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Too Hot

It’s too hot to write. It’s too hot to sleep. It’s too hot to eat. It’s too hot to work. It’s toooooooooooooo hot.

*And college kids, (along with the unemployed) are on Craig’s List, looking to get paid for standing in line (or camping out) for the much anticipated iPhone. (coming Friday June 29th) But, I think I like this shirt. ALOT.

Ps… Paula Abdul’s New Reality TV Show. heh.

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  • Wow! …and they’re the ones who will be taking the helm of our economy… How terrifying.

    Its hot here, too, by the way. Ugh!

  • Meleah


  • Hot here too! Good thing I’m allowed to wear shorts into work. 🙂

    How about an iFarted phone? lol Always good for a laugh or two.

  • *Curious* Where about are you?
    It’s 78 here, here as in Central Oregon… and will be getting colder for the rest of the week…

  • Meleah


  • 98 here in Houston today. I love to sweat. Don’t see anyone standing in line down here.

  • … I want the iPhone so bad but will have to wait a full year because it’ll be introduced worldwide next year 🙁
    That said I don’t use my mobile much but I love all things Steve Jobs…

  • Meleah

    Random: (girl after my own heart) meeeee tooooo. You will probably be better off -waiting a year – this way all the kinks/tweeks/and any unforeseen issues can/will/should be resolved by then.


    Bowrag: Texas is lucky, since there are no lines. Maybe the hard-core enthusiasts could FLY to Texas, to purchase an iPhone?

  • FV

    Hot??? where??? Jersey hot is nothing like freaking Naples Florida hot 🙂

    So as hot as it was yesterday I went on a 10 mile bike ride with my tri bike and it felt great but now my legs are killing me and every muscle is sored.
    Tomorrow I get to do this again 🙂

    what if we call it iMel instead of iPhone? ringgg!! hello? yes you have reached Mel’s iMessage system, if you will like to purchase a book dial 1, if you would like to purchase an Eve item dial 2, if you would like to leave a message dial 3 if you would like to get a life please call back when the weather is cooler…Thank you

    Hi Meleah,
    It was a bit hot in the kitchen today, even so I still had to wear my chef’s uniform, I think I drank about a gallon of water but I survived. 😀


  • Being on the other side of the world is quite another weather story…
    Cold and rainy today, tomorrow and possibly the next three months.
    However, it is well overdue and we have waited long enough for it…
    iPhone style…

    And oh yes, I will be putting my order in for that little baby…

  • Same here as domestic minx. VERY cold :S. On the other hand, I’m picking my guy up at the airport this weekend so very happy too 🙂 Maybe we’ll get the chance to take a couple of days off and go see the snow! ^^

  • This whole “pay me to wait for your iPhone” thing is hysterical. I mean… how do you agree on terms? If I was waiting I would demand payment in advance. If I was a buyer there is no way I’d hand over that kind of cash to a stranger.

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