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Too Fast…

This weekend went all too fast. I feel like I haven’t even had a day off. I didn’t have a chance to write as I intended. BUT…I did get to spend some really great, wonderful and quality time with my son. We haven’t had as much fun together, as we did this weekend, in a long time.

Yes, holiday shopping and decorating is a bee-atch, but when it was all said and done, it was worth the time I was able to share with JCH.

Every year my son and I have this tradition. After we are done messing with all of our own holiday gear, we drive through our neighborhood to look at all the other houses in search of the most obnoxious, Griswald looking, out of control decorated house.

This year’s winners:

(VERY BLUUUUUUURRRRRRY because the lights are so bright, but you get the idea….)

Tired and wishing I had one more day off to get in some ME or writing time, but I don’t… so, I’m cutting this post short to go to bed on time.

Dreading another drive on the NJTPK with the DONUT in the morning (which is still on the car, because my father thinks if we leave it on I will never get another speeding ticket, since I cant drive over 50mph…hope to have it fixed by tomorrow night….we’ll see…)

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