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Things that are BAD: 1. No HOUSE again last night…

Things that are BAD:

1. No HOUSE again last night!
(Having Hugh Laurie withdrawals) and (I really HATE baseball now)

2. I have a Flat tire
3. My mother fell at work and was injured
4. JCH got in trouble at school
5. Didn’t get a chance to write last night
6. Haven’t been able to stick to quitting smoking
7. Food is still the enemy
8. Its way to freeeeeeeeezzing and I need winter clothes and gloves, stat!

Things that are GOOD:

1. Got some cool ITUNES loaded on MAC
2. 40 of the 94 pages (of book) have been reviewed, revised, edited.
3. Tire will be fixed today
4. I’m really thin
5. Hot Chocolate and fireplaces

Things that are FUNNY:

Due to my flat tire, my father, whom I work with, drove me into office today.

Well, while we were on the NJTPK doing 50mph (in a 65-80mph zone) in morning rush hour traffic. My father was driving so slow because he is forever too deep in thought / distracted because the man can NOT make a decision …. When I see a car pass us (I saw a lot of cars pass us but this one in particular, forced me to mention something to my father) “Hey daddy…when a car passes us with handicapped plates and the driver is a Floridian wearing glaucoma sunglasses, we may want to tap the gas pedal just a bit. And pick up the pace? Just a suggestion.”

It’s only Wednesday, and I am already so busy booked busy plans busy work n writing for the rest of the week.

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  • Leslie

    OK, Jen, THAT is some funny shit. LOL

  • meleah rebeccah

    the pictures are HYSTERICAL right? she sent them to me on an IM while i was working… I ALMOST SPIT COFFEE




    Seriously, free Meleah.

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