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The Seemingly Never Ending Power Outage

After somehow managing to survive a complete power outage, and one that lasted for three consecutive days, it’s fairly safe to say I would never be able to handle living within the ‘Amish Community’.


I had no idea just how much I depended on electricity, until I didn’t have any.

Thankfully, my family members had a much better sense of humor about the whole situation than I did.

So, rather than writing an entire blog post complaining about how miserable I was, or, about how I felt completely lost without the use of a blow dryer and hot rollers, or, how I am incapable of getting ‘Outside Coffee’ unless I’ve already had ‘Inside Coffee’, or, how having OCD and the need to put all of my things exactly in their proper place at all times came in really handy when I had to find my keys in the pitch black, or, how my whole family camped out at our local Country Club known as KHCC in their respective corners and on their respective computers, or, how having hundreds of candles lit sent me into a full blow panic attack because OH MY ZOD ALL THOSE OPEN FLAMES ARE A TOTAL FIRE HAZARD AND EVEN THOUGH I’M SCARED OF THE DARK I AM EVEN MORE SCARED OF BURNING ALIVE.

Instead, I would just like to present some Video Footage.

I think the lyrics my son and my brother wrote in all of Two Minutes properly summarizes our experience.

Obviously this was filmed in the daytime.


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  • Thank you!

  • F**king hilarious! I know it sucks in the moment, but really, when shit like that happens, it's when I have my most fun as it looks the same for you. It's all about who we surround ourselves with.

    Inside coffee before outside coffee. Oh Mel, you are my soulmate. 😉 That is the first time EVER I have known of anyone who gets that. AND, everything in it's proper place not only comes in handy in times of crisis, but it's also a huge time saver to know where everything is. I loathe having to waste time looking for shit.

    Great post lady!

  • ladybanana

    Three whole days! WE had about 6 hours when at work a few weeks ago, it was nuts!

  • That is absolutely HYSTERICAL…. LOVED the guy dancing around in the back… love it love it love it! SEE? We are actually better w/o the internet, b/c families get together to do things like this! 😉

  • that was my brother's impersonation of ME

  • 🙂

  • I think I have to MARRY you!

  • Three. Days! = NIGHTMARE!!!

  • I really do have such a GREAT time with my family. I am lucky they are so much fun!

  • Hope you're having a good weekend!

  • Thank you!

  • I'm trying one more time 🙂

    I don't think I could take three days with no power! Great video 🙂

  • babs_beetle

    I've just joined DisQus again, and made a note of my login details 🙂

  • YAY its working! Hello Babs!!!!!!

  • Thank you SO much for trying REPEATEDLY to leave comments! You rock

  • Woohoo! I'm thinking of having DisQus on my blog, but I'm nervous 🙂

  • It's scary what happens to people we think we know when they are put into a situation beyond the norm – your family is wonderfully crazy.

  • I know a few people that have it and LOVE it, and I know a few people that HATE it!

  • yeah, they are awesome! thanks

  • ladyV

    that was funny. thanks for the laughs. did you at least win scrabble?

  • Nope! I never win!

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  • I heard about the power outage on TV news. That's crazy.

  • if that ever happens again, I am going to a hotel with power!

  • I heard about the power outage on TV news. That's crazy.

  • if that ever happens again, I am going to a hotel with power!

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