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Today is the day, before my procedure. I have to s…

Today is the day, before my procedure. I have to spend the day on clear liquids, I have to start all this at 230pm, to take the following:

345pm: 1 zelnorm
400pm: 1 ½ oz of Fleet Phosho-Soda mixed with 4oz of water
(with in 30 minuets it shoots through your body clearing out any and everything that is in your digestive track , and, I have been told, tastes HORRIBLE)
700pm: 1 zelnorm
800pm: 4 dulcolax laxative pills

I will be spending the afternoon and night in my bathroom with the 3 boxes of baby wiped and new super soft toilet paper, flushing out every thing that’s in my body, so excuse me if I don’t answer my phone, IM, or email anyone as I am sure to be incapacitated chained to the bowl.

I can not have anything food / or liquids after midnight, and my procedure isn’t until 1pm tomorrow. So, I think? I hope! my last day of liquids is today? Tomorrow is another “pure fasting NO FOOD OR LIQUID day” and I look forward to some sort of substance food by Friday?? (that cookie was GOOD last night, left me wanting more, no I didn’t have more, and no, luckily, I didn’t have any pain, but I cheated and ate a Maalox max just in case, to prevent the creeping in of pain)

Last night I was so annoyed.pissed.dissappointed. by the fact that HOUSE was not on?! BASEBALL took precedence over HOUSE? Fuck you FOX! Fuck you MLB! Can’t we put SPORTS (all sports)on their OWN channel and stay away from interrupting my programs?! My other options were Dancing with the Stars? Oh hell no! I love American Idol, and I like So You Think You Can Dance, (shut up! I am lame!) but I draw the line at watching Dancing with the Stars!!!

I accidentally fell into the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, which was surprisingly good. I think it’s also book and I’m sure the book will be even better than the movie… (note to self add to the ever growing book ‘wish list’)

I want to say SORRY to my long-lost friend LEE (from cascade) who has been tying with no success to reach me on the phone. I promise to get back to you over the weekend!!!

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    I was just thinkin’ about your freckles.. They are so cute… I miss them… BFD

  • Anonymous

    Of course! I know exactly what you mean — the colonoscopy isn’t so bad if you RELAX. I always fight the anesthesia, awful result of being a control freak. Bad idea, haha. But you will know more afterwards..

    How have you been feeling for the most part?

    Good luck!! And keep me posted!

  • Anonymous

    good luck with the procedure tomorrow. i am sure it wont be a fun day but at least you will hopefully find some answers and some relief soon!

    i think katie can share a lot with you. she is awesome and i am so happy i could set you two up!


  • Anonymous

    I know someone with that and he does not follow DR.’s orders.
    I wont say what he looks like or how he behaves or misbehaves,but he aint pretty.

    So you better F#@##n do what they tell you. Or I will personally kick what’s ever left of your ass.Being a diabetic myself everything is easier said/unsaid than done/not done. Sometimes it’s like why should I give flying farnication,yet, in some obscure way, it makes me stronger mentally and emotionally.

    That said I most certainly wish you well cause only god knows I LOVE YOU IN SPITE OF YOU AND WILL KEEP IN TOUCH. JUST DO WHAT THE FRIGGEN DR.s tell you and try to stay the course.

    There is a brand new drug on the market for smoking. I friggen broke down and bought some more the other day and am waiting on them.

    I need to quit like yesterday . I am going for bloodwork tomorrow.
    I honestly wish there was something I could do for you.
    I will do what I can .

    You need to talk You f#@kin call me… as always I don’t care what time of day or night it is.

    I will always find your beauty Melzy.It begins from within.


  • Anonymous

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