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There Is Something In The Water

And it is not good. Damn near every employee in my office has been afflicted with some sort of detrimental illness. Lets take a closer look shall we?

Employee #1 – Me. I have been battling intestinal / gastro issues for over the last year and a half.

Employee #2 – My Office Manager – has been hospitalized for the last two week due to mysterious intestinal pain. Hmmm. Karma?

Employee #3 – Fellow Marketing Department Dood- currently undergoing surgery for the removal of his gal bladder.

Employee #4 – Health Benefits Department Chick – currently in the hospital for having a STROKE. She is 46, a non smoker, eats right and exercises. WTF?

Every Other Employee In The Building is suffering from either the Flu, Bronchitis, Colds, Fevers, and even Allergies.

I am telling you. There is something in the water over here.

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  • Lis

    Are we working in the same office? Seriously, so many of my colleagues are down with something or other.

  • Duh. It’s Jersey

  • wow.. i would definitely be drinking bottled… or maybe thats what it is none of us drink the water any more……

  • Yikes!! Run for the Hills!! And a stroke that young…that’s sad and scary. I hope every gets better!

  • yo momma

    i’m telling you — MAKE THEM CHANGE THE AIR DUCT FILTERS!!!!

  • I could go on about the multiple things that could be wrong with the building but I will not because people would never leave the house. I would definitely not drink the water there….

  • I think you qualify for a leave of absence to prevent illness. It’s probably in your employee manual. Look it up 😉

  • Maybe your building is a “sick building”. Look it up, get them to test it for mold, poor filtration, bad water, dirty carpets, the works.

  • Good Lord, I hope a mass miracle happens over your office building. That just sucks, girl!

  • Could be the air. Perhaps someone should open a window?

    If everyone is drinking from the same cooler, try checking the spout.

  • I’m thinking time to find a new place of employment.

    And listen to Yo Momma!

  • Meleah


    WTF is happening?


    hahahahahaha True. But this is BAD.



    Chef Mom:

    Its very scary in the office lately.


    No one will listen to me. I asked a fellow co worker to talk to the Office Manager, but no such luck.


    I would never leave my house if that was a real option for me. I would rather live in a bubble. (especially since I have no immune system and I am prone to getting sick) This office makes me nervous.


    I am HOME right now. I woke up this morning in AGONY. Weird. I wrote this post yesterday, so that I would have time to make ‘that movie’… and I woke up with a really BAD stomach. I haven’t had a Crohns Attack in awhile.


    Yeah Right. I wish they’d check the building. Since Office Manager and Boss Man do not listen to me, I have no idea how to go about getting THAT done.


    Its like an outbreak of some sort. Im feeling god awful today. Its 3pm and this is the first time Ive been able to get on the internet all day. MY STOMACH has been killing me.


    No ‘cooler’ in our building. I dont know if its the air or the water or what. But everyone is sick including me.


    I do listen to my mom. They said the ‘filters’ were changed in September.

    *All I know is that I AM HOME….. I woke up with THE WORST STOMACH CRAMPS AND LOWER BACK PAIN…. I am calling my GI doctor *

  • I think it’s time to definitely call the good doctor. All that just doesn’t sound right. I hope you start feeling better, girl.

  • Meleah, have you ever been diagnosed?

    It seems that everywhere (blogging-wise) people are talking about being sick? I have not been able to shake my flu-like symptoms, and it has been a week.
    I hope that virus attacks are not getting stronger!

    Very sad story about the woman with a stroke. 46 is way too young.

  • Meleah


    My GI doctor told me what to take / do. Im having another Crohns attack. Ive been dealing with this crap (literally crap) for over a YEAR.


    Yes.. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, Celiacs Disease, Ulcers, a Haital Herna and major food allergies a long time ago. I dont have any flu or sick like that symptoms….I just have a really BAD intestinal track.

    46 and perfectly healthy is scary at best. and way too young.

  • Innoculate your self wut Jack Daniels…..:))))

  • We have all been so sick since we moved in this house 10 years ago, that we had the air quality tested. It was fine. It MUST be in the water.

  • Yikes! That’s not good! Or maybe it’s a but & you just keep passing it around. Like a bad meme. Speaking of memes….LOL I just tagged you…it’s optional! 😀

  • I meant it was a bug, not a but. But if you’re sharing but that could be a problem too!

  • Meleah


    I really think so!

    And I just heard that another girl from Accounting is out sick with mysterious intestinal pain as well. WTF.


    Sharing BUTT would be a problem.

