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Today turned out to be a VERY BIG DAY for me:

1. Went to doctors, have the results… I have Crohns. I can resume eating as a regular person, but, I have to keep track of what I eat and how it affects me. I have to take ALL my meds 3xs a day, and if I get the “take me to the hospital” pain again to take a 4th pill and call doctor immediately. I also am supposed to eliminate STRESS from my life because that can cause flair ups inside my intestines. Yoga, Mediation, and other relaxation therapy are good ideas for me to look into? I have a follow up recheck in 30 days with GI GUY.

2. People are liking “my book” and I am driven with new passion and inspiration to dive into the book again this weekend (which means I will have to pull out all those journals again, and go to that very dark place, from where its all been locked up)

3. I spoke with a real live head writer ALEN ROSENBERG, and was given the best compliments on the book I have ever heard! OMG! I was sooo nervous, I stumbled a bit with the conversation, but, we exchanged email addresses, and he wants me to WRITE and FORWARD each new chapter / stuff to him. He is interested in helping me edit, and the creative process all together, he has suggestions and CONTACTS for the finished project. (I have a LOT of work to do).

4. The NEW MAC NOTEBOOK w/ video& pic capabilites, was just purchased, and will be in MY HANDS this evening!!

This weekend will be spent at the Apple store learning HOW TO USE the computer, and writing programs I may need/want, and writing FROM MY SOFA and not a cold glass desk! OMG freaking out!

First, thing I am doing tonight, is to figure out what I need to make the MAC work? Wireless? Motum? Airport? Do I need to call my ISP? Then, I have to figure out how to get everything off my computer at home, onto the new computer? Files not programs. What do I do about my email? Hmm… its Microsoft Outlook?? I think / hope my mom has PROGRAMS I can “borrow”? I have a feeling I will be up really late tonight… I see frustration and confusion ahead of me until I can get used to the NEW COMPUTER, but, once I AM used to it… look out!

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  • Leslie

    {{hugs}} First things first: RELAX.

    I will help you. I would have helped you tonight, silly goose, but you got ahead of yourself. Must be a family trait. Hmmm.

    Back everyone else off on the help and assvice and relax and take my call and we’ll have you up and running on the basics in less than an hour. PROMISE.

    Hello? Its what I DO, remember? Der.

    Once we get you surfing and writing and all the stuff you want to do now, I’ll also call you Sat. and walk you through moving the files and all that jazz. Step by step.

    So for now just… stop. Rest. Put it all away. I will call you after you get off work tomorrow around 6 ish ish and help you get your shit working, hooked up, the works.


    And I’m glad the pins and needles are over, even though it is Crohn’s – now you can DEAL with it.

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