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Today was awesome, and much needed after a serious…

Today was awesome, and much needed after a serious allergic reaction yesterday that sent me home from the office to inject myself with an eppi-pen and Benadryl, which knocks me unconscious completely. Seriously, I cannot eat anything without running the risk of a Crohn’s attack or an allergic reaction. This is getting ridiculous. I can’t stand it anymore. When did food become such a gambling risk? One that I am loosing (and badly).

Anyway, today, I went shopping, I bought JCH a new Nintendo DS dark, then, I cleaned my whole house.

I have come to the realization I cannot write, if my house is messy, or if there is anything “in the way” (like chores) without rushing through a paragraph, because I am so distracted by all the things that “need to be done.” I have learned it is best for me to write after everything else has been taken care of. I wish I could make writing my one and only priority, but single handedly running a household often comes in-between what I’d rather be doing.

This afternoon I got to spend some quality parental time before they leave for Florida. Since my mom and dads washing machine broke, and they have no time to buy a new one or fix the broken one before they have to leave at 415 am in the morning… they came to my house to do their laundry in my machine! (After all those years of doing laundry at their house!) 5 years ago, they never would have been able to come to my house to do anything, let alone visit. I had one of those moments when I realize how far I have come over the last few years. Sometimes I forget I have accomplished anything, I get sucked into going through the motions: get up, go to work, pay bills, dust… I loose sight of where I was, how I have grown-up, and where I am today.


Then, my brother Adam called with great news. He graduated from college this summer, with a 4.0 and a handsome degree in education. He had a rough go of finding a job at first. In October, he was offered a temporary position while someone was out on maternity leave. Fortunately, he was offered another job, from another school, but the school where he has been working wanted to keep him. (Duh! He rocks!) So, they offered him full time through June!!!! The first thing his wife Traci did was shop! Good for them, they deserve it! I am soooo proud of my little brother. He has worked so hard. It is nice to see him grow in to such a smart, funny, wonderful man. I love you broham!


In other “news” Evelyn’s attempts at keeping Ron in the dark about where she will be spending Thanksgiving have been thwarted. I received a phone call today, from a typically angry EV, informing me that when she called Lee (my other brother) to find out how baby Jackson is doing, she told Lee what her plans for Thanksgiving were, NOT KNOWING that Ron was there and overheard the whole thing. She called me explicitly to express how pissed off she was, that my mother and father wont be feeling guilty, thinking she is wandering the streets alone. (She is the ultimate inspiration, or, example for doing things solely out of spite.) She cracks me up.

This is a picture of a “WOULD-BE HAPPY” EV (if…… she was able to pull of guilt-ing mom and dad)

There have also been new additions to the Lets YEBEN re-DO IT post see under the comments section for “groan-lyrics.”

Tonight is movie night with my son, and I get to watch my favorite children’s movie of all times… Monsters Inc. and I will catch up, spend time, make phone calls, email and IM with friends.

Now for tomorrow….all the chores have been completed, mom and dad will be gone, JCH will be occupied with new electronics and games, and I will have upheld all obligations to family, friends, and household….I can, and I will, write all damn day tomorrow. I will not cook. I will not clean. I will not answer my phone, or talk to anyone. I will not IM. I will not even shower, ‘til after I have completed CHAPTER THREE.

(But, I’m sure I’ll find time to post!)

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