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The Smartest Man

In The World. Out Does Himself. Again.

THIS is a great fucking idea. THIS ! Yeah, shit like THIS, must be why Google says, “Hammer Is Worlds Smartest Man.”

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  • Honey he isn’t the world’s smartest man, He just bombed Google by using SEO. Another Google Bomb is the search term Miserable failure. type those two words in and Bush comes up – every time. Definition of google bombing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_bomb

  • Meleah

    Holy Crap… I’m reading what a “Google Bomb” is (via your link) right now…. That’s CRAZY…. and sort of like cheating?

  • I suspect that Meleah is smart enough to know that I’m not the world’s smartest man.

    A true Google bomb would be seen by Google as cheating, but a true Google bomb would involve thousands or hundreds of thousands of links.

    Everyone that uses SEO to achieve search engine traffic is manipulating the search engines and unless they are using black hat techniques, it certainly isn’t cheating.

    Then again, taking this whole world’s smartest man thing as anything more than a humorous experiment is kinda silly.

  • The miserable failure Google bomb was stopped months ago, BTW. You might find this article interesting. http://searchengineland.com/070125-230048.php

    Somehow, I think Google would see the humor in my claiming that they say I’m the world’s smartest man.

  • Meleah

    REVISED: I never said YOU (Hammer) were cheating…. I just didn’t know what a “GOOGLE BOMB” was. Now I do….I think Google Bombing IS cheating, NOT that YOU (Hammer) did that.

    And yes, I am smart enough to know that this was an experiment, and HUMOROUS…and I still love it… and YOUR new site!

  • Cool another hammer out there.

    Thankfully I’m not the world’s smartest man.

    That would be too much responsibility.

  • Reminds me of…

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