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Thursdays Trivia: Two And A Half Men

MeleVision is running a contest!! With a FREE prize!! For the person with the most correct answers on this weeks Thursdays Trivia! If you watch the show Two And A Half Men, Or, if want a chance to be the winning twosome to live the once-in-a lifetime, free-wheeling extravagant lifestyle of Charlie Harper in a Malibu Home coupled with VIP treatment, spa package and spending money, may I suggest you head on over to MeleVision.

* The contest will be running until Monday morning. 

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  • I now have the theme song’s ending ‘meeeeeeeen’ stuck in my head! I guess as long as I don’t sing it out loud I’ll be ok 😉

    I’ll do the quiz when I get home tonight! Hopefully there’s another 30 Rock rerun on tonight. I get all bastardly when I don’t get a weekly 30!!!!! And Tina, who I am coming to understand that you love more…

  • Meleah

    Thanks Michael! (yes I do love her MORE!) Ps… thank you for the email yesterday. That meant a lot to me.

  • Cool, thanks for the link. We’ve been watch this show lately too. 🙂

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