    I cant possibly be passing a bug around, considering Crohns isnt contagious. Its genetic. But who the hell knows anymore.

    You know I am always good for meme participation.


    well alcohol is supposed to kill germs…but this isnt a germ…and I have a feeling that ANY alcohol may not be such a ‘good idea’ with a weak stomach right now. If it was the FLU I would be game!!

  • whatever you do, just don’t drink the kool-aid!

  • Believe it or not Meleah… that’s what’s been happening to my daughter… mysterious unexplained abdominal pain for two weeks… all tests so far are normal… *sigh*

  • AVOID THE WATER! Drink the Good Stuff (stashed in The Boss’s office) like I did!


  • Oh…and I DO hope you feel better sweetie! My blog-mistress has been pretty sick too….but she’s starting to perk back up…getting kinda annoying, actually!

  • Well that sucks! Try to get better very soon, unless it gives you more time to make movies and then you should just concentrate on that!!

  • Meleah


    ha ha ha ha ha


    OH! NO! That poor baby. I know all about it. Its scary, painful and AWFUL. My whole heart goes out to you and HER. Hopefully they will find the problem and HOPEFULLY it will be easily treated. Hugs, Prayers and MAD love out to you. xxoo


    Glad to hear you two are feeling better. I don’t know what it is about the sicknesses going around this year. I dont remember it ever being THIS bad. Do you? Oh yeah…good idea…I just might have to tap into that.


    Oh please…having to spend the day in the bathroom doesn’t mean I cant be on my computer. But when the PAIN kicks in, I have to lay down until it passes. Thankfully I have a life time supply of meds to help control the pain.

    I doubt I will be going to work tomorrow either. Maybe I can work on the Garbage Disposal video next. And I have a few memes to work on. Oh and MY BOOK.

    If I have to be home SICK, I might as well take advantage of it.

  • I know you don’t feel well and of course I want you to get better quickly, but you are making me want to be home sick. It sounds so much more productive than being in my office!

    Can I please get special preview of the Garbage Disposal video? Based on the past videos, I can only imagine how that all went 😉

  • Meleah

    Michael C:

    Oh I haven’t even begun with editing the photos, I haven’t picked a song yet…there is soooo MUCH work to be done…but rest assured YOU will ALWAYS have the “Sneak Peek” privilege. xxoo

    I dont want to be home since I HATE wasting days off feeling SICK. I’d rather be home when I FEEL good…but I try to make the best of it, by doing something creative. That way it doesn’t feel like a complete waste. Yanno?

  • That is freaky. So sorry you’re not feeling well. I feel awful for that woman who had the stroke. I wonder if there is a substance in the building that is making you sick. Do you share a kitchen or a refrigerator? Hope you get to the bottom of it. Take care.

  • I swear, it’s an epidemic this year. From coast-to-coast all anyone can talk about is how they or their families have had an awful cold or flu this season.

    I know yours is different, but maybe aggravated by sympathy towards all the sickies around you. Feel better soon!

  • Meleah


    I dont eat during office hours, because I am always too afraid that I will have an adverse reaction to food, and I would HATE to have one of my attacks AT WORK. I feel terrible for the lady that had a stoke too. I dont know what is wrong with my building or if these are all just coincidences. Very strange.


    I hope I feel better soon. This is AWFUL

  • Stop drinking the water and drink beer. Its chicken pox in my office. The weather is crap, that must be it. Global warming and all that jazz. Its all coming to an end.


  • Meleah


    Its like a GLOBAL outbreak of strange and long lasting illnesses.

  • That’s a bummer – I wish I had some good advice! My health was going down the drink (literally) 5+ years ago … had to get on the strait and narrow. Since then I have felt really good “for over 40”.

    I learned a lot about you today here at your blog, hope you are doing better this week!!


  • Meleah


    Im doing MUCH better today. Thanks for asking. In fact I will be returning to the SICK BUILDING (my office) on Monday March 3rd.

    WOW. 5 years without liquor? Impressive!!

  • Greetings from Rochester NY,

    I heard on the news that the flu is increasing in all states except Florida. It’s been some flu season. Maybe we should all move to FL. I suppose I better learn to golf. ;o)

  • Meleah

    Hello Rochester NY

    The flu is OFF THE HOOK this year. I have NEVER seen it THIS bad. Scary isnt it?

    Florida? NEVER. Too flat, too humid, too many old people, and giant bugs…….although…..DEXTER (tv show) is supposed to be in Miami, so maybe I’d visit!!!

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