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Too Many Choices And Still No TiVo

Last night, I was utterly torn between TWO NEW TV SHOWS. I absolutely could not decide. I posted a bulletin-tweet. I wanted needed to take a poll asking begging other people to help me choose which one to watch!

[I know. It’s about time I broke down and either figured out how to operate my DVR or purchased a TiVo.]

Alas, no one was available for assistance because they were either: a) too busy caught up ‘having a life’ and/or b) watching this or this. Or some other fabulous show that I am currently unaware of.


For those of you that know me, you are fully aware that I am a bonafide Television Junkie.

For those of you that may be new to this blog…I guess now would be the perfect time to share with you that I *love* T.V. so much; I have another blog solely dedicated to watching / reviewing ‘All Things’ T.V.!

And, I love it even more when ya’ll pop over! Is anyone here in the mood to talk T.V.? Then please feel free to come on over and chat with me!

Tell me which one of these two new shows would YOU have chosen? And by any chance did you watch either one? And, If you didn’t watch either of those…what did you watch on T.V. last night?

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  • If I didn’t have Phillies Fever, I would have picked the Eleventh Hour. Sounded more interesting. Doesn’t your cable company have on-demand? If they don’t, you should complain loudly. I love mine.

  • I missed both, but I think I would have watched Life on Mars. I watched part of the first episode of the original version, and would have liked to compare this new one.

  • Eleventh Hour. Eleventh Hour. Drool. Drool over Rufus Sewell. Too cute to be true!

  • Meleah

    The Girl I Would Bring Home To Momma
    (and go out drinking with):

    I did watch The 11th Hour.
    It was alright.
    But I think I was comparing it too much to my other new favorite show FRINGE.
    (which is totally super awesome).

    I found out last night that my mother has a DVR and she recorded Life On Mars for me, which I will be watching this afternoon just as soon as I asnwer all these awesome comments!

    I will let you know what I think of Life On Mars as son as I am done watching it!

    I love you.

  • i watched life on mars. i thought the story concept looked more interesting and original than the 11th hour. and l.o.m. had the better cast, hands down! i was not disappointed. it was a good season kick off. πŸ™‚

  • cmk

    I left my comment over at the other blog. I recorded BOTH shows and watched them later. Of course, I was glued to the set watching my beloved Red Wings crash and burn last night–hopefully, not a sign of things to come this season. πŸ™

  • dcr

    Used to have the VCR set up to record one show while watching another, but, in twenty-some years, I think I did that once or twice.

    I watched Smallville and that was it. When Smallville is in reruns, then I watch My Name is Earl. Otherwise, Thursday is a no-TV night.

  • Life on Mars was good. It reminded me of my childhood.

  • DVR’s are real easy to use. Whichever show had the prettiest star. LOL

  • Lee

    I’m old…I went to sleep.

  • Saw Life on Mars, I really enjoyed it. I just really loved all the retro music, TV ads, clothing and decor, really a blast from the past and that alone was my motivation. I think it is clever and unique and you cannot go wrong with the cast, Harvey Keitel and the guy from the Sopranos!

  • I didn’t watch either, but I really like the storyline of Life On Mars. They’ll be able to do a ton with the absurdity of life in the 70s as compared to now.

  • I really need the TiVO myself. CSI is on at a steady drip in my office along with 24 so none needed for those.

  • Meleah

    I am digging Life On Mars.

    (I replied to you on The Other Blog too!)

    I love My Name Is Earl.
    Jason Lee is super cute and very funny.

    Hell yeah!

    Life On Mars has a better cast.
    For sure!

    Aw. You are too cute.

    I love Michael Imperioli’s mustache.

    Yep. Life On Mars has a much better cast and story line!

    I only like CSI Vegas and NY!!
    We must get TiVo.

  • I’d like to have 36 hour days (or at least 72 hour weekends) so I could actually catch up with all the cool shows on TV. I am afraid not even a Tivo could provide for. Between the Sopranos reruns, Galactica, Star Trek, Colbert, Movies and the occasional Family Guy the ‘free’ spots in my days are taken over πŸ™

  • I really need another TV for myself cos most of the time I can never pry the controls from my two TV addict boys!

  • Meleah

    There never enough time in the day to do all of the things I love,
    let alone watch TV…

    But I manage to fit in the REALLY good shows!

    Oh that’s why I have my OWN TV in my bedroom.
    I do NOT share well with others!

  • You are as bad as me. I can DVR in the family room, but then I end up staying up all nite to catch up. And lots of times, I want to watch one thing and record two others, and that cannot happen

    I need to add another DVR I guess.

    Then I would get nothing done for real

  • Meleah

    TV Rules.


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