’ to my Very Best Friend [even though she already knew it] and NEVER felt judged by her. Instead, I was reassured repeatedly, that nothing could, or would, ever come between our friendship. Unless, of course I lie to her, because quite frankly, I lost the ability to pull off hiding things from my friends a very long time ago.

9.  Recognizing, appreciating, and feeling profoundly grateful – for the amazing network of support and friendships that I have in my life.

10.  Being sick and incapacitated, affords that special guilt-free kind of time to watch endless Television like: The E! Channel and all it has to offer, Law & Order, Scrubs, 30 Rock, and, my new favorite show, Hoarders, Marathon-Style. And, I finally got around to watching the movie ‘The Hangover’ which may very well be the funniest movie I have ever seen. Especially since I watched that movie for the third time, trying my best to memorize my favorite lines, while in a delirious state of mind [courtesy of a 102 fever] and under the influence of a NyQuil medication induced haze.

* Good Times *

Side Bar:

Speaking of Nyquil, my adrenal glands must operate differently than any other human being on the plant. Because while most people respond to NyQuil much like they would to chloroform, I react to NyQuil like someone who has taken an overdose of Adderall. Seriously, how else could I possibly explain this next little tale?

After spending three days bed-ridden, and feeling frustratingly useless, I took another healthy dose of NyQuil, fully prepared for another good night’s rest. But, all of a sudden, I felt an overwhelming urge to spring out of my bed. And, I was oddly inspired to BAKE something.

Yes. I should know by now that, Baking + Meleah = A Very Bad Idea.

I am sure most of you remember what happened the last time I tried baking? Yeah?, Well, this experience was no different. Yes, I followed the instructions to the letter. And thankfully, no one was injured. But, of course, I still managed to make a complete mess of things when the cake mix sprayed wildly and uncontrollably, only to land all over my pajamas, bathrobe, face, and hair. At least, this time around, the buttery-battery-goodness did NOT end up on the kitchen ceiling. However, I am totally blaming NyQuil for my lack of motor skills, and not on the fact that I have little to no eye-hand coordination. In good news, that lovely experiment forced me to finally take that shower and wash my germ infested bathrobe.

Bonus Material:

11.  I am proud to say that I have officially accumulated enough comfy, cozy, sets of pajamas to wear a fresh, clean, new pair, every single day – without having to do a single load of laundry. Maybe 2010 will be the year where it will finally become ‘socially acceptable’ to wear pajamas at all times, and under any circumstance. {What, a girl can dream.}

And lastly,

12.  Over the course of my illness, I enjoyed several steaming hot cups of tea from my new favorite mug that I purchased from ‘The Midget Man Of Steel’, because even though I was sick, I always need a daily dose of Mental Poo.

And that my friends; has been a kickawesome way – to start off the New Year.

I hope ya’ll had a great New Years Eve!  How has your New Year been so far?

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  • Well than, the next time I attempt to bake ANYTHING? I promise you, I will make sure someone is there to film it! I am glad you laughed at the visual images of me covered in cake batter!

  • I am so psyched you watched the show Hoarders too. Wasn't it just AMAZING?!
    If you can watch it online you don't really need to get the A&E channel.
    But, that channel also has some other REALLY interesting shows!

    And its never too early for highlights!

  • Sorry to hear you've been sick, but from the tone of this blog it sounds like you're making the most of it. Maybe a shot or two of whiskey in the NyQuil would help. So far 2010 has been uneventful for me, but sometimes that's a good thing. Here's wishing us all a great 2010 wherein all our dreams come true!

  • I like the way you think Marty!

  • Now THAT is a list. From soup to nuts. Or from soup to cold medicine, as the case may be.

  • Meleah almost forgot just how funny Bossy can be

  • took me ten minutes to figure out where to leave a comment (ok, so I exaggerate…ten seconds). Loved your list! You have a very wonderful friend!!! I hope you are feeling better by the time you get this comment.

  • I just saw the film “The Happening” on TV. Knowing how much you love scary things, check it out, you'll love it 😛

    But yes 2010 does sound cool.

    Nyquill and Benadryl are both known to knock out most people but cause others to be full of energy. Read the fine print. It may say something like “may cause excitability.” It does on benadryl. Looks like you are one of the lucky ones.

    I tried to get on 30 Rock but it's a different casting agency than I am with and it's a different actor's union but I must get on it.

  • Thanks Barbara! Im finally going to the doctor tomorrow. Its been FIVE days and Im still sick!

  • I will DIE if you ever get on 30Rock. And…WHEN you DO get on 30Rock, you are required to
    a) get an autograph for me from BOTH Alec & Tina and
    b) sneak me on the set so that I can finally MEET Alec in person!

    And, yeah, yanno what? Benadryl USED to make me tired, back when I was younger but NOW, it also makes me slightly hyper. I thought it was just because I take it so often I had built up a tolerance to it!

  • AngryMan

    On a random note, I took a very satisfying dump some time a few days ago. Certainly the highlight of the decade so far.

    OK, seriously — I hope that my trial on Monday goes well and that it takes the cake for the new year.

  • I hope your trial goes well on Monday too.

  • I am amazed at how many wonderful things you have witnessed for 2010 so far while being so sick. Dang, that's some awesome optimism you got there, gal. Can I have some?

  • donna

    #8. Most honest thing I have heard yet in 2010. Exellent!

  • Yes. You can have as much of my optimism as you'd like!

  • That's how I roll. xoxoxoxo

  • donna

    #8. Most honest thing I have heard yet in 2010. Exellent!

  • Yes. You can have as much of my optimism as you'd like!

  • That's how I roll.
    And you are also one of the FEW that know exactly WHAT secret I am talking about.

